Tuesday, 5 June 2012

TASK FIVE - Results


Kimberly: This is so beautiful. If there's one thing I would have done, it would have been to highlight/shade/add colour to the face more, but that is it. I adore the bracelets though, they are amazing!  Well done Maria, you've really outdone yourself this time... 9.5/10.

Linda: This cover looks really great!  Your shading is nearly perfection. The neck is better than other. I’m dying over those bracelets and the entire outfit, looks amazing. As a magazine cover it could be a little boring. You could’ve added some fake headlines, and etc... 9/10.

Second Place: Martusia_144

Kimberly: So, you sent in three entries, two of which I really liked, the other not so much. I really love your ELLE cover in general, the overall look is really nice and the purple is fresh, though I prefered the graphic on the other cover, MODE. The text on Mode was pretty messy too. If you were to put better writing on the cover of Mode you could have easily came first. Well done though, especially for giving three entries... 9/10.

Linda: Wow, I must say you’ve outshine the other contestants this week! Submitting two covers prove that you want to be Stardoll’s Next top Graphic Designer way more than the others. I love the pose, the shaking is lovely the only thing bothering me is the neck. The hair is also amazing. As a magazine cover I felt you did an amazing job on the graphic, but when choosing font for a magazine it is important to only use 2-3 fonts per page.(On to Elle Magazine) *Picks up mouth off the ground* Amazing. Perfection. I love everything from the rings, hair, nose, dress, shaking, fonts, the placement of “Summer Edition!” everything beside the neck again. But I’m sure you could work on that for your next task... 10/10!

Third photo: LoveGossip4Life

Kimberly: Once again a gorgeous design Lindsay. It looks extremely proffesional though it does not have that stand out factor that alot of your previous entries have had. It is a very beautiful graphic, but it's not showstopping, so to say... 8/10.

Linda: Well, the outfit is a lovely ready to wear piece. If I were to purchase a magazine called Couture Magazine I was going to picture the cover being very edgy with maybe a haute couture outfit. Only reason I mention that is because though this is a graphic competition the challenge was to create a magazine cover and I’d be very confused looking at this. Now to the graphic, I don’t like the shading on the majority of the body. It makes the model look… dirty. She also has no neck which makes her look uncomfortable and odd. I do like the hair a lot though... 8/10.

ELIMINATED: Hollyoaksrocks*

Linda: Don’t like it. Everything is off. The hands look odd, the shading looks terrible, and I have no clue whats going on with those boobs/random semi circles placed on the medolls chest. Since this weeks challenge was a cover of a magazine, if I was to have seen this at a newsstand in time squared I would’ve covered it up with another magazine.  The only thing I like about your graphic is your font... 4/10.

Kimberly: This cover really doesn't represent a summer issue.It's very dark, but maybe that's what you were going for with the name Cliché, I don't know. I personally hate making black garments because it's so hard to shade and highlight and you didn't suceed. The cheekbones are... meh. You need to use more layers with your shading, too much highlight! I don't really like the fact you used yourself as a model either... 5/10.

Congratulations on making it so far Khol,you've really excelled in originality and you have improved a ton, although this week was a step down, you really proved you could work it last time. I wish you the best of luck in further competitions and whatever you choose to do, well done.

Task 6 will be posted tommorow... xo


  1. Phew, I was this close to being eliminated *wipes sweat from forehead

    Yeah, I think I did much worse from my previous entries, I'm going to be working on a new technque for the next entry possibly, but either way, I'm so happy for Kasey and Maria! Both were extremely stunning!

    Although if I were to choose the top entry, it'd definitely be Kasey's entry :)

  2. YAY! Finally I won the task!
    I just adore the other entries, good work, girls! :)

    1. Oh right, this is your first top photo! Congrats to that Maria, yours was so amazing!

  3. Awhhh, thanks Lindsey:) I loved yours! It was simply beautiful! Thanks so much for giving me another chance in this competition! Everyone did amazingly!:D I'm so excited for the next task!

  4. They are all so great. I think you guys should do a group effort that'd be nice to see you guys come together!

  5. Thanks so much Kim for the opportunity, I loved taking part, it was so fun, I'm sure it did not state it had to to summery, but oh well, love you nika, erm good luck to Maria, Lindsey and Kasey but I'm routing for Kasey! I'll be sticking by for support

    Oh and Linda, 2 words; Fuck You

    Khol X

  6. It's a shame that Khol's eliminated! Although her techniques are a little worse, her actual designs and creativity are my favorite! She's so innovative and I love how artistic what she does looks!
    Can't wait to see the beautiful graphics that come from round 6!


  7. @Nikhol
    I love your comment, it made my day.

  8. Think I just died when I saw your entry Maria - it's amaaaaaaaazing!

    Love K xxx

  9. If you are wondering why I said that, look at my comment on the post about me at 'the antagonist'