Wednesday, 27 June 2012

CYCLE ONE - And the Winner Is...

 The finale winner announcement has finally arrived. I just want to say a massive congratulations AND thank you to the remaining two girls. The effort and determination you have put into this whole entire competition is absolutely outstanding, and I seriously applaud you.

Throughout the competition you have both impressed me and both of you have produced some fantastic work. Lindsey, you've been at the top continuously, and aside from the first task, you have produced some consistently great work.You have grown into such an amazing artist throughout the competition, leading you to win best photo after best photo. While this image is very similar to your second graphic, I do love the inspiration behind it. It's astonishing. You have such a strong set of work throughout the competition and looking through all your tasks reminds me of that. Your determination is amazing, so well done.

Maria, while you may not have won as many best photos, you've always been at the top. However this task proves how far you've come. You literally had 12 hours to complete this task, and I just love it. Although the arm and hair shading may be weak, it is understandable with your time constraint. However, I absolutely *LOVE LOVE LOVE* this dress. It's so beautiful!

I'm really stumped here. You both seriously deserve to win, and if I got to choose you both would. Though that can't happen, and after asking a few others on their opinions... the winner is...


Both of you! Maria and Lindsey, you have both done exceptionally and I cannot pick.
Well done, the prizes will be split between you.


  1. Well done both girls!

    Love K xxx

  2. Congratulations to both of you for making it this far!
    I adored all of Linday's graphics through the competition but I think that Maria won fairly. The dress she designed is surely incredible difficult to do and also has a dip dye effect. And I love the background she made! I would never do this in a month and she did it in 12 hours!

    Congratulations Maria!!!

  3. Congrats! I loved both of those entries! They are amazing at Stardoll graphics. :)

  4. Oh and just as a time the winner should be the one with the most points. There is no elimination. 10 rounds...most points win.

    and then the NEXT time you do this, have the readers choose a winner. :)

    Just suggestions.

  5. I probably should have told you that my entry was based off of my second entry-- reminding me how achieved and amazing... and just well, like "royalty" when I won my first ever task (task 2). I think that was the whole inspiration behind my entry... I was also having a very tough time with my medoll... she has such difficult complection to make graphics with... but yeah.

    Anywho. congrats to Maria! I'm glad I got to see you achieve dramatically! Remember your first task? You had a tough time with hair and just added the simple I-Dressup hair, as to apposed to this entry... hair, dress, skin... oh, all so flawless! Its your moment to shine girl!

    I think every contestant this sesason though is really a winner. We've all strived for new techniques, poses, and overall just wanted to do our best. Each one of you, Chloe, Lige, Nicole, Eamonn, Kirsten, Khol, and my number one graphic inspiration plus new friend Kasey :D, you all are truly amazing, and I'm glad I've got to know a little about each of you along the way.

    1. Oh my. Now I feel bad for my comments. D:
      Well, then I loved it. ;) Although maybe it was too similar. It was still beautiful, but yeah, I see what you mean.

  6. Well, Maria really deserves it, her entry this time was better... In my opinion, so yes, for me it's fair, even if it's a competition with so many tasks, this one is won by Maria for me!
    Lindsey, you stay an amazing graphic designer too!

  7. When the next season will start? I would like to participate. My graphics here:

  8. Congratulations! Maria's dress is amazing! Nonetheless, Lindsey did an excellent job as well, and I think it should have been a tie. Congratulations to both.

  9. Congratulations!

    ~ bracken1234

  10. omg , well done Maria and well done lindsey gah, you both did amazingly well and an epic well done to Maria for winning

  11. Congratulations! Maria, your dress is just perfection *-*

  12. Congratulations, but I feel so sad for Lindsey, in my opinion she did it better because she was so strong through the whole competition. ;(
    But Maria did also a great job, so congrats on winning...

  13. OMG what do you mean with "to be announced"?! :O