Wednesday, 11 April 2012

TASK ONE - Critique Boutique

This is solely for the contestants to recieve feedback on their graphics. If I was to do the judgement and elimination at the same time the post would go on forever. Contestants, please read all the advice and tips.The task one elimination will be up later today.Please note: The scores do not represent who is going to be eliminated. The purpose of the scores is for at the end when they will contribute 50% to the final decision. 
Wooldoor: I think this graphic is lovely, though there is an unattractive focal point between the model's left hip and right arm. Your hair is fantastic! The nose shading is a bit awkward, though it's easy to fix. I think the dress is a bit glossy, but animal prints always come out glossy. XD The hands are meant to be touching the, urrh, whatever that thing is right? There shouldn't be a shadow between the hand and the thing, again, easy to fix up. I think you could have used perspective more on the water. I rate this though a 7/10. 

Ciaraleanne: 9.5/10 I'm pretty much stunned by how pretty this is! I'm immediately drawn to the face because the shading/shape of the hair is perfect. I would recommend a bit more shading around the bottom of the medoll's jaw though, so it blends more with the shaded neck. The dress is brilliant, I love everything about it. The only fault I can see in the graphic is that there are some sharp edges, around the elbows and hands. Also the dress looks as if it's flat on the neck, from what I can see of the pose shading, it's good but there are parts that could use more attention.

Xxlovexx: 7/10... This graphic looks so pretty! I love the hair and the shading of the doll; the medoll’s face looks perfect! I feel as though the proportions are slightly off though... Looking closely you are able to see that the left arm is about half the width of the model, making her immediately look extremely skinny. I love the dress though and the shading is pretty much flawless. The balcony ledge type thing could have been improved and I agree with Eliza, you could have used perspective more on the water.

Princess_kiara1: 9/10… I'm wondering what that dress looks like on the reference photo, I feel as if you could put more detail into it…. The hair is amazing, but hand shading and wrist shape on the right side (model's left) looks a little bit off. The graphic looks simple, yet really pretty.

OVERALL: 32.5/40

Wooldoor: I love it! It's very mermaidy, but I think that the shading could be a bit more defined. The shading on the neck isn't really realistic. Look at how other graphic designers do their necks and also look at actual photos to see how necks are. The background isn't very attractive, but an easy fix. I rate this 6/10. Good job! :)

Ciaraleanne: ChloeDavis - 5/10 Starting off on the good side, you're going in the right direction with your hair & lip make up. The highlight is perfect on the lips. The hair isn't perfect yet, but you can work on it. First off, the strands of your hair are never wider at the end than they are as they get closer to your scalp, so it should be the same with graphics. Second, you really need to start highlighting the medoll's face (and body), it gives it an instant boost in appearance. You should never shade if you don't highlight as well. Tone down the opacity of your brush while shading the body, it's a bit too dark and it will take about 3-4 shades layering on top of each other to shade correctly (Patience is key). You also need to practice on cleaning up your edges, they're a bit pixely.

Xxlovexx: The thing I like about this graphic is that is has that initial wow factor; you turn to it and it immediately jumps out at you. The hair looks pretty good, but upon further inspection the way some of the strands get thicker at the end looks sort of odd. I like the face, but it could have done with a bit of highlights, just to freshen it up! The lip shading is perfect though, so bravo for that. I would have loved to see a bit more of a highlight on the body too, and possibly some more layers at a lower opacity for the shading. I love the hands however... The pearls looks great with the green gems intertwined. The background looks kind of messy, but seeing as there isn’t much of it, it isn’t a huge problem...  6/10.

Princess_Kiara1: 5/10 you should put more detail into close-up graphics, this one looks kind of rushed…
I'm not a fan of the edges, body shading, nails...And I think the model would look much skinnier if the neck was thinner and a bit longer, and if collar bones started somewhat lower, like on/above her shoulders. Hair lacks in detail, I miss loose hair strands. However, I like how you didn't overdo the cheek bones and kept the makeup simple. And, I like the color theme. :-)

OVERALL: 22/40

Wooldoor: After observing for some time I have nothing to say you could improve on. This graphic isn't amazing, but it's pretty darn good. (6.5/10)

Ciaraleanne: 7.5/10. The pose is great, I love how the small details like nails where paid attention to. I think the inside arm could have been rounded a bit more, it looks slightly flat. Don't be afraid not to be a perfectionist when shading, sometimes it will end up looking kind of, plastic? I really love the jewellery as well, great addition to the graphic. I have nothing bad to say about the hair, perfect. However the makeup artist inside me does have to say, tone down the eye makeup, sometimes less is more!

Xxlovexx: For a first task graphic, this is pretty good! The background is done very well and the seat looks great. The pearls and jewels really add an elegance to the graphic although I do think the vest could have definitely been worked on more because it looks very dull. I have to agree with Ciara on the makeup, less can be more and the eyes could have been toned down just ever so slightly. I can’t seem to put my finger on it but something seems off with the hair. Overall, 7/10.

Princess_Kiara1: 10/10… I actually have nothing to criticize on this one, the only thing I've noticed is that the model looks as if she's got two left feet, and the one in the front looks a bit flat. The left arm looks kind of odd, but that doesn't really affect the graphic as a whole.

OVERALL: 31/40

Wooldoor: I think this is great, though the shading in some parts is really off. You have perfect proportions of everything, but the head is off centre. This graphic looks like it was made by i-dressup. Good job though... 5/10!
Ciaraleanne: 6.5/10... My favourite part of the graphic is definitely the hair; the shading is brilliant and it looks like a good amount of time was spent on it. The pose is also great, but I'd love to see more detailed shading and especially some more work on the face, it seems flat & out of place on top of the pose. I would have also liked to have seen clothing slighting more complicated.

Xxlovexx: Starting with the positives, I adore the hair! Although the positioning of the head looks really off-put, the shading on the hair looks great, you can tell alot of work was put in. I feel as though your graphics are a little too real sometimes though, however weird that may sound. It looks as though you have copied the exact shading from the real photo. Sometimes I would love to see your shading, not a replica of the shots. That being said, I do really like the body shading, excluding the arms, bangles and hands (back to my point about the shading being too much like the real picture). Try work on not just plonking the head on the pose though, it looks rather disjointed... 5.5/10.

Princess_Kiara1: A little bit stronger than ChloeDavis' graphic. While the hair seems to be done really well, I strongly dislike the body shading. Even though it looks like you're keeping it simple and effective, it just doesn't work for me, but again, that's just me. It would look much better if you shaded it evenly, using a couple more layers, or if you blended the shading with skin a bit, but not using blur or smudge tools. The face/head looks as if it doesn't belong to that neck/body… 6/10.

OVERALL: 23/40

Wooldoor: Jaw dropping! I next time would define the shading more. For example, give more dimensions to the statue. Look at how Stardoll has made their statues and try replicating their brilliance. I would like to see you make your own hair, but it's not needed you know ;) Please don’t put a blur behind your text though. This is my favourite graphic this round and I rate it a 7.5/10

Ciaraleanne: 8.5/10... Can I just say that the dress is absolutely amazing! So detailed & very well made. I really like the pose and face but the shading could be better. It's a bit rigid (is that the right word? lol) around the hands as well (The statue could also use work), but practice makes perfect! Saying that I love the background, it looks really elegant, great choice of shoot.

Xxlovexx: Wow! That dress is totally flawless. The shading is wonderful, well done. I must say, the dress really compliments the models dark skin and it all fits so well. The statue could do with a bit of work, and the background is maybe a little bit too simple. Also, don’t put blurring/too much glow behind the text. Overall this is amazing though... 8/10.

Princess_kiara1: 8/10… I can see your effort and I guess you've spent a long time making that dress!  I like the shading on model's arms, it looks really good. I also like how you did the deer statue by yourself. However, I see no nails (but that's not a big issue). I-dressup hair is one of my pet peeves.

OVERALL: 32/40

Wooldoor: I think you have a lot of potential to win this thing. I would just define the detail though... The fingers look like a rubber glove. Oh, and what you've done with the neck, I think should be left out, it's simply not needed. Also, the background I reckon would be better with a simple polka dot pattern. :) 7-10! Great job!

Ciaraleanne: 8/10... I love the colour choices. The shading of the skirt is really good (in the pleated area), however I think it should be slightly darker on the ruffled area. The bodice & hat could use more dimension, they look a bit flat. I like how the background is blurred out so all the focus is on the model. The pose is great shape-wise, almost perfect, but the shading does need work, especially in the detailed areas like the feet and hands. I also feel like the hair needs work shape wise & finding the right areas when adding dimension.

Xxlovexx: Wow! This graphics oozes originality and the quality of it is astonishing. The hat however sort of looks out of place, I feel as though you didn’t try as hard with the shading of it. Also, the inner shadows on the legs don’t look correct, only because the legs are facing inwards, meaning either the highlights should stretch to the edge of the inner leg  or the shadows should be very light. This is an amazing first entry, congratulations... 8/10.

Princess_Kiara1: 8/10… I don't like the body shading, but that's just my opinion. The collar bones are somewhat misplaced, and really, what's up with her throat? I miss finger and toe nails, feet would probably look better if you defined the toes. I guess you rushed the hair, I've seen way better hair coming from you. On the bright side, I ADORE the outfit and makeup!

OVERALL: 31/40

Wooldoor: The pose looks a bit awkward in this graphic. Define the shading on the dress more if you're going to do a dress like this again. I think you could next time make the whole thing bigger. Everything is all blurry which I think is a no, no. 5.5/10.

Ciaraleanne: 7/10... The pose is really good, there's a good shape to it, but shading in the right places is really important. Also because the legs are almost identical, it makes them look really false and flat. They won't be identical because shadows are never the same on each leg especially side in the BG the shadow is to the side (which is more on the complicated side of shading & could be worked on later). The hair shading is almost perfect, I wish there was more depth in the parting. Details such as the lollipop & shoes are spot on. The dress is nice but again more shading wouldn't hurt, however the ruffles are great!

Xxlovexx: I personally really quite like this. The hair looks fierce, although a tad more shading could have been done to the parting, just to accentuate it a little bit more.  The dress shading is quite nice and the ruffles look great. No complaints about the skin shading although I’m not too sure on the shoes... To me they look a tiny bit messy. I love the little touches like the lollipop and the medoll fits the graphic very well; very cute but very modelesque at the same time. I would have loved to seen a brighter background through, something a little more bright and spring related. Overall it’s a really nice graphic, but it doesn’t have that stand out power that a few of the other contestants have in their graphics... 7.5/10. 

Princess_Kiara1: 9/10… Shading, especially on the legs, and shoulders, could be better (I'm not saying it's bad), the collar bones look kind of heavy to me, and I don't know what's up with that dress, I'd have more of an idea if I saw your reference photo. On the bright side, the hair is amaaaazing and those shoes look so pretty! The lollypop looks rather delicious too.

OVERALL: 29/40

Ciaraleanne:  2/10 I don't really have anything good to say about this graphic, I feel like no effort went in at all. There isn't enough shading/highlighting in the graphic at all, the image looks extremely flat & rushed in places. Saying GIMP crashed isn't exactly a great excuse after handing over what looks like unfinished work. I'm at a loss of words because I expected much more & know you're capable of producing better quality graphics after seeing your previous work.

Xxlovexx: I am sort of lost for words here. Starting with the positives, the face looks pretty good and bravo for taking a risk with that. They can turn out really bad sometimes but your take on it looks good. Moving on... From a distance and when the image is smaller the hair looks alright, but upon zooming in it looks like no effort was put in at all. The nails look nice, but the shading is so barely there that I can’t even differentiate between the hand and the collar bone. Altogether it looks very rushed and pretty messy and after seeing your previous work. I know you can do so much better than this... 3.5/10.

Princess_Kiara1: 4.5/10… To be honest, I am disappointed. I've expected a lot more coming from someone like Chloe. I can see what you tried to do with the head and face, but I personally wouldn't do it if I wasn't completely sure if I can do it. I'm sorry, but the hair...I'll skip that part. Close-up graphics should be a lot MORE detailed, and not less than the whole body ones.

Wooldoor: The pose looks alright but the skin shading is very bare. The shading on the hair just looks like a few scribbles, which definitely is not a good look. The side on face is a risk but I don’t know if you’ve pulled it off. It all looks quite rushed and even though you’ve had a problem with gimp, with the long time frame this isn’t great, especially because you do have the ability… 4/10

OVERALL: 14/40

After the first round the scores stand at...
Lige07: 32.5/40
MVM2807: 32/40
Martusia_144: 31/40
Fashionngirl.: 31/40
Lovegossip4life: 29/40
Sparklewand12: 23/40
ChloeDavis: 22/40
Chloe-99: 14.5/40

Stay tuned for the first elimination...


  1. Love it! My favorite was Martusia_144! Perfection! I give you a 10/10 girl!

  2. Aw, I was really expecting something brilliant from Chloe... other than that, each one was truly amazing in their own way (although Chloe's hand shading is amazing, I've always had trouble with hands!)

    1. (whoops, there are 2 Chloe's, I was referring to Chloe99's graphic!)

  3. Fashionngirl, Sparklewand12, and Lovegossip4life are all absolutely amazing[: I love the medoll's face in Lige07's graphic though :P

  4. I just Adore Kasey's, Lindsey's, and Maria's. Everyone just did awesome though. X] amazing and amazing!

  5. these are all really amazing! im glad everyone did so well. I expected chloe99 to come out better than this, but she still an amazing graphics designer with talent!

    I love Lindsey's, Kasey's, Maria's, Lige's....actually, pretty much all of them!

  6. Thanks for such a high rating! I'm very glad to be after Lige. Thanks for lovely comments, too.

  7. Thanks! I'm taking the critiques to heart!:) I really loved Lindsey's and Eamonn's graphics!

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