Sunday, 21 October 2012

TASK SIX - Deliberation

As the finale draws closer, tougher decisions must be made. One of those is eliminating one out of the three remaining contestants... but before that, some feedback on how each did would be sufficient.

*Key parts of feedback are highlighted - Kimberly*

Lindsey: Wow, this is really good! I think it truly captures the true "Elle" style. I think the shading is pretty good, and the face is good too! I'm glad you took the time to make a side-faced view, those are always difficult to master. I also like how you used text to show that you should always feel comfortable in your own skin. This is a big step up for you! Good luck, I hope to see you in the finale! 8/10.

Kimberly: It looks so fun and happy! However, I feel as though both the face and hair lacks dimension. I love pale models but I think this graphics is in need of a tan or darker model as the model would look perfect if she was glowing!.. and a lovely smile as well (a happy model goes perfectly with the graphic criteria)l! 8/10.

Kirsten: I love how girly this graphic is, and I can tell you’ve taken time with the detail on the top of the dress, its general style is good too =) I like the pose, however I think there’s just something not quite right about the face/expression, it looks a little … almost forced of the model, but maybe I just prefer the use of Stardoll faces! The skin shading is alright, but the left hand sticks out a bit to me – I think the wrist is too small and the rest of the hand is a bit big. I think you’ve really understood the task and I do think it shows improvement, well done! 7/10

Lindsey: Wow! I love the direction you took this in. I know it must have been hard for you to make, since we had a conversation about the tough times you are going through. The message is loud and clear, and that is for sure my favorite thing about this, it definitely spoke to me too. The shading is pretty good, but the collarbone could use some working on. Also, the bra and underwear could use maybe some decoration, or lace or something.... Anyways, I really like this, and I hope to see more of you in the next task if you make it! 7.5/10.

Kimberly: I love the text aspect of this graphic, A+ for originality! So many girls are pressured into being skinny but no matter what size, everyone is beautiful. I really applaud you for what you are going through but still pulling off a strong graphic with meaning, well done! I disagree with Lindsey on the fact the collar bone needs to be worked on, as in reality the collar bone and cheekbone both would not be as prominent as a on a skinner figure. I am quite dissapointed in the shading of the graphic, it's very bare and sad looking rather than positive and playful, and i think face shading, and a brighter underwear would have worked  better than a darker one. Nice simple hair although I think waves would have looked better. Slightly disappointed overall but a nice graphic... 7/10.

Kirsten: You’ve interpreted the task differently to show another persepective, which is good. However I think the graphic itself wasn’t that well made, it seems a bit rushed. I think it’s the shading really, it seems undetailed, sorry. I know the subject is touchy for you, but I still think a little more detail could have been included, particularly with even just the skin shading – which we’ve seen you do so well! 6/10

Lindsey: Wow, this is really amazing! It might just be my favorite out of this task. I like how you took a inspiration (I'm assuming you are a Lady Gaga fan), and made a graphic out of it. The shading is near perfection, and the hair is pretty good too! Like Khol, I think you could use some work on the bra and underwear. In this, I can't see any (or little) shading, and that's just one thing that concerned me. I hope to see you in the finale! Good luck! 8.5/10.

Kimberly: I love this! My only concern is the doll up against the wall looks slightly awkward, so more attention could be put in trying to match the doll with the background. I love the paragraph, nice *bright* underwear. You could have used more colour though! These graphics are too full of grey tones, I want more brightness! Overall well done, you've impoved so much... 8/10.

Kirsten: I can see this is something that you are passionate about via the text in the image, and I definitely think your graphics have improved. The skin is well shaded, and you’ve included little details such as the tattoo’s. The hair is ok, but maybe a little more depth with the shade is required in the upper part. Overall, good job =) 6/10.


  1. Thanks Kim for taking your time to post this! Good luck to the three finalists, lets see how this all plaays out!

  2. thank you so much omg i am more than happy with your comments! i love the idea of highlighting key points, it really helped me to know what i was/n't doing well.

    it's going to be a tight one but im just proud of myself for getting so far i didnt even think i would make it past the first task so to be in the final 3 is just overwhelming!

    good luck khol and elle may the best bitch win!

  3. I love Jack's :) For some reason it actually stands out to me. In the other pictures, the graphics are great but you have to look to understand these dolls are overweight, but I feel like his actually makes sense.

  4. Although I love Khol's graphics, this has to be my least favorite of her. The judges mentioned something about her having a hard time/can relate to it(sorry didn't really understand) so I won't say anything else as I do not know the story behind it.

    Jack's graphic is my absolute favorite. That pose must have been very hard to do and the shading is perfect to me. *sobbing cause favorite contestant got eliminated*

    I'm rooting for Elle! Although this is gonna be a historic "battle". Both of them are so creative!

  5. I love following NTGD, but have never felt strongly enough to make a comment... until now.

    Everyone should be told to be happy with who they are, whether they're skinny or fat, short or tall, blonde or ginger - but it's easy to spout almost-positive buzzwords about being confident and unique and happy in your own skin, and the more we hear it, the emptier the sentiment becomes. People are told constantly that they should be happy with who they are, and are yet bombarded by images of what they should be.

    My favourite is Elle's. The reasons why are simple and few, but I feel have an important message:

    Firstly, Elle's model is wearing clothing. It did not reduce an overweight girl to being naked just to prove how body-confident she is in the face of SOCIETY!!!, it's an image of an overweight girl rocking the hell out of a nice dress. That's what I wanted to see - plus size models, wearing fashionable clothing and looking damn fierce because of it. The other two entries, though decent, are next-to-naked. The task called for fashion, and only one entry is clothed.

    Secondly, Elle's is in COLOUR. It's a bright, pretty pink, instead of the grey both Khol and Jack have chosen. The underwear on Jack's graphic is yellow, but the background is grey, and there's a lot of negative space. The eye is drawn to the text, rather than the woman. Today, so much of the clothing offered to overweight people is neutral in color, so to see an entry making full use of color is great.

    Thirdly, I couldn't help but notice Elle's cheeky little double chin. That's detail, that's not shying away from being fat, and that makes it very honest.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to detract from the Khol or Jack - Jack's skin shading is so good(!), but to me, hides behind Lady Gaga's positive image. Elle's stands out for it's color, originality, but it's my favourite because I think it shows the most effort, the most heart, and best of all, it doesn't make excuses. The graphic's not perfect and it's a shame about the awkward hand, but deserves no less applause because of this. Well done, Elle!

    Again, this is just my opinion, good luck to everyone! :)

  6. in regard of jacks. the total graphic is bullshit. for you to say that being fat is close to his heart, is beyond crazy

  7. I'd like to point out that some of those judgments are incorrect. I'm a larger person, but my collarbones still show. AND, I do agree with Lana on Elle's graphic. It included a lot of things the others didn't.

  8. I didn't say they didn't show, I said they aren't as prominent as in thin girls as most models/graphic models are portrayed.