Wednesday, 6 June 2012

TASK SIX - Fashion Capitals

Only 3 girls remain and 2 tasks to go, it's getting close now, who will be the winner?...

TASK 6: You will each be given a fashion capital to portray in your graphic. This task requires you to research up on that cities fashion and background. I'm also interested in backgrounds this time, try and either re-create the scenery of your specific city or find a Stardoll background, your choice. I want to be able to know which city the graphic is portraying on first glance, good luck girls!

MARIA: Paris/France

LINDSEY: London/Great Britain

KASEY: New York/United States

Go for it, I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Check out if any specific designers are from there and maybe use their designs, or just use designs that represent that city. This is a really original task, so I want you to work it girls.

DEADLINE: 15th June 2012.


  1. Great task!

    Btw, can you update the SCORES column? ;]
    The one on the left.

  2. Ooo, London is a great place for fashion, and one of my dream places to go, so this will be a very fun task ;) I will start it later today, and can't wait to see the other contestant's work!

  3. this task looks sooooo fun, wish i was still in :(