Monday, 21 May 2012

TASK FOUR - Deliberation & Results

TOP PHOTO: LoveGossip4Life 

Kimberly: And she's done it again! Gosh, this like a repeat of Ann Ward from Cycle 16 of ANTM. I remember on task one you were maybe 4th out of 8 or something? Now look, top photo three consecutive times. First off, love how you've turned it into a magazine editorial spread; although it kind of lacks the whole ad campaign thing with everything being by different brands. The nails would like slightly better with some highlighting and Chris' waist is really wide compared to the rest, therefore making the hands and such look small. I love the hair though, and the jacket's details are perfect. 9/10, well done!

Nika: 9/10... As far as I'm aware, the dress wasn't Chanel, it was Bec and Bridge…oh well. Chris' waist looks super wide and makes her hand look small. Nails would look better if they were at least a bit shiny. And omg, I love that hair!

Hello Lindsey! Wow, I’d have to say you’re one of the better designers of this competition.  You’ve improved so much the past few weeks! The pose is right on the money! Had I been flipping through a magazine and came across this ad I would’ve stopped and just wonder how I looks in the outfit! I’d just caution you to pair this dress with something other than that Burberry jacket. When I first saw the ad my eyes went straight to the jacket instead of the dress. 9/10!

Reece: 10/10... I am in love with this graphic! It is just fantastic... I really like it! Everything is just perfect, Well done. The only improvement would be to make left arm more shaded other than that it is brilliant! :) 


KHOL'S PROLOGUE: The Elite Hitch Hiker: 3 best friends from texas are left stunned during a road trip to find famous socialite Nikhol Vasquez alone in the middle of nowhere waiting for someone to help her get home after she got lost on a photoshoot.

Will Kimberly Dean, Nika Pokerzhnik and Ciara Leanne help Nikhol find her way?  

Kimberly: You aren't top photo today because of graphic quality, because to be honest the quality isn't that great. You are second because of the creativity behind this graphic! No other girls thought of anything similar, and the amount of effort put in shows that you really care about doing well. SHADE GIRL. Seriously, it looks like there is no shading on the graphic whatsoever. Use multiple layers at a low opacity to get better results, for highlighting too. No complaints about anything in the background however, well done. 7.5/10.

Nika:  7/10... I like the concept, but I don't like how the car is just cut out of a picture. The background could work better with a bit of retouching. The pose, mainly the legs, look kind of…I don't know, not real? You did a good job on recreating the dress.

Reece: 8.5/10...   I like this graphic I think it is the creativity put into it that makes it jump at me. I love the pose it is lovely! The advice I would give is to shade the medolls arms, legs, hands and face a bit more to make it more detailed. Well done. :) 

Linda: When I first saw this graphic was wowed! I did a quick look through all the graphics and yours stood out immediately! I really love your idea for the campaign of this dress. I could see this in vogue magazine!  So you get a plus for your creative ideas. Now I must speak about your graphics. So I’ve looked through your previous work and I and very please. You’ve improved a lot the past few weeks and this graphics though it’s not necessarily the best amongst the rest but it’s definitely your best! If I were you I’d work more on the poses, the arms, legs, hands would do much better with practice.  One last thing, I appreciate that you used the background because I’ve noticed in your previous work that you used a solid color background in them which I didn’t really like. 7/10...


Nika: 6/10... I feel like most of your previous entries have been better than this one. The body looks really thick, especially legs. Also, the model looks top-heavy due to her collarbonelessness. Her head should definitely be a tad bit bigger. The dress sadly doesn't really remind me of the one you had to recreate. Your shading was worse than usual, too. 

Linda: Hello Maria. Your graphic doesn't really stand out to me, but the shading is very well done. The legs look slightly awkward but it's really nice. Well done, 7/10.

Reece: 5/10...  I am not really a fan at all of this graphic because the way it has been made is just well, weird. I just am not getting the hands and legs on this graphic? Shading could be improved on the hands and legs majorly. The thing I love most about this graphic is the medolls hair and face! Well done. :)

Kimberly: I actually really like this. It's simple but nice. I would have put more loud text but that's fine. I know how busy you are with Splendid but you still managed to make this nice graphic through it. It doesn't really have a big wow factor, but the shading is executed well... I disagree with Reece btw, I really like your shading... 7/10.

BOTTOM TWO: Sparklewand12 & Martusia_144 

 Kimberly; I'm not a fan, I gotta say. If there is one thing I hate, it's gradient backgrounds. They look so lazy and tacky. Even just putting the simplest of Stardoll made graphics would have improved this a ton. The arm tucked behind her back looks oddly large compared to the rest of her, and her leg goes really weird when it's in the skirt. It all of a sudden goes REALLY big. The hair is awesome however and the shading is good as always. I really like the bag and you've made the dress well. You are slipping though, you went from top photo to gradually down and down, and this isn't the right direction to go... 6/10.

Nika: 7/10... The collarbones look better this time. The model has got kinda thick arms, and I don't know what's up with her thighs? The one in front is like super thick on top and then it rapidly shrinks into a thin one, and below her knee, the leg gets oddly thick again. The bag is uncalled for. 

Reece: 9/10...   I adore this graphic the hair and bone structure on this graphic is truly phenomenal I love the way the legs have been shaded and I am in love with that hair! The only improvement for me is shade the arms more. Keep it up! :) 

Linda: Hello Kasey! This week challenge I feel wasn’t your best. If I were to have seen this ad a magazine or somewhere else I’d just look right past it. I felt you made the pose really easy by cutting of the hands and feet and at this point in the challenge you should be showing everything. The background looks horrible and I do not like your font choice... 6/10.

Kim: I really like this. The legs and shoes are PERFECT. And the background and text is good also! Your hair technique really needs improving. Check out people like Alices, Lanas and Nikas styles. They are all different but all work, keep that in mind for your next graphic. The medoll looks nice but the dress shading isn't that great. It's miles better than your first task though. Your improvement is great, 6.5/10.

Linda: Congrats on making it this far! Unfortunately this week your ad is not my favorite. I do love that you gave use a full pose to work with but this is very boring.. The graphic is ok. I don’t like the hair, and the shading is a bit off. I like the shoes and legs however... 5/10.

Nika: 7/10... The hair doesn't look good, and if I wouldn't lack English vocabulary I'd tell you why. I think the arms look pretty good , but the dress could have been way more detailed (some tiny stripes on the bottom part, perhaps?) and less grey. I guess the simple white backgrounds looks okay, but I'm not exactly a fan of it.

Reece: 5/10... This graphic is not bad at all but the shading of the dress and face could have been done a bit nicer than it was also to mention, The way the bone features on the face and neck have been drawen on is a huge turn off on this graphic. My favourite thing out of the whole graphic is the legs the way they have been drawen and shaded is amazing! Nice work on the shoes. ;) 


This is a really tough decision because you are both blossoming artists. Kasey, you started at the top and slowly slid down. Your graphic this week is weak, however I have seen your others on your graphics blog and they are strong. This isn't enough to keep you in the competition though, and I'm scared you'll keep slipping. Kirsten, you've been constantly improving throughout this whole competition. You were very close to being eliminated in the first round but I'm glad we didn't. The thing is, though you have improved but still aren't at the same level as some of the others. Can you pick it up for next time or are you stuck?

I'm sorry Kasey but you are eliminated. You started off so strong, but we're scared you can't pick yourself back up after all these weeks. Well done though on getting this far, you've done amazing. You are honestly one of the most talented graphic artists I've worked with and I wish you the best of luck with the future of graphics. Kirsten, you only survived this by the skin of your teeth, you really need to get your game on if you want to get through next week. However, well done to the remaining girls and commiserations to Kasey, well done! :)

The fifth task should be posted soon, stay tuned! 


  1. Nooooo! Not Kasey :(
    You are still my Top Graphic Designer though, not to mention a great friend :D

    Good luck to the other graphic designers as well, look how close we are now to the finale!

    1. Haha, it's okay, Lindsey. Thanks! I'm okay with it. I'm just not as focused in this competition as you are! Your amazing at what you do and I was happy to compete with you!:D

  2. I feel like the bottom two didn't deserve the bottom. I really liked theirs.

  3. Wow, thanks, a little unexpected, but thanks. Can I ask the judges who didn't like the shading if they prefer the shading on this graphic I have made since the one above:


  4. I have to say, I think you did the right choice in eliminating Kasey. While her graphics are usually fantastic, this one was messy and weird to me. I liked Lindsey's though, the only thing I thought was weird was that the writing in the corner was so big. It was kinda annoying :P

    And LOL at Khol's pic, I admit, a lot of Texas looks like that, so that must be a real pic of Texas :P I think her graphic would've been much better if the background wasn't an actual picture, and instead animated. I really like that car though ;3

    1. I'd say more so southern Texas :P I used to live in Texas (although they were big cities) and it didn't look very close to that. If anything, I think the background looks more like Arizona :D

  5. I appreciated the opportunity to compete in SDNTGD! I just haven't been focused as much as I should, but that's okay. I loved being in the competition and making friends. So, thanks:D
    Hey! At least I made it this far without quitting!:D

  6. Woah, really thought i was going this week,
    Kasey! So sad to see you go! So talented!
    Congrats Lindsey! And well done maria and kirsten

  7. lol I come back and reece is a guest judge.. That kid isn't qualified to judge anything.

    gr8 jacket lindsay, gr8 plot khol, gr8 legs & belt maria, gr8 pose kasey, gr8 legs & hands spark. over all gr8 job

  8. I Love all of these, I think the 3rd and Last are my favorite :)

    ~ bracken1234