Friday, 27 April 2012

TASK THREE - TSS Challenge

Hello and congratulations to the final six. The last task certainly did not go down without drama, but well done to those who made it through. This task this time is certainly something special. You have all heard of The Stardoll Shiner, right? Created by the iconic Miss_LolitaF and Shakira_Avril back a few years ago and taken ownership by Patrick/Devie44 back last year it was a huge blog. TSS is set to make a comeback very soon, so presenting this task...

That's right, your task this week is to design the main header for the banner. You must use Patrick's doll and his doll only, using a reasonable banner size. There isn't many guidelines so be as creative as you wish. Banners really pull attention to a blog, so remember to make it as flawless as possible. Create your own hair and try not to use Stardoll clothes. The deadline for this task is Tuesday the 8th of May.

The winner of this task does have the chance to get their banner used and get commisioned to do a makeover for TSS, how exciting!

Get going!
If you have any questions or queries don't be hesitant to ask me.