Saturday, 26 January 2013

TASK TWO - Results

Wow, this is so good! Thanks for using me as the model! I look hot, haha. Great shading, your skills are improving so much, this actually deserves full marks!

First off, the shading on this graphic is impeccable, clothes and skin. It represents a summer graphic so well! The only thing I'd actually say there is some room for improvement on would be the hair but I think you know that yourself. A simple pose, but with the detailed shading you don't need it to be intricate, good work!

I really like this, you've improved so much! The hair is really amazing, not only is the shape, but the style is too. The dress is really great too, and the shading  is fabulous! I honestly have no complaints other than the medoll's makeup. I'd like to see you make your own makeup instead of using the generic stardoll makeup too.

Wow, wow, wow! Amazing! Your graphics have increased immensely since your early entries in cycle two. The whole outfit is great and the work has been executed well – the denim looks, well, like denim! It can be hard to get right, but both the skirt and bra-let look fab! The details as well – you’ve clearly taken the time to work on them and get them spot on. The shoes and socks also look great. Skin shading is also wonderful, the only qualm I have is in the hand, something about it doesn’t look quite right, I think it is a little small maybe. The hair is cute and retro-styled which I do like, although I think the shading seems a bit fuzzy in places, just above where it’s tied more so on the models left than the right. Overall a great job – I look forward to seeing more of your work! 

As much as I do like this graphic I feel like it lacks that 'WOW' factor that most of your other graphics have. I do however admire the intricacy of that jumper (which I love) and the fur looks great. I don't really think the hair goes with this specific graphic but once again that's a choice in styling rather than graphic abilities. Good work!

I think you could have done so much more with this! I'm slightly disappointed because you have all the skills but I feel like this isn't enough. The clothes are lovely but the hair does not fit and seems poorly made.

I have to agree with the others-- this doesn't have that regular stand out factor as do your previous graphics, however I do really enjoy the details you added to the outfit! The skin shading could be better, as for more definition in the collarbone, however in this case I do suppose it works. The thing I was most disapointed with was your hair, though. Normally you add so much detail and effort into your hair, however in this case, you failed to do so.

This is cute, I quite like it, and the faux fur looks not bad, though I think maybe you need to spend a little bit time doing the highlighting to a more detailed level, at the shoulders and at the top of the front it just looks a little roughly done compared to the rest. I love the bag, both the shading and the colour are just right, the sweater has clearly taken time, but I think the colour really emphasises the amount of brown in the image, to me it would look better with some lighter colours too. I think the jeans are a bit of a let down for the whole image unfortunately, they look quite rushed and don’t really have any detail to them, like buttons, pockets or zips. The hair shading is great, but something about the style looks a little odd, it almost looks like two separate hair styles put on the same head. But good job. 

This definitely isn't as strong as your last task. I'm not really sure what's going on with the background first of all, it looks incredibly zoomed in and odd. I think the skin could do with a lot more highlighting and the hair could do with thicker patches of it rather than the thin lines. The face just looks too bland to me and it seems to put the whole graphic off. On the other hand I do love the jacket and dress and your technique for clothing items still impresses me. 

Okay, I loved it when I first saw it but after I inspected it it looks quite weak compared to you other work. The shading on the face is very off and the hair isn't that great either, but I'm sure its just a slip!

I'm not sure exactly what to think. In some ways I really do love this, and all the effort you put into the shading, however I'm not 100% sure about the technique. It looks like a rather quick graphic, instead of something you put hours of work into. The hair is okay, but its nothing special either. On another note, I'd like to see you challenge yourself, and maybe work on the shading a tad bit more (such as changing the opacity?). I think what I'm most concerned about is that you usually use your own faces, instead of the stardoll face, which doesn't make much sense considering this is a stardoll graphic competition. Either way, I really do like the graphic, especially the jacket!

This isn’t too bad, but it’s not really something I’d see as summery. The colours seem very subdued. The skin is at the same standard as previously, though maybe focus on details some more, like in the models right neck it’s just one layer, whereas to get the realistic look that you are trying to achieve with the rest of the image, there would be muscles, tendons etc. there. I also think the nose needs a little more defining, around the nostrils it looks a little flat. The dress is nice, I do quite like it, but I feel there’s something missing – should there not be shade at the right thigh? Where it would be sitting around her leg and where it would be tucked around her knee. The jacket is also not bad, though I don’t like the pink zip or the section at her waist, it doesn’t flow with the style. The black nail polish draws my eyes in, but again, doesn’t seem summery. Otherwise, decent effort.

I don't see improvement at all. Unfortunately the clothes look poorly made and if I'm honest the only thing I really like about it is the message. 

Hm... Your graphic last week I think was a lot stronger. You have improved on the background but the rest seems like a step back. I love the fur and the message but the face and hair are quite disappointing. Try add more layers for clothing at a lower opacity and you don't necessarily have to use black to shade! The coat would look good with brown tones in the shading too. Obviously your graphics need a lot more work but I'm sure you'll get there

This is just OK. The shading could certainly use some work, however the idea that you used what was given, and turned it into a trend article! Its certainly a clever idea! The hat looks strange especially when up against the hair, however that is a pretty easy fix-- just change the shape of it. The one other thing I noticed is that you didn't put a bunch of effort into the background or text. Simply by adding a casting shadow the medoll could mean life or death (in the competition)!

Ok, this is an average entry really. The idea behind it is good, the little paragraph was a nice extra touch, but the overall appearance is a little bit of a let down for me. The boldness of the black font really distracts my eye away from the graphic itself, and I don’t think that background convey’s the theme of F/W. Faux fur is a popular trend to choose, but fur is a difficult thing to make in a graphic. You’ve tried to surpass this by just making a collar rather than a whole jacket, but I think that makes it a bit weak – a full jacket would have been amazing. The graphic itself is just average, I see a little improvement on Task 1, but honestly it’s not much – the competition is quite tough, you need to spend more time working on technique and improving if you want to keep up. The shading overall is weak, all areas need to be worked on, hands, hair, clothing – it just doesn’t have the appeal that I’m looking for in a graphic, sorry.

That's certainly something worth being proud of! You seemed to change up your style (for the better) in just a few months! I like the style of the graphic, and the pose is pretty elegant too. I'm just a little weary of the skin shading, it seems like the light is coming from all different angles, instead of one particular source. Also, the flowers could use a bit more work, it just looks like you blurred the one or two layers of shading, and that's it. In other news, the side pose is quite spectacular!

Wow! I really love this, it's so chic and sexy! Not a fan of the wreath though, but the shading and highlighting are both really good, you've improved!

I wasn't expecting this! It's very nice and draws your attention to it even though it's reasonably simple. The skin shading is great and I love those shorts. The only thing I'm not keen on is the wreath but apart from that it is amazing. The only thing I'd say you could improve is use one source of light as it looks like it is coming from all directions but well done.

 I don’t see Karlie in this at all, it doesn’t represent her well. Graphic-wise, it’s ok, you’ve definitely improved from seeing your previous works. The skin looks alright, but be careful when using the white in big chunks, try a couple of layers instead – just in the arms really, it’s most noticeable at the shoulders. The shorts are nice, I quite like them, but be careful with placing the highlight on the areas in proportion to where the light is coming from. The bralet is also nice, but I think the shading looks a little flat in places, like at the underneath of the breasts. I think the flowers need most work, each of them is shaded to a different extent, I think just hair would have suited the graphic better, the flowers make it almost too fussy, and like there’s a bit much going on. Not bad overall though. 

This represents F/W so well and that is why it's my favourite this time around. The only main area I see for major improvement is the hair but aside from that the jacket's shading/highlighting looks slightly blurred and amateur. I just love the concept though, this is a great second task.

OMG! Jaw dropping, this is FA BU LOUS! Spectacular girl! I love the theme and the idea of this graphic, I love military! kudos to you! 

You are certainly one of the more experienced graphic designers in the competition! Not only is your technique different from the others, but your concept of shading is quite spectacular! What impresses me the most though, is I only remember you starting graphics a few short months ago. With that said, you are definitely very talented! My only comment is that the shading seems a tad light for my liking. I think maybe adding darker shadows should do the trick (especially in the hair)... Fantastic!

I love this a lot! It’s captured the season well as well as portraying the trend nicely! I love the hat so much – it’s clear you’ve spent time working on it, and it’s really paid off; it’s exactly how I think the faux fur should look. The face shading is good, though the nostrils almost look a bit odd being completely black. The hair’s okay, though I find I’m not that busy looking at it as I’m so focused on the great parts =) The jacket looks awesome and the details have been clearly thought about, those military style badges look wonderful. The only thing I’d say is about the sleeve definition on the models right, it looks a little blended to the body compared to the left – but it’s hardly major! The snow looks cute too ^^ Great job! 

I love the use of a male model in this. The quilting on this jacket is tremendous, the hair is great, the cheek shading is good and quite honestly all the clothes are good. The hands could be shaded darker slightly but aside from that I love it, good work. I would have also loved to have seen a fiercer face. (blue eyes, stronger brows etc)

This is a big improvement on Task 1 – well done! I love that it’s a male model, makes it different and stand out in the crowd. The one thing I think lets it down is the face – to me it’s not male model at all, which is a shame. I love the black and navy use; it’s one of my top colour combinations. The leather jacket is great, the attention to detail is good, and the quilting pattern looks amazing. My only thing is that is doesn’t seem very A/W, like it doesn’t strike me as that right away when looking at it. Not a bad job overall though.

I love it! The detailing is amazing and it's a very strong entry, well done.

There's the final product to that amazing jacket! The shading is near impeccable, such a HUGE improvement from your last graphic! I really like the hair shading and style, and the clothing is pretty good too. I agree, using a male model was really clever! The one thing that could use improvement though is those hands. They look a bit too lightly shaded, and I'm not sure if you got the shading in the right places either. Never the less, this is fabulous! 

To be honest I’m not much of a fan – I think mainly because of the background. You’ve posterised and added your graphic, but I don’t feel the two connecting, mainly in the hand where you wanted it on the wall. I also think the skin tone and the background have a very similar colour palate, personally I find it a bit distracting. The hairs not too bad, though I think the shading looks a little half done, some parts have been shaped nicely whereas others haven’t. The skin looks rushed, and although you have tried to include details, such as where shadows from the clothing would sit, it just hasn't been done too well. Kinda the same with the clothing and shoes, looks rushed though you’ve attempted to include details such as seams on the top. I definitely think there’s a lesson to be learned by rushing a competition entry.

I have to say this seems like quite a large step back from last time. The background and model fail to merge at all and the skin looks very poorly shaded. They're looks like there is a blur between everything and the face looks disconnected. I am aware you had to rush this but I expected more.

Wow, this reminds of DKNY for some reason, which is great! It really gives of the new york summer vibe. The shading needs a lot of work and the hair is very flat but overall I like it!

All I can really say is that this graphic is just ok... there's nothing special about it, nor is it something horrible either. The shading is fine, however I'm not sure if the highlighting was needed.... it just makes the model look plastic in this photoshoot. The one thing I do like is the shirt, its certainly fierce, and I'm happy that you took the risk contrasting it from the rest of the graphic. I'm not sure about the face either... it looks a different shade from the rest of the body... which I absolutely... *shivers* --I'm not sure if adding that background was the right choice either... 

I like the idea but I don't know, the graphic is weak. The clothes are nice but the shading is poor like most other things. I hope this isn't the last time we see you.

It's a huge step up from last week and I will give you that. You are definitely going in the right direction and that's what we like to see! I really don't think the skin is shaded that badly, just darken up the layers a bit more and you're well on your way. This goes for everything as pretty much all areas seem quite flat. It's nice though and so much better than last time. Work on your hands too, they look awkward and it's so easy to make hands look bad, take your time.

Very summery, and I’m glad to see you including an appropriate background. The first thing I notice is the hands, they look (and probably are) back to front – the thumb should be at the front, and the pinky most likely wont be seen, it’s physically impossible for hands to be like this. It really stands out to me, so puts me off a lot unfortunately. Overall it’s an improvement for you though, but there is still a way to go. The rest of the skin isn’t too bad, but be wary at the breasts with the shading of the top, the two should be complimentary, but they look like they’ve been done to different shapes almost. The clothing shading is better than before, but is still basic, think about the details and using layers to build up the colour, for example on the stitched parts on the shorts use more than one layer, they still look rather flat, as does the top. The denim waistcoat … is ok, but I think the graphic would have been better without it, it doesn’t really fit the yellow sort of theme you have going. The hair is also improved, but it looks rushed and quite blurry – take some time away from your NTGD entries and work on little skills like that, even if it’s just one basic hairstyle you master it’ll still help improve the overall appearance of your work. 

This is actually a huge step up from your previous entry... I love those shorts, they want me to own a pair for myself! The shading isn't bad, however the hands are pretty awkward and poorly shaded-- I cannot decifer one finger from the other, which is something that clearly needs worked on. The hair isn't too bad, however I think you should have added more definition into the shadows, and not just because I'm a sucker for high definition, but in the end it looks better too. The vest looks a bit strange too, especially in the seams lines, it sort of looks like the strip of fabric holding the buttons is floating. Also, for sure check the internet for some jeans tutorials, that would have added a much bigger appeal to the vest already! None the less, this is a huge improvement!

So who goes?
(According to all entries)
1. Jack
2. Rafael
3. Luisa
4. Emma
5. Kasey
6. Afrin
7. Joao

Which leaves Carrie and Maria in the bottom two.
Unlike other seasons where I would deliberate with the judges on who should be eliminated, the elimination will be purely based on scoring from the whole of the competition.

So who has the lowest amount of points?

I'm sorry but you are eliminated.
Carrie you were only saved by the tiniest amount of points but these were only from your improvement from last time to this time. You need to keep improving if you want to stay in the competition. Well done.

Maria, you are only out by the tiniest amount but this was down to the fact you improved only little between task one and two. Well done for making it thus far, you've done well.



  1. Ooh the first elimination - good luck Maria for the future and well done to the others =)

    Can't wait for the next task!

  2. The graphics of this task are amazing! I think I really gave a step back from my last graphic to this one, so it's fair that I got the 7th place, anyway I'm happy that I keep on the competion and I will improve more!
    Can't wait to see the next task!! Haha :)

    XO, EllieCase

  3. thank you all so so so so so much its incredible to hear such positive comments from all judges. i really am aware that hair is something i need to practice, it's something i've always struggled with and i'm still in the process of finding a technique, i'll really crack down and get it sorted.

    sad to see maria go, but i suppose somebody had to.

    can't wait for task 3!

  4. My favorite has to be Louisa's but I also love Jack's.

    Wow, everyone is doing great and it's only the 2nd task. I remember in the first cycle that most contestants had really different graphics in terms of how good they were made, for each task.

  5. I know... the freaking hair! and I am currently working on my shading technique in general so expect my task 3 entry to be a tad different to the other ones.

    But hey, 3rd place. Thank you and thank you for the overall positive feedback.

  6. They aren't jeans. They're leather pants:)but yeah, I've had so many problems with this task because it was about the trendsand I found it difficult to pick one single one, and one that someone would really do, so I refrained from going out of the box with this. I appreciate the generous comments:)

  7. Wow, thank you so much for your nice comments!! And yeah, I gotta work on my skin/hand shading.
    By the way, the male model is actually MY doll.
    According to this here: "To me it’s not male model at all, which is a shame."
    Well, thanks that I don't look male at all, now I feel embarrassed ._.

    1. Yes I did know it was your doll, but it doesn't look like a male model, which is what I said, I did not say it didn't look male.
      For example think of the likes of David Gandy - he's male model, whereas I don't see the same in your dolls face. You don't need to look like him, but you need to have "it".

  8. Oh and I simply love Luisa's and Jack's entry, their amazing!

  9. Wow, the graphics are AMAZING!
    I can't wait to see the next task!

  10. My favorites are probably Jack's, Luisa's, and Rafi's :) I couldn't choose a favorite! I'm sad to see you go Maria! With some more practice, I'm sure you'll shine!

  11. It's obvious to say who gets this weeks top photos, Luisa. Her's really represents the season very well unlike the others.

    I really want to like Rafael's graphic but the dolls face is annoying. I wish he'd use an actual medoll that's a guy with a good face.

    Jack's top/skirt were beaut but i'd like to see something other then runway (maybe a campaign?).

    There is something odd about afrin's graphics that i like.

    Kasey's first season on SDNTGD was better then this one tbh but she'll certainly improve.

    1. Haha, I know. It seems like I just can't get it right yet:P Thanks for the confidence in me:)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. thnks Mikel....but I wd like to know the odd feeling of yours which made u like my graphic :P

  12. Oh come on, is my doll's face really that annoying? ._.

  13. WOW I love evry1's....About my graphic: well am sure one of the judges guessed it was a quick graphic. Its because I did not get time I had my formatives going on, so, less time to put sm effort..and now my pre boards are gonna start..anyhow i'll try my best for the next task :)and about stardoll face thingies...i stopped using sd faces smtime back but as now if the task is going to be SD centered I'll possibly look for a modle :)

  14. I loved Rafael's graphic- extremely well defined lines and realistic shading. Also, I think using a simple face he used actually made it more approachable. Good job ! ;D

  15. Some of these entries are nice but some are not. However, I must say that Luisa's entry is my favorite! For instance, that fur hat must've taken a heck of time!

  16. Thanks for your comments! xox Can't wait for task 3!!

  17. Jack my little brother, your the bestest

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