Thursday, 12 April 2012

TASK ONE - The Results

Hello everyone! We've had an amazing response to this competition, so thank you all very much! We have indeed recieved all our entries, which therefore means this competition will be harder as I know everyone is  dedicated. This week our guest judge was the wonderful Eliza/Wooldoor, and she for sure knows a thing or two about graphics. Boasting a successful magazine and fashion line, Eliza is at the top of the game. The critiques may sometimes be harsh, but that is only so you have room for improvement. 

Good luck to everyone,
Now, the callout order...

1. Martusia_144-
Congratulations, you are top photo this week! Your graphic was incredible and the concept was brilliant. We love how you put so much effort into the smaller features and although there is still a few things you could work on, this graphic is wonderful, keep it up!
2. MVM2807- The effort in your graphic was overwhelming! Next time try and work more on creating your own hair... You were so close to top photo.
3. Lige07- The shot was wonderful and by adding more depth to the background you could easily win this whole competition!
4. Fashionngirl.- We loved the graphic but there was just some small critiques you need to work on for next time and remember with the makeup, sometimes less is more!
5. LoveGossip4Life- Your hair was wonderful and the model looked great, but you need to work on the skin shading in some places and work on adding more liveliness to the graphic.

Bottom Three:
Chloe-99- Your graphic was weak and we are extremely disappointed. We know you have the ability and we feel as though you didn't put in any effort. Even if your gimp did crash and the photo wouldn't open, with that long time period you had to complete the task we feel as though you sent in unfinished work. The question is though, if we save you will you step up your game next week?
ChloeDavis- The shot was weak in some areas, but there were some areas  that looked great. You had alot of ideas to put into the shot but that meant that the quality in some areas was sacrifised, and remember to highlight your graphics, or else they look unfinished.
Sparklewand12- Your shot was forgettable and we felt as though your skin shading  was weak in some places. Rather then copying the shading from the real life picture, try and make it look more natural, using more layers at a lesser opacity. The head placement is another thing that needs to be worked on, but can you improve all of this for next time?

SAVED: ChloeDavis & Sparklewand12: Your effort saved you. Even though you are on a lower level than Chloe-99, we are still glad you put in the effort.

ELIMINATED: Chloe-99: This is a shock for us and I'm sure for many others. We were expecting great things from you and you didn't prove to us you had what it takes. If you aren't willing to put in 100% like the others, then you will be sent home, and this proved that.

Task two will be posted tommorow, stay tuned.
Congratulations to those who stayed!


  1. Welldone to the top 5 (:
    & Sorry to see you go Chloe.

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  3. Well done everyone, you deserve it. Good luck Chloe & Kristen :D

    1. You did awesome Chloe! Sorry to see you go. It was fun competing with you, though!:)