Monday, 7 January 2013

TASK ONE - Results + Task 2

Hello everyone and welcome to the first feedback post of season three!
Judges: hollyoaksrocks*, xxlovexx, sparklewand12
Comments are in no particular order.

Wow! I think this portrays Kate Moss extremely well. Your graphic altogether is strong but I think you need to work a tiny bit on neatness. Take Lana as an example, you will almost never find an imperfection in her shading because she makes sure all of it is tidied. Your far shading however is extremely good, and it's definitely a strong first task!

Esto es increĆ­ble belleza que poco! I think you've portrayed kate moss so well. The smoke on that cigarette is well made, im not really fan of the no makeup look you gave her, but all in all, GOOD JOB!

Very nice, and very Moss-esque, you really have worked carefully to portray her well. It shows a lot of improvement from your entries in the last cycle. I can see close attention to details, such as the buttons, but I think maybe a little more time on the face would make it even better, just to make the features that little bit more prominent as they’re quite pale in comparison to all the black. Overall a good job though!

I really like this! Although it is a different style of shading to what most people use I think it works very well (in this case) but I'm not sure what it will be like for other graphics. Overall I think you've done a great job!

You've done a really good job! You've improved a ton and this is very well executed. 

I do quite like this graphic, though I’m not sure I’d be able to identify who it was if I hadn’t known that Marloes Horst was your model, it might just be me, but she definitely reminds me of Daphne Groeneveld. Your graphics technique in places reminds me of my own back before I was in cycle 1, which for me wasn’t really great nor would it lead to large improvements, I almost feel this may happen with you as well. I know the original image, I think you’ve done ok to make it your own, but I would just say to take note of some details which you have omitted, mainly in the shorts as there’s a lot of blocked colour there. Overall not a bad first impression you’ve given us!

 I really don't see Chanel Iman in this. When you see her you see a fun bubbly girl and this looks very lackluster compared to what she is really like. You need to work on your shading because this graphic is so bare without it. It takes time and you have to have a lot of patience with it but it does pay off. Next time try and delve a little deeper and experiment more with techniques to find what works for you? I look forward to seeing what else you can do!

I'm sorry but I don't even know who this is. The hair is badly made and there in no shading or highlighting in the skin what so ever, I like the cleanliness of the graphic though, nice and simple.
I think this graphic is a starting point, but I think a lot of work is needed as it’s a rather plain graphic. It’s alright as Chanel, but when I see it I don’t think of her. It might just be me, but the facial features look rather blurred, which I think will be when you’ve resized it after taking it from SD, there’s also no extra shading done on the face, when you think of models, most people will think of the cheekbones so they’re important to remember. Adding shading work to the face also helps it become less 2D, which is something I learned when I was a contestant, and it’s like the ABC’s of graphics now for me. In general I think you need to work on your technique in all aspects (hair, skin and clothing), in most places it hasn’t been thought about carefully enough and seems a little rushed, for example in that there is minimal skin shading. I think with the right pushing you could become a good graphic designer, but it will take time and effort. I look forward to seeing your next entry though to see how you’ve taken tips and such =)

This is one of my favourites this task! Not only are the graphics pretty good but this represents the model perfectly! I'd like to see a little thicker shading but aside from that it's a very strong graphic, well done, a very good first impression.

I can really see Freja in this with the body language and the hair. But I’m not sure I see it in the face, could just be me though. I also think there’s a little something not quite right with the head positioning with the hair at the models right side, I think the hair just seems a little big and the parting not quite at the right angle. The clothing is pretty good, some cute little details would really show off extra skill and put it at a place above some others in the competition. The skin isn’t too bag either, but one thing that stands out to me (and I know this may be pernickety) is the lack of fingernails on the left hand – sure enough they won’t be large and most people won’t notice, but it’s little details which help make someone stand out to me, and fingernails are one of those details. Overall a solid performance!

Wow, Nice burst of colour! I love the jacket colour. I've never heard of this model but you've made a good first impression of her, You should try and work with anatomy and find the right angles etc, but great job though!

Well Kasey, I don't know what to say really, I can't say i like it, but I can't say i dislike it, I think the head is overly large and you could of looked into Cara's style alot more, This is the most important one to me, as Cara is my all time favourite model, but all in all you did a good job.

I can't fault the graphic because it is beautiful. You have got your technique down and you work with it so well. I especially love your models use with props in the graphic as I think often designers plot their dolls randomly on a background and it just doesn't fit. The main downfall to this graphic is I don't really see Cara in it too much. Your other one was slightly more into Cara's style, but I selected this one down to the fact it's graphically excellent! Well done.

It’s nevertheless a good graphic, but I don’t really see Cara in it. I think the eyes and eyebrows portray her most, but I think the rest of the face doesn’t quite seem … Cara. I know you didn’t need to make the graphic look identical to the model, but I think it really would have helped. It might just be me, but after looking at the image a few times the head seems a little large for the body. I think it’s a good solid graphic from you, but I somewhat feel that it could have been better – for example details on the skirt and blouse would have added an edge and really shown your skill to your competitors.

Hmm, you have become a lot better honey, but this is lacking the X factor, For the background you should of posterised or cartoonised the grass as it just doesn't look right at all, I like the dress though.

I’ll be honest with you and say I don’t really see this as Lara Stone, and I don’t feel that it’s that strong of a graphic – you’ve been a contestant before, that has given you the chance to see what it’s like and see what you need to do to stay in the competition. I feel that it looks a bit rushed, things like the shape, particularly at the right wrist and hand it looks roughly drawn. The face looks only lightly worked on, it’s hard to tell about the bone structure, which is a striking feature of Lara. The background also puts me off a little, it just looks like an enlarged picture of grass, it’s not very attractive. Good effort though.

Hm, I do faintly see Lara Stone in this graphic but I can't concentrate on it for too long without noticing that background. So many people making graphics seem to forget about how important backgrounds are. I don't know whether she's lying or standing and it confuses the graphic. You could have even got grass from your scenery or suite from Stardoll and put it as the background so it would fit more. Shading wise however I like this graphic! The shading on the arms is good and the hair is nice. The dress is alright but could be better with some more definition, well done for making your own face!

  In the face I don’t see much of Carolyn, however I feel that you’ve taken a lot about her work into consideration, as a lot of her photos are swimwear, which is what I think of when I hear Carolyn’s name. I like the overall graphic, the backgrounds flows nicely from the graphic and it really seems natural, which is what I like to see =) You have quite a different skin technique to most graphic designers I’ve seen, and I really like it, I think it really works for you. I also think it flows into your clothing technique so that the image fits together nicely. I really do love the jacket! The only thing I’m not so fond of it the hair, I think the front doesn’t look quite right, maybe a bit too rough? It almost doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the style, but it’s only a small thing. Overall, a really good entry!

I'm a bit on the fence. First off, I love how you've really taken the model into consideration and I really LOVE the denim jacket. I'm really not fond of the hair but that can easily be improved. The thing I'm not sure about is the skin shading, you've made it more realistic by not necessarily just doing it at the edges of the skin. I don't really like the shading on the legs but everyone has their own opinion on shading techniques.

I've missed seeing your graphics, This is so good, You've really portrayed the model well, I just think it would of been amazing if you had a different hair style.

Wow honey, this is amazing! I love it so much, Daphne is absolutely gorgeous and so is your graphic, I love the detail you have put into this, It really gives the Vogue vibe!

I’m a little on the fence with your graphic, I do quite like it, but I’m not sure I see Daphne. The lips are spot on for her, but I feel it would be more effective with the eyes open. I know they’re closed in the original, but still. I like how you’ve changed it up a bit from the original with the I think it really pops a lot. I also like the hair, which I can see has had a lot of effort. The skin is ok, but the neck and chest seem quite stiff and strained, I’m not sure if these are the right words or that anyone will understand what I mean, and I get that the neck muscles will be extended due to the head position, but it just doesn’t look quite right – maybe it’s too precise, if you get what I mean? Anyway, not too bad a job!

Wow! I love this and I can tell exactly who it is at first glance! I do however agree that the graphic would look better with open eyes, but the shut eyes definitely work! The chest looks slightly under shaded and the neck looks somewhat stiff due to the positioning of the head. I'm not sure if that makes sense but it just doesn't seem to flow as well. Seriously though, well done, this is an extremely good entry from you.

I'm not revealing the exact scores as they will be what determines who wins but I will post what order everyone came in. If names are bold that means they are in joint places with the person below them.
1. Rafael
2. Jack, Luisa
3. Kasey, Joao
4. Afrin
5. Maria
6. Carrie

Seasons are an important part of the fashion world so I will be giving you all seasons in which you will research the trends for. You must pick a trend from that season and make a graphic with it. 4 of you will be doing S/S and 4 F/W.

Rafael - F/W
Luisa - F/W
Kasey - F/W
Maria - F/W
Jack - S/S
Afrin - S/S
Carrie - S/S
Joao - S/S

Deadline - 19th January
If you have any questions or queries just ask in the comments below, good luck!


  1. Thank you a lot for the feedback!!! I really appreciated that! I got really happy reading your comments, and I'm gonna take in consideration all of your advices!! I also loved the task 2 theme!

    I have just one question, for exemple, I got Spring/Summer, I have to pick a trend from the Spring/Summer of last year or any year?
    XOXO, EllieCase (Joao)

  2. I appreciate the comments and will take them into consideration:) Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the advice, I expected to come last as my entry really was awful. I regret entering it but I have improved a lot over Christmas and will work extra hard on this next task.

    Everyone starts somewhere and I hope I can do better for task 2 xx

  4. thank you all so much! im beyond happy with my feedback and i appreciate your constructive comments. so excited for task 2, ideas are flooding in already!

  5. I loved all of them, but my favorite were Luisa and Joao. Exciting for the task 2:)

    Good luck to all the contestants :b

  6. I am good friends with a few of the contestants, but I'm not going to lie-- I'm a' rooting for a' Kasey! :)

    My favorite of this task was probably Rafi's though.

  7. Rooting for Jack! His graphic is stunning!

  8. Rooting for Jack too! He does amazing graphics and he has experience!

  9. Wow jack's and Rafi's graphics are stunning :) am rooting for both! :) Thanks for the comments...well i thought mine would be the worst cuz it was a rushed graphic...and Kirsten I think I'll opt another way of shading for this task:) umm a question should we do two graphics one for spring and another f0r summer or one graphic?

  10. My jaw literally dropped when I saw Jack's entry. It's the best graphic I've seen of him and the LV fw 2011 show, where Moss entered the runway smoking was one of my favorite shows.

    I also really liked Rafael's graphic because it screams Daphne and edgy. And I've only seen more simple graphics from him and this is one just extraordinary and fierce!

    Rooting for Jack!


  12. I agree with the judges' comments, specially about the background. I didn't know what to do, because I've always been bad at drawing grass, so I thought adding a photo of grass and blurring it would work. I was wrong.
    Another thing I've realized that is 'wrong' is the size of the shading. The face looks really blurry, although I put a lot of work into it, and it's just because the face shading is smaller than it would be in real life.

    I promise to do much better next time, because I've just got a tablet for Christmas and now I'm going to use it for all my graphics.


    P.S. good luck to the other contestants! :)

  13. I really like Afrin's.
    I like the technique))

  14. afrin and luisa have both improved by miles! its lovely to see eveyone's entries!

  15. No offence but SNTGD used to be much better in earlier cycles.
    However I like Afrin's graphic even though it could use some more shading and some more highlight.

    1. It's only the first task, maybe a bit quick to compare the two previous cycles to this one task.

  16. @Harely Quinn
    Everyone progresses within the season. I see what you mean the graphic designers aren't as "exclusive" as the first season. I'm routing for everyone this season they'll surely improve. Everyone has potential its just tracing & paying attention to detail.

  17. Of all these, I think only two really encapsulate the models they were given: Jack and Rafi both did a very good job. Joao's could have been good, too; the stance and the hair are both suggest Freja, I just wish they'd have taken the risk of making her face - which could be said for everyone else, because other than the aforementioned Jack and Rafi, I don't really see the models given in the graphics of others.

    However, graphically speaking, my favourite here is Luisa's. Not a strong entry for the task, perhaps, but a very beautiful graphic; I think if I had seen this in a magazine, I would have been even more impressed. The shading is simple, but very effective! Followed by Jack, which is a given; the shading is perhaps a little too flat for my liking but the overall effect is excellent. The face isn't overwhelming, but it's clearly Kate and that subtlety is a hard thing to master! Thirdly, Rafi's shading is also a bit too flat for me; I like the chest area but the clothing... not so much. Daphne's face is very clear though; the eyes and nose are really nice but the lips are perhaps a tad cartoony. I also really like the hair. :)

    ANYWAY time to stop babbling - those are my three favourites and I must say, YAY NTGD'S BACK. Totally glad I checked the blog now. x)

  18. Didn't really agree with the cigarettes are fashion thing, but there were some amazing graphics :)

    lj xxx