Monday, 18 June 2012

TASK SIX - Deliberation

This weeks task was to portray the given city, whether it be London, Paris or New York. With the final task just ahead, it's a make it or break it elimination quite literally, because only 2 can be put into the final edition of the first season.

Moving on...


Kimberly: I love this! I know it's New York as soon as I see it, the background at first glance kind of annoys me too... It is extremely blurry and choppy in some places, so you could have worked a bit on clearing that up. The graphic though is gorrgeoooousss! Like, pretty much flawless. You could have highlighted the hair a bit more, but other than that, I love it!.. 9/10.

Amanda: Really good choice for the clothes, your graphic technique is still recognizable and so the medoll looks really good. But as for the background I would say that it's kind of messy. I really like the idea! But, I would first have done the statue, broadway and the flag in graphic to see what it could be 100% in graphics. As I said, I really appreciate the idea of putting so much New York inspirations like that, but it ruins the idea of just putting them as a real background. 8/10!

ANON GD: Wow! Absolutely amazing! love the pose! The background is omg wow! The shading is perfectó! I'm not sure about the outfit, It would of better if we could see a bit of blue in the outfit to represent the flag which you have partly done. I really love it, I love how different your models and faces are from other graphic designers. They are always cute and real life inspired.I like the hair, the colour co-ordination of this graphic is spot on, the only thing I'd really criticise is the neck, you should really work on collarbones and necks.Overall I think you did amazingly well, I wish I was you!.. 10/10.


Amanda: As a french girl, I have to say that you suceed making this Chanel suit, and so choose a model with dark hair and putting her a beret. It's really simple though, and maybe you could have added more things to this graphic, such as a more decorative background or you could have added some text, I don't know... something in french, why not? But it's still good, even if it's maybe too simple... 7/10.

ANON GD: It's very Coco Chanel and so classy. It reminds me of a 1920's french housewife, I love the clothes! I think you could of been more creative with the background and not of used a stardoll background, Or you could of added some more details or surroundings.I don't like the hair, It would of been better if you had designed a 20s classic 'marcel waves' hairstyle.The pose is okay, I think you could of had her sat on a bench or something.You can definately tell it's Parisian, Overall I think you did a really good job, well done!... 7.5/10

Kimberly: Maria, Maria! First of all, it is a very classy graphic, mostly everything is executed to almost perfection and the shading is very good overall. I dislike the hair quite a lot... It's so boring and unflattering. There is literally no shading or dimension there whatsoever. There isn't much going on.. I think it would have looked amazing if there was a little table and chairs set beside hair, with say a necklace draped over and a glass of wine or something on it. Just to make a little small French cafe-ish feel, you know? It is very nice though.. 7.5/10.


Amanda:  Big surprise! A perfect London lookbook! Only 3 graphics but so much talent showed on them. I don't have any bad critiques to make. The brands choices are so good, I love Stella McCartney, Burberry and of course Alexander McQueen, so you couldn't have been so closer to my favorite brands. The style is so well done, you really chose the best clothes to work with. And of course the models are way well chosen too! Well done... 9/10

"The Fierce N' Colorful Look"
Kimberly: I applaud you for giving us a whole triage of looks that forms this task. The fact that you chose to make a lookbook in general is very well thought about. The looks represent different styles you may find in London. The first one being very laid back, casual and colourful. The second and my personal favourite, being a modern green blazer with a sheer polka dot shirt, and the third being a very classy suit type look with them gorgeous trousers! Try making the hairlines higher up, it almost looks like they have no forehead sometimes, and you could possibly try creating more length in the neck as it can sometimes look quite short. You could have used different backgrounds but I'm not sure if even that would have worked.. Seriously bravo! A lovely entry Lindsey.. 9.5/10.

"The Classy and Fabulous Look"
ANON GD: Wow! amazing! I love your concept! I could tell it was London within two glances. I think it would of stood out more if it would of been one page like the other girls as I don't know where to look for the best page.I would of loved to of seen an different scene in each page like the london eye, a red phonebox and a buckingham palace soldier... I really dislike the heads and necks of your graphics, they look so awkward and stiff. The heads are way too close to the shoulders, In high fashion shoots, that would never be allowed, you have to use your neck's length as much as you can.The last thing i'm going to criticise is the hair, your hairlines on graphic are so unrealistic, they are too far down the head which looks really cartoon-ish.But overall Lindsey the skin shading is amazing as usual, please just practise on the hairlines and necks.. 8/10.

"The Laid-Back Street Style Look"




  1. Wow amazing graphics from both Kasey and Maria :) Loved it!

  2. Ahh! The big moment comes so soon! I'm excited and scared, but I'm also very happy to of made it this far! Congrats to everyone:)

  3. Wow! Great work everyone =)
    Can't wait for Part 2!!!

    Love K xxx