Friday, 13 April 2012

TASK TWO - Seven Deadly Sins

I was really happy with the entries last week; you guys rock! I was so impressed so the bar is raised this week; your time period is shorter and the task is for sure harder; you really have to rally your brain for this one and use your imagine! Seeing as there is seven of you remaining in the competition, there is obviously no other task fit for this magical number apart from the seven deadly sins... Each one of you will be matched with one of the seven deadly sins; and you must create a graphic based around the theme. Good luck to everyone.

Sparklewand12 - LUST
To have an intense desire or need.

Fashionngirl.; ENVY
Painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage.

Martusia_144; LAZINESS
Disinclined to activity or exertion: not energetic or vigorous.

ChloeDavis; GREED
Excessive or reprehensible acquisitiveness.

Lige07; WRATH
Strong vengeful anger or indignation.

Excess in eating and drinking.

Lovegossip4life; PRIDE
Quality or state of being proud – inordinate self esteem.

Please note that you probably need to research further upon your sins; I only gave you a short briefing. The deadline for this task is the 28th of April! That's right, you only have ONE WEEK to complete the task. Impress us, because these prizes are huge, and you could become Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer.

Have fun,
Kimberly xo


  1. Some of those can be really difficult to re-create with a graphic. No, not with a graphic,just hard to recreate a few of them, say, Gluttony or, just Gluttony.

  2. Yeah a few of them can be really difficult to portray but we only want the contestants to do their best & see how creative they can be. (:

    Good luck everyone! x

  3. I'm so glad I don't have to do this one.. haha! That's really hard, I would have no idea for any of them. Good luck everyone, but I'm routing for Kasey. COME ON KASEY :D

  4. It's rather difficult, but I'm currently working on it and I'll finish it maybe tomorrow.

  5. Can we have more time? If you want my best work, i need the whole time

    1. This is the whole time. You aren't getting longer, the bar was raised and you must complete your task in the time allotted to the best of your ability. :)

  6. Just saying, in the sidebar, with the names of the designers, you have written ELIMINATED to signify a contestant leaving, but it looks like you are saying the 4 underneath have been eliminated :S Do you get me?

    lovinjudas xxx

  7. I get you; I'll change that when I'm on the computer. -Kimberly

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  9. ^^^LOL
    calm your tits Nicole
    your graphics are mediocre.

  10. Nicole/Tapstar/Chloe/etc..

    Self-praise won't get you're not dropped out because you think your so-called glamor shots are receiving low-scores, you're dropping out because you're lazy and you lack skills.

    This competition isn't just to show you the best graphic designer and bring out people's's also to help people improve. In all honesty, I had to agree with everyone's critique on your graphic you made, it was poorly done and effortless, the hair shading was terrible and it blended in with the skin roughly.

    If you think you're going to win, you obviously don't see the apparent flaws in your's so sad I thought you were improving from Forever-Chic magazine but you're just going down-hill :-(

  11. ChloeDavis, 22 was actually a generous score lol. It's your own fault for not trying hard enough. If you think your graphic is better than Sparklewand12's graphic, you need to invest in a good pair of glasses.
    Your comment is extremely rude & I'm glad you dropped out because you're definitely not deserving of the prize (And doubtful that you would have won anyway, 'no offence').

    & I agree with Gladis.

  12. Honestly, someone with your attitude doesn't deserve (emphasis on deserve) to be in any competition let alone this one.

    Good riddance, and good bye.

  13. I'm really disappointed with you Chloe.
    That's all I have to say.

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  17. It really upsets me that as I look at the comments and then at the graphic, I realize that all of it is fully true.....and I'm disappointed in myself. I am truly sorry.

  18. It's okay Nikki
    we have printscreens(:

  19. I'm sorry but I'm just terribly curious, why do you keep referring to me as Nikki?

  20. Oh and btw, I find it quite amusing that you make sure to document every out of the ordinary comment you ever read...nice hobby ;)

  21. Oh I don't know, you just seem so much like a Nicole. I like that name and I think it suits you. Pure coincidence, obviously.

  22. Obviously I know that you think I'm Tapstar321, so isn't it obvious that I'm asking why you think that I am she?

  23. When the results will be posted?