Monday, 7 May 2012

TASK THREE - Deliberation & Results

TOP PHOTO: LoveGossip4Life                   
Kimberly: Once again you wow us with this beautiful graphic! Congratulations on two consecutive wins. I don't think many comments are really needed, just keep going in this direction and you could easily win this thing! I love the colour scheme and the skirt... Don't be afraid to define the shading more on the skirt though; 9/10, well done!

Ciara: 9/10 Again, you have done extremely well. I especially love the detail in the shirt, super cute and summery style. The hair is perfectly shaded, its a bit flat on top though. I love how the sand is 'dusted' around her feet, nice touch! This was my favourite colour scheme as well, I like how you chose a bold colour (red) and your font choices as well. Great job, I'm going to end off by saying don't be afraid to add more shade and definition to your clothes!

Nika: 9/10... The graphic is very well done, however, the fingers look kind of dark (once again), and I don't think there should be that much shading on her shoulders as she's exposed to the sun light, if you get what I mean? The hair is simply amazing, but I feel as if you always do nearly the same hairstyle? Which I'm not really a fan of, but it's okay as long as it looks nice. However, I feel like the hair is like, too small for the size of her head? It makes it look kind of weird, almost like she's got eyes on her forehead…

Kimberly: I really like this! It's simple but very loud and Summer-esque. The shading is impeccible as always, although I would have loved to seen a little bit more definition on the face shading (eyelashes, lip colour). The text is all well and good, although I'm not too keen on the glow around it. The neck is also quite wide but that can easily be changed! Well done once again, 8/10.

Nika: 8/10... I like your body shading, but the right (model’s left) hand looks off (and has no nails), and the neck is kind of wide and I can’t see collar bones at all, which makes her look top-heavy. The shoe is huge and looks like you didn’t spend much time on it. The face edit looks better this time, I like the hair too…but I don’t know what a pin straight handful of hair is doing in a curly hairstyle, I guess it makes sense, but sadly not to me.

Ciara: 7/10 I like that you kept the banner simple, but I feel as though something is missing. I think if you added a nice bold lip or a differen't eyeshadow colour to the medoll, it would have definitely improved the graphic a whole lot. The hair is pretty good, it comes off looking a bit tail-y though, which is okay since she's at the beach, haha. Some of the edges are a bit sharp. I love the lower half of the pose, that shoe is hot! I really like it, I love the font choice for the 'TTT'. 

3RD PHOTO: Sparklewand12
Kimberly: I really like this. The dress shading is really amazing and I like the idea of the double b/w & colour image. The leg/shoe shading is also pretty neat but the body shading on the upper half could still use some work. Try use less opacity on the black with more layers, it'll do wonders. The hair is also quite plain but the face looks good. It does sorta look like the blog is called 'TTTTTT' and I would have preffered TTT with the colour split down the middle. Overall 7/10.

Nika:  6/10 Red and black aren’t the best spring/summer color combination. The idea is awesome and all that great stuff, but I’m just not really a fan of your shading, the layer of black is just too intense, dark,…however, I kind of see what you tried to do with the dress, but all I see are chunks of highlights and shadows, I wish I would’ve seen how the dress looks like on your reference picture. Also, I’m not a huge fan of the bare face. The hair is alright, I just wish that the hairstyle wasn’t as simple…

Ciara: 6.5/10 I love the dress, so much. The shading is great, some of the folds could be a bit off but it still works. I'm afraid it's the only thing I do love though. I'm not feeling the hair at all, it's a really weird shape. I like your idea of the mirror image, but I think if you put one 'TTT' instead of two, and split the colour down the middle it would have looked much better. Now it looks like 'TTTTTT' lol. Good job on the pose though, the dark shading around the edges of the skin is a bit too much, try tone it down a bit.

4TH PHOTO: Hollyoaksrocks*
Kimberly: I so wish there was more of a background on this. I feel as if you've went slightly over the top with the same colour pallette. I love the text but I wish you hadn't put that dot on the end of trends. I love the hair (ombre ftw, woot woot!), the face and shading on the skin, athough I'm not too sure on the dress shading, or highlighting should I say. It seems to be placed randomly, and where is your highlights?! It's a white background so it should really be there, but overall well done, a HUGE improvement from last time... 6.5/10.

Nika: 7/10 First of all I must say that your shading improved sooooo much. However, I would replace like two layers of white with two black ones.  The fingers are shape wise a bit off, I miss some shading and highlighting on her face. The hair looks nice. The dress needs at least one, but preferably a couple layers of shading and not only highlights, even if it’s a latex one. I’d rate this one an 8/10 if the background wasn’t plain white and if the text was somewhat enhanced (drop shadow?). 

Ciara: 5/10 I like the colours but I feel like you over used them, it comes off as a but OTT. I think you did a great job on the hair and pose, there's some parts to work on such as hands, neck and the ends of the hair. I like the makeup, however there's no dimension in the face. I have to say I'm not really liking the highlighting on the dress either, it's used in all the wrong places and too high on opacity. I like your idea though.

5TH PHOTO: Martusia_144
Kimberly: First off, I love this hair, it's so good! The shading on the legs is pretty spectular. I love the concept too, maybe a bit less splodges were needed though, haha. I got slightly confused with the collarbone.. I thought it was a third hand... eeh. I'm also not sure on the text. You aren't last photo because it's bad, but everyone was really strong this week and to be honest you're really tying with both hollyoaksrocks* and sparklewand12 on this round... 6.5/10.

Ciara: 5/10 The thing about this graphic that I really dislike, is the fact it's all over the place. My eyes don't know where to look. The hair is really good and the pose shading is great but the neck area needs more attention. The outfit is quite summery. However the colour explosion behind the font ruins it for me, sorry. The font isn't that great either. If you wanted to stick with the paint splatter idea, a few splats would have done perfectly, it's just OTT.

Nika: 6/10... The body proportions are really off on this one, her back, neck, her right arm’s position… Also no offense, but at the first sight I thought there was a huge third hand on her neck, maybe it’s time to change your technique of drawing collar bones and those neck things to something more realistic? Also, her right hand is pretty much misplaced, it should start in the same line with the back of her neck, if that makes any sense?  And also what’s the thing on her foot? Because that’s certainly not how an ankle is supposed to look. I love the whole idea of your banner, I just wish you’d done it better…

Nobody is eliminated this week because Eamonn had to pull out.
Congratulations to the final 5! Lindsey, your banner is on display at TTT now, well done.

Task 4 is coming tommorow, stay tuned! xo


  1. Wow, I'm 2nd again :o Congrats to Lindsey!
    I love all the works as well.

  2. HOLY CABLEEEPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Top photo... again?! *speechless

    I loved every other banner! Sad to see Eamonn go, but I'm excited we are getting closer to the finale!

  3. Obsessed with SparkleWand12's layout & that dress must have taken hours! That and Lindsey-both such stunning graphics!


  4. OMG - Lindseys is to die for! It's amazing!!!

    Thanks for the comments, the dark on the arms is a bit weird, I'm not entriely sure why I did it so dark in one layer! So it's definitely what I'm working to improve on next time :)
    I had done some makeup on the face, and it looked quite good close up, but it kinda disappears from afar - I'll defs work on that too :)

    Thank you again!
    Love K xxx