Thursday, 26 April 2012

TASK TWO - Deliberation & Results

Hello and welcome back to Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer. This task certainly hasn't been without drama. Two contestants have quit, with a massive scandal leading to Nicole being revealed over at MDM. Her replacement is the amazing hollyoaksrocks*. We can't just go down to 5 without a fight, so please welcome her with open arms to the competition! There is NOT an elimination this week seeing as two people have left. (Techincally one because there is one replacement, meaning it's like other weeks as one person is going, get me?) Onto the second tasks deliberation: It's all in a one this time by the way, seeing as no elimination is required.

CiaraLeanne: 9.5/10 I love this! I think it's amazing and possibly my favourite from this task. I don't think I can find any flaws. The hair is perfect, I love the detailing in the dress. The whole image is so elegant. You paid attention to small details such as shine on the nails, the writing on the mirror etc. Well done, huge improvement!

Xxlovexx: Wow. This is truly flawless. I am seriously having trouble finding fault with it. The hair is absolutely beautiful and the shading on the dress is phenomonal. This just oozes elegance. It really portrays pride well with the  little miror. Obviously there is going to be slight things you can work on, the right hand for example looks a tad bit off, but this is minor and can easily be fixed. Well done, 9.5/10.

Princess_kiara1:  8/10... I love how you did the hair, but I'm not sure about the folds(?) in the gown, but I'm fine with them as long as the gown looks good. The fingers need much less shading and more proper highlighting, as they look too dark when shaded that way. Also, the collarbones look just too heavy, I personally wouldn't define them as much on the bottom side and place them a bit lower, not strictly below the neck, if you know what I mean?

Ciaraleanne: 8/10 Great job on portraying gluttony! Perfect. I love the detail on the hand jewellery, the cheese and the shading of the pose. I'd love for you to maybe add more highlights (Forehead, nose, chin etc. but not too much that it looks shiny) and shadows to the face, it feels a bit flat compared to the shading on the pose. The hair and clothes are nicely made & I love the fact you used a more curvy model too.

Xxlovexx: I really quite like it. It portrays gluttony very well. It sort of looks like that vintage fashion portrait that would hang up in the dining room of a lavish room. More highlights would be great but I do love the detail you put into the foods. Well done, 8/10.

Princess_kiara1: 7/10... I don't like the face edit, also I'm not a fan of her outfit, it's kind of a peasant one, no offense…But, if that's what you were going for, well done.  Also, she looks kind of curvy. I know you had to portray gluttony, therefore it’s probably okay if you made the model look big, but I'm just not a fan of big models visual vise.  All the jewellery looks cool, and I like how you didn't use I-dressup hair.

Fashionngirl - 6.5/10 Okay, the reason I gave this mark is simply because I don't understand how it represents envy. The only thing that really signifies envy are the green lips. However the graphic is quite well drawn. Some of the proportions are a bit off, but I really like the fact you put in the effort to draw your own face.
Princess_kiara1: 8/10... I love the body shading and lip color, yet I don't know what's up with her eyes? Lol. Her boobs shouldn't be defined all the way up to her collar bones, I don't know why exactly, but it looks really awkward. I feel as if the whole graphic portrays a sex maniac and not one of the seven deadly sins…however, that's just the way I see it.
Xxlovexx: I definitely liked the way you took the time to create your own face, though I'm not really sure what's with the eyes. Your shading is really good but the boobs are defined way too far upwards. There should only be slight shading coming out of the top. I'm not sure how it portrays envy much, even after reading the description, but I like it... 7/10.

Princess_kiara1: 7/10.. I'm not a huge fan of blurred highlights and shadows on the furniture, to be honest the remote controller looks kind of awkward.  And maybe it's just my laptop's weird graphics card, but I barely see your body shading, I feel as if it's not intense enough. Honestly, your previous entry was way better than this one, which is kind of sad…
Ciaraleanne - 6/10 I think you took a few steps back for this task. You did a great job on portraying sloth though! I like how you added the stubble, haha. The shading isn't as good as your first task. And small details such as the remote control should have been paid more attention. The shading on the tv, and couch isn't great either. Considering they take up a huge amount of the image you should definitely work more on them.
Xxlovexx: I think you took a step back this task; but you were one of the only ones who portrayed your sin really well. I hate blurring, even if it is in the backgounrd, so remember not to do that (with outlines anyway). I like the way you've made him look so effortlessly lazy. It's good, but we expected more. 6.5/10.

Xxlovexx: 6.5/10... I really don't understand how your graphics portrays lust. It's a tad bare with the face shading, although I do think the plain red backgrounds works though. I can see where you were going with it, but it should have been more revealing for lust in my opinion. Your skin shading has improved SO much so well done. I prefered your hair last time, but definitely a big improvement
Princess_kiara1: 5/10... I don't know how does this portray lust, well maybe it does, but in a really conservative, different way? All I see is a shy woman tilting her head in order to look, I don't know… seductive? my opinion sounds a bit off, but this is just not what I expected. I think a plain red background and red lips aren’t enough when it comes to portraying lust. Your shading has improved, but I still miss some hand drawn makeup, or at least a simple face edit, cheek bones, I don't know…just something.

Ciaraleanne - 5.5/10 I don't really see how this could be lust, unless the model desires her own body? Maybe you didn't have a full understanding for the word but regardless I like the graphic. Although I do feel it's a bit on the plain side, your shading needs improvement. I recommend you look at the lighting of hair to see where the shadows would/wouldn't be (similar hairs to the one you plan on making.). The face is slightly flat as well, so if you could add shadow/highlight to the face it would improve the appearance much more!

Xxlovexx: I really like it actually.The doll's face definitely looks angry so well done on that. I LOVE the shoes. The only reason you were placed last, as you did portray your sin very well, is because your shading definitely needs improvement. It some places it just goes from skin tone to really dark, it has to be more gradual with more layers, well done though.. 6.5/10.

Princess_Kiara1: 6/10
I love this one, I see anger in your eyes, I love the pose and the whole idea, if only the shading was done better…at some parts it doesn't look detailed enough and kind of rushed…Shading might be the most time consuming part of making graphics, but it's the one thing that actually completes a graphic. The background could be different and not just one plain color.
Ciaraleanne: 6.5/10 To me this is a mixture of lust and wrath, I can clearly see the anger in the models face. The hair (shape wise) is really good, however where you have shaded is a bit blurred out which lessens the quality. I recommend you become less 'sketch-like', but that's only because I personally prefer precise shading because it looks more professional. You already know the correct places to shade & highlight which is great! (: Also you should practice backgrounds and adding more dimension & detail into clothes, face etc. Good job!  
At this point the scores stand at:
MVM2807: 55/70
Martusia_144: 50.5/70
Fashionngirl.: 53.5/70
Lovegossip4life: 56/70
Sparklewand12: 40/70
Hollyoaksrocks*: 41/70


  1. yay, still very proud of myself!, will definitely improve on the shading xxx


    I'm in frikin' first place!!! :O I did NOT see that one coming...!!! Haha, congrats to the others, you all did very well too!

  3. I'm on the second place, YAY! And I love all the other graphics!

  4. OMG! Love Lindseys and Marias, by far my favourite and definitely deserving of the first two places!

    How long will we have for the next task? It's just I'm in the middle of exams, and I need to prepare my revision schedule to put aside time to work on the graphic =)

    Thanks for my comments too =D

  5. Holy potato Lindseys is amazing! Why did Lige quit, he's really good :O

    1. Thanks! I think... bahaha :)

  6. kim this post is full of errors - great work peepz

  7. My graphic was supposed to be uploaded landscape....

  8. I didn't realise, but why does it even matter? Lol

    1. It matter because one of the judges said the boobs look strange. They looked strange, because the girl was lying down.

  9. LoveGossip4Life - good
    Other - sorry , but i dont like it :/