Wednesday, 18 July 2012

TASK ONE - Elimination

Hello everyone and welcome to Season 2 SNTGD's first elimination. We did infact recieve all tasks, which does infact mean there will be an elimination. Well done to everyone participating and good luck to all!

Call Out Order:


Kimberly: For a first task this is very strong! The resembalence to ChloƩ is outstanding and I love the way everything ties together as a whole. I absolutely love your clothing choices, and although I think the skirt shading could be worked on slightly, this is still a very strong start... Well done! 9/10.

Maggie: 10/10... Instantly I loved this graphic, I loved how you made the girls shade according to the light source, I love the shading of the clothing and the hands, the hair – although a bit dull – compliments the serene sophistication of Chloe. The choice of clothes, the background, and your overall execution followed the instructions perfectly, catching the essence of Chloe instantly. Heck, its only after I found out it was Chloe did I look at the inspiration you had. 

Lindsey: To be honest, I was a bit disapointed with this entry. I already know you have the capability to make amazing graphics, but with you, I'm concerned that you don't produce that "spark" in graphics. While I love the shading (in basically every part of the graphic), and the resemblance to Chloe is remarkable, I think you need to work on that "wow" factor. Go out of your comfort zone, I know you are capable! Other than that, I truly did love your graphic, and perhaps my favorite out of the rest of the entries... 9/10.

 Kimberly: I can tell this is Sonia Rykiel, but perhaps the connection isn't quite strong enough! I love the shading on everything really, although the thing that bugs me is the lack of a merge between the background and medoll. It looks as though you just plonked her on there, and although I don't think it detracts much from the graphic in general, it is something to work on for next time... 8/10. 
Findurlove: 8/10 Ok so I like the scenery, the people sometimes do distract me. On to more pressing matters, I like that in a way the pants are too shaded, I mean, just to get the perplexity of the pants I need to take a minute and look at them and ignore the other garments. So my point is, you should’ve chosen something simpler but also something that screams Sonia Rykiel. The hair also needs work, I mean the hair extending from the scalp [or the split] is fabulous, but working with curls is tricky, and somehow it didn’t work out that much. I love the shading of the skin, the styling, and the makeup though.
Lindsey: I'm literally speechless... your graphic is literally mind-blowing! The detailing you put into your graphic is amazing, and the effort you put into this task is fabulous! Despite all this amazing effort put into your graphic, I think I'm most stunned that I haven't heard of your work before SNTGD. If I were to critique you, I think you need to work on the Sonia Rykiel factor of this graphic-- her designs are definitely out of this world, creatively ingenious, and in your graphic? I couldn't see that factor. Next time, try to be more in the lines of the theme, so people don't have to guess what you are trying to portray. Overall, I think you had a fabulous job even though you have some things to work on, but I'm sure you'll be staying for at least a few more tasks, I see true potential. Great job... 9.5/10!


Maggie: 8/10 The thing I love about this graphic is that its fun, the apparel on the model, the colors, the accessories, I love the tone changes and I love the authenticity of the shoes. The thing that isn’t working for me is the shading across the knee and the elbow not to mention the lifeless bracelet. Also, the more I examine the fingers the more I notice it looks a bit awkward especially the joint-shade area. The overall impression I had of the graphic is that the shading of the body (and especially the clea***e) was done spectacularly.

Lindsey: I've actually never have heard of Marc Fast before, so I had to do some researching to see what I should expect in your graphic. May I say, your outfit represented the designer's work spot on! While the dress should be better worked on with its shading (mainly the skirt portion), I think you had the right idea when taking on task one. Shading on the skin is pretty good, although I think you shouldn't shade as heavy in the "joint" areas if you know what I mean. Overall, fabulous job, and I love the hair.. like a lot... 8/10.
Kimberly: I can definitely tell it's Mark Fast and I love the coloured effect you have done. I'm really not sure on the execution of the skirt as it sort of looks like you've taken the dodge tool and drawn a line through the skirt. I feel like you need more shading on your skin, as it somewhat looks plastic. I would however, if I seen this in a magazine, be drawn straight to it! 7/10.

Kimberly: I really love this! You clearly put in so much effort with the background, clothes and the two models! I'm not really fond of the colours, and the streak in the hair is a bit off, but this graphic is definitely a stand out one! 7/10.

Maggie: 7/10 So my biggest concerns with your graphic are that first, the hair. It seems like you over-shade it, in the way that it looks unrealistic, plus, the perspective is kind of off. Additionally, the pink streak of hair comes out of nowhere, and I would’ve preferred it to have been lightly blend into the brown hair and slowly change to the pink you used. Second, the shading that separates the model’s jaw from the neck for both models is off, it makes it look like her head extends magically to form the the shade has to be there to show the gap. Other than that, I love the shading of the clothes, the choice of clothes and the background you chose. 

Lindsey: WOW! Look at all those details in the outfits! That's the first thing I noticed when looking at your graphic. I love how much effort you put into the tiniest of things, and put the extra step into creating your own background! I think it would've helped a bit if you maybe hinted in a prada logo into one of the bags, or in the background, but that's just an idea. I think you have lots of room for improvement despite the extra work you put into the details and whatnot. The hair need work on, and your face shading definitely isn't very attractive... I'd like to see you put some extra work on faces, it looks rushed, and I'm not very fond of the cheekbones. Never the less, you've done amazing work for a first task, great job... 8.5/10.


Kimberly: This genuinely could have been so much stronger; but it doesn't have that WOW factor you look for in ad campaigns which designers put out to showcase their products. The thing is, I love everything about this graphic really, apart from the face and hair. Some shading and effort in the medoll's face is lacking, and I don't think the pink hair goes with the rest of the graphic. Well done though, you could easily get top photo next time... 7.5/10.
Maggie: 8/10 I love the originality of the pose, the slightly leaned back, the shading of the apparel and the skin, the hair looks sort of awkward. I know there wasn’t an emphasis on the background given the task, but I was wondering what brought up her sitting on a stool in the middle of an empty shed? Anyway, the shoes look sort of the one at the back has a perfect shape and shading though.
Lindsey: First, lets start with the good things... you've portrayed Proenza Schouler very good, the outfit you've made can definitely be related with the designer. The pose is something new, so I think that was a good move too. My problem with this graphic? You definitely need to work on shading throughout the graphic, and I'd like to see more face shading as well. The shoes look kind of weird too, so I'd be cautioned again-- if something looks to complicated to make, I say try it for another day-- there's a difference between taking a risk, and taking too many risks. I think you've made a lovely graphic, but I'm not sure if its enough to get through you the first few tasks... 6/10.


Lindsey: At first glance, I honestly can't tell its Alexander McQueen until I realize the McQueen logo and the Armadillo Heels. I'm not quite a fan of nude graphics, though the "Nude Style" has been around for years in stardoll graphics.When I think of McQueen, I think high fashion, outrageous-yet-it-totally-works wild fashion, but just not a naked model prancing around in Armadillos. While there is work for improvement on the theme, not to mention a bit more shading on skin, I still like the concept, and your interpretation for Alexander McQueen is quite unique.. 6.5/10.
Maggie: 6/10 The thing is, I had a love/hate reaction to the graphic given the task. I mean one thing’s for I would’ve taken this graphic way more seriously if the inspiration at hand. It seems like you kind of took the easy way out, given the complexities of a lot of McQueen’s outfits, it would’ve made it harder to come up with the details, but opting with just shoes is understating the fashion forwardness of Alexander McQueen. Stellar job with the shading and minimalistic background, the hair – albeit creative – is kind of distracting. Overall, good job, you just need to give more time towards making an overall satisfying graphic…
Kimberly: First off, I'll put it out there; I really dislike the medoll and hair, the face just seems blurry and messy. I was however, actually expecting clothes. Ad campaigns are there to sell you items, you look to see if you like the clothes, and with a nude campaign you are unable to do that. Maybe risky dressers will look anyway, because they see the shoes and the fact there is a nude model, though I still don't see this is a 'WOW' shot. The shading on the skin is good however, so just little things to work on for next time.. 6/10.

Kimberly: What happened Joselyne? I know you can do SO much better than this! I like the bag, hair and background, although slightly blurry. I don't really understand what is going on with that extremely dark shading on the skin and the dress' shading is slightly odd as well. I know you can do better... 5/10.

Lindsey: I was quite upset seeing your graphic, especially seeing the improvement with your graphic skills throughout the year or so. The hair is possibly my only thing I like in your graphic, the rest... meh. The head seem* **tra large, and the dress is not properly shaded, just has brush strokes lining down the dress. The shading on the skin isn't very well either, it just looks rushed. Last season, it took me at least ten hours per graphic, but your graphic looks like it was done in under an hour. I'm worried for you, I really am... 5/10.

Maggie: The thing with this graphic is that it doesn't look appealing, it doesn't make me want to buy the dress. I love the colours, but nearly everything could have been executed better. The dress shading is basically just strokes of black and white and the skins is too dark, looking almost barbie like... 5/10.

Kimberly: Oh wow, that doll looks rough. I don't even see Balmain whatsoever... The thing is, I know you can do so much better. Last season Chloe got eliminated because she was quite a lot better than most but didn't put in the effort to rise above them. You can't just sail through not putting in effort.. I like the dress though, some studs or chains or something of that esque would be nice though... 4/10.

Maggie: 5/10 To be honest the model looks very disgusting. The dress is I like how the dress flows at the bottom even though the torso is slightly awkward due to the almost negligible shading. The hair needs a bit more volume, slightly better shape on the split [scalp area] and the shading on the skin needs a lot of work. Specifically, the Clavicle is neglected, so is the neck area. The knee has close to no shading at all so the leg looks completely flat, and the left foot enters the shoe at a curve, with no shading [for the ankle area] also the model’s shadow is overstretched, perhaps that was the intention but it doesn’t help your case either ways.

Lindsey: Oh, my dear Elle! I was waiting to see your first task, and with what I got, I was a bit disappointed. I love your graphics, but this one seems like you took a step back. It is fairly blurry, and the shading isn't great either. The collarbone looks very unoriented, and not very realistic. Also the hands seem to be out of portion with the dress, like half way "inside" the dress or something. On the bright side, You portrayed Balmain very well, a hint of glamour, edge, and just well-- awestrucking... I like seriously want that dress now! Haha, good job!..  6/10.

Lindsey: This is definitely one of the weaker graphics of this task. It was very frustrating, since I really have a pet peeve of blurry graphics. The shading wasn't great either, but I'm sure that will improve with time. I really do think you have potential, but you definitely need to work on lots of things. Out of all the graphics, yours probably resembles your selected designer the best. Balenciaga is a relaxed-yet-sets-a-statement, which your outfit portrays. Good job, I really hope you get a second chance to redeem yourself... 5/10 .

Maggie: 5/10 First, the hair is kind of unrealistic in the sense that it looks dull, not shaded, I can see some shading but it's not realistic. The torso also is very unrealistic, the baggy shirt – which has disproportionate and also unrealistic shades – does not provide a figure to the to be honest, it kind of makes her utterly repulsive. The belt is very stiff, and the fingers are too small, and the arm itself is too small. I like shoes though.
Kimberly: I chose you because I thought you had the potential to improve, and although this isn't a strong graphic it still looks like as though you made an effort. But effort isn't enough when all the other designers are miles ahead of you, and I don't know if you'll be able to catch up in the ranks.. 4/10.

 This was a tough decision, but I'm sorry, Maria (mgirl07) is eliminated. I fear that you can't keep up with the other designers. Maybe next season you will be level, and compete again. Thank you for participating. Well done to the other girls!! Task 2 will be posted tommorow.


  1. that was a close one! i definitely think i didn't put much thought into my graphic and i should have thought of other alternative ideas first instead of jumping straight in. thank you for your comments though i will take them into consideration and use them to hopefully create a better graphic for the next task

    also well done lige!

    1. Although you were 6th you were quite far ahead of the bottom three! No worries about that.

      Can't wait to see your next task!

    2. yeah i'm definitely more aware of what i need to deliver in the next task after hearing your critique, thank you!

    3. Love your attitude towards the critique. I firmly believe that with that attitude, winning this competition is not that far-fetched.

    4. ignoring and denying critique would get me nowhere! you take your time out to study, examine and criticise my graphic in a constructive manner so the least i can do is take it all on board and use it to excel in the competition

  2. Lige's was amazing. She definitely deserved top. All the entries were quite good for the first round. :)

  3. To be honest I agree with everything you said and I hope I'll be better at the next task :)

  4. Wow! I came 3rd place! I'm happy with my feedback, but the only thing I don't think you understood was that my graphic wasn't supposed to look realistic, it was supposed to be like a 2D print, but overall, yay!, can't wait to start task 2! :)

  5. Lige's entry was stupendous!

    THE2GLAMS hair was beautiful and ROCKINELLEE dress is sooo stunning!

  6. Thank you all! I loved all the other entries, and I agree with Lindsay, this graphic and most have no spark, I think chloe can be a tad bland though? Anyway, Thanks for the comments ox

    1. I said that because I think you really do have potential to win (although I don't think its fair to point any fingers to who I think will win), and I'd love to see something completely unexpected from you! Your graphics usually portray the more softer, and warmer side of graphics, and I'd love to see you try to do something "wild" or something! :)

      Opposite goes for Jack, I'd love to see him try doing your style of graphics, since most of his graphics are hard core, and "risque"

    2. i actually would like to challenge myself by doing a softer more relaxed graphic, it would help to broaden my horizons and try new things so yeah expect to be seeing less hardcore work from me haha

  7. Thank you for letting me participate in this competition. I was sort of expecting this, because I know my graphics need a lot of work and improvement. I deserved the scores I got, maybe even less than that. But maybe I will try again in the next cycle if my graphics will be better by that time.

    All the other contestants' entries were amazing! Good luck to all of you in the next tasks!

    I have only one question: I sent in two entries, and in my opinion the second was better than the first. Did you leave it out because you thought the first was better or because the link was invalid or a technical problem like that? It looked like this:


  8. I will try a lot harder in the next round. Thanks for the critiques! :D

  9. These were all So Good! I cannot wait to see the next round

  10. Your entry literally made me die Lige! It's soooooo good! It's perfect and I wish for my graphics to be as great as yours one day!

    Love K xxx

    1. Thanks, yours have improved muchly! I need to improve though, with a spark it could be much much better

  11. I'm in love with Lige's photo! And LilyCrawford's graphic screams Sonia Rykiel!

    I also think that RALLUCCA99 should have got a higher spot, her graphic was much better, probably 3rd or 4th spot would do... On the other hand, Jack's graphic is more Lady Gaga than McQueen although it's well made.

    Well done to all of you for trying, graphics are very hard to do and I know that well enough as I'm still trying to learn how to make them. So excited about task 2!

    Routing for Lige and RALLUCCA99!