The third edition of Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer began on the 17th December 2012, just fifteen days after the previous cycle. The format of this season was slightly different from previous affairs. Instead of an elimination every task, there was random eliminations in which the person that had the lowest scores from the whole competition goes home. If a contestant failed to send in an entry on multiple occasions they would be automatically eliminated from the competition.

IN 9th place,
 comes Maria after once again failing to impress the judges.

IN 8th place, comes Carrie who did not live up to the standard of the other contestants.

IN 7th place, comes Emma who failed to put in the effort to get her through.

IN 6th place, comes Afrin whose lack of effort got her eliminated.

IN 5th place, comes Rafael who had to pull out for personal reasons.

IN 4th place, comes Joao as she could not keep up with the remaining contenders.

IN 3rd place, comes Kasey who had to pull out due to a wrist injury.

IN 2nd place, comes Luisa who lost out to Jack by less than five points.

IN 1st place, comes Jack, the winner of cycle three.

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