CYCLE ONE, The first cycle started on March 30th 2012 and the winner was announced on 27th June 2012. This cycle lasted 90 days in total from the first task being announced to the winner finally being revealed.

  Task 1; In the first task, the designers were asked to take inspiration from any of the ANTM photos (ever!) and make it into a graphic. Lige07 and Martusia_144 both impressed but in the end Kasey left the best impression with her colourful graphic and recieved best photo.

  Task 2; Each contestant was given one of the seven deadly sins to portray in a graphic. Lovegossip4life rocked this task and climbed to the top to get best photo, a massive change from coming fifth the week before... others not so much.

  Task 3; For this task the remaining contestants were told to make their own banner for the fashion blog Today's Top Trends. Some smashed it, others not so much, Lovegossip4life however won her 2nd  top photo.

  Task 4; An ad campaign is so important for showcasing a collection, so the remaining girls were given a simple dress to work with for their own campaign. Some failed to show originality but LoveGossip4life stole the show once again, taking home her 3rd best photo.

  Task 5: The fifth task required the girls to make a magazine cover; letting them choose their own covergirl, magazine name and more. Mvm2807 thrived at this challenge, scoring her first top photo.

  Task 6; The three remaining contestants were given a fashion capital to portay in their graphic. New York City, London, Paris... all so inspirational. Lindsey once again took best photo, with Kasey followed closely behind. Although Kasey's image was strong, she was sent home due to her not being as consistent as fellow rival, Maria.

  Task 7; As it approaches the winner announcement, the girls are given the challenge of designing their own gown to use in their shoot, which can be set to any place of their desire... Lindsey ended up taking the title, with Maria in close second.


CYCLE TWO, The second cycle started on July 4th 2012, with the winner being revealed on the 2nd of December 2012. This cycle lasted 151 days from when the first task was announced until the winner was crowned.

  Task 1; The first task of the second season is where each graphic artist was given a high end fashion designer to portray in a graphic. Each contestant did exceptionally well, but Lige07 took home his first top photo.

  Task 2; Each graphic has a certain theme it follows, such as fierce, or feminine... the contestants were assigned a certain theme in their graphic. Once again Lige took center stage and wow'ed the judges.

  Task 3; Most advertisments try to endorse a certain item, such as a perfume bottle is the center of attention. It was a rough going, but each contestant brought something new to the table. Lige again overempowered the other graphics and won top photo.

  Task 4; Logos are always the most important thing of any competition, blog, or company. They grab attention to its viewers and let their audience know their quality of their products of endorsement. Marie snags the win, along with her logo on display all over the Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer website.

  Task 5; For task five the remaining four contestants were given the task to create an advertisement for a project or brand of their choice. This time Elle received her first top photo win with her fabulous ad featuring Forever Chic Magazine.

  Task 6; Many people are in awe of how slim those fabulous models are in any company ad, yet overweight people are never shown in the spotlight. For this task, the contestants were to create a graphic with an overweight model as their focal point. Once again Elle won top photo.

Task 7; The final consisted of making a lookbook inspired by winning itself. It was a very close call but Khol scooped the prize with her unique and edgy graphics.


CYCLE THREE, The third cycle started on 17th December 2012 and ended on May 6th 2013. This cycle lasted 141 days from when the first task was announced until the winner was crowned. This time around, those eliminated and the winner was decided entirely on the ratings from judges.

Task 1; For the first task of the season, everyone was given a model to recreate into a graphic. Jack impressed with his take on Kate Moss but some didn't manage to shock with their bland designs.

Task 2; Each designer was given a season, whether it be S/S OR F/W. Some stepped to the mark and made graphics with an undying inspiration of the winter fashions, but some failed to impress.

Task 3; For this task the contestants were required to make a graphic of their given model. Some excelled but many fell flat with their lacklustre designs.

Task 4; This time around each designer was given a country to portray in a graphic. Luisa rocked Italy and grabbed top photo, with Afrin disappointing all with her take on South African fashion.

Task 5; Fashion designers play a huge role in the modelling and graphic industry, so for this task all designers were given a designer and season to recreate into a  graphic. Jack took top photo.

Task 6; The remaining contestants were required to make a banner for TTT, based around the strict guidelines set and given to them. Luisa grabbed top photo, with Jack and Kasey both following shortly behind.

Task 7; Luisa, Jack and Kasey all had to make a magazine cover, graphic inspired by a music video, and a winning dress graphic for a chance to grab the title, however due to a wrist injury Kasey had to pull out of the competition. In a final storm for the spot, Luisa stole the show with her final graphics, but Jack received the most votes throughout and won the season.