Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Top photo: LoveGossip4Life
Well done Lindsey, you have continued to impress us with your graphics, your London styled lookbook this week really astonished us, although you still have a few things to work on and practise with, we really think you could win this thing! Good luck in the final because you've made it through!

Martusia_144 or Mvm2807?
Starting off with you Kasey, your entry was super strong this week. It really showed off New York City, and you even got a 10/10 from one of the judges, bravo for that! You are definitely improving, but you've failed to be consistent throughout this competition, almost being eliminated at one point, so we ponder upon whether you are a deserving finalist...
Maria, you, like Lindsey, have been strong from the start, with entry after entry getting positive feedback. This week though, your entry failed to impress. Although it was shaded to perfection, it lacked originality and was instantly forgettable. Do we save the girl who's been consistently good but failed this week, or do we send through the girl that has had a rough journey thoughout but managed to pull it back this time?

The girl going through is..... Maria.

Well done to you Kasey. This week's entry was absolutely astonishingly beautiful!! Seriously, give yourself a massive pat on the back for making it this far. Though you may not have won, be proud of yourself, because you have totally rocked it in this competition. You aren't going with nothing though, you do indeed recieve some well deserved prizes for getting it this far!


100 shiny new Stardollars!

Offer of Judging Position for next season's STARDOLL'S NEXT TOP GRAPHIC DESIGNER competition.

An exclusive bottle of Victory & Klaus' new fragrance for women...

A position as a model for the 'LE Project' campaign, which will be out in July!


You know them glorious final scenes of the cycle, when Tyra announces the winner of the competition?.. When the girls stand there nervously in their gorgeous gowns waiting for the results..?

This final task is exactly that, you must design a gown, whether it be beautiful and simple or extravegant and daring, you decide! You must feature your own gown design, on your own medoll, in your winning scene. Which may I add, CAN BE ANYWHERE!! It may be you living the jet set life on your private island now that you've won SNTGD, or it may be you in Paris modelling for the next big fashion show, or possibly at that glamorous event that you just can't miss!

I wish you the best of luck,
any queries, ask me!

DEADLINE: 24th June 2012, though...
The sooner I get the graphics in, the sooner the winner is announced. *winks*

I'll wrap us the post, but stay tuned for the...


  1. I would absolutely LOVE to judge next season!:D Ahhh!:)Thank you so much! Congrats to Lindsey and Maria! Good Luck!

  2. Maria is amazing. Hope she`s win.

  3. Well done! Looking forward to seeing the final entries =D

  4. Wow, congrats to Kasey for making it this far! Can't believe I've made it to the finale, its such a huge honor! Good luck to Maria, only time will tell who will be this season's winner of SNTGD :)