Thursday, 19 July 2012

TASK TWO - Themes

A graphic can be sweet, daring or fierce; you decide when creating it. So for this task I am going to give you an idea and you must transform this into a graphic. This is what happens in the real world of graphic design, you get clients and you must create what they want. Let's see if you can handle it.

LadyGagaMcqueen & Freeduck___ - Girly; Lots of pinks and a soft face, with simple posing. I'm looking for lots of detail in the outfit. Try not to use any dark colours such as black and keep to whites, pinks and corals as we still want it to look fresh. Water or beach backgrounds could go well with this theme.

Lige07 & RockinEllee - Fierce; I really want yous to step out your comfort zone and take the next step. We need that wow factor and that fierce factor that we know you can give.Try to experiment with backgrounds as well, we don't want the generic beach or plain backgrounds.

Hollyoaksrocks* & LilyCrawford - Wintery; We want to see you two make a beautiful Winter graphic. Remember the stunning editorials from Eternity and Fierce from their December Issues? Whether wrapped up in beautiful coats or posing by the fireplace, show us what you've got.

rralucaa1996 & The2Glams - Beach; It's the Summer months right now so why not make a beach graphic. Remember Lily Rose's, when the water was splashing off her, and the doll was glowing in the sunlight, that's what we want. Experiment with water brushes, and design your most gorgeous bikini!

Any queries, once again, just ask in the comments.
DEADLINE: 27th July; Sooner would be appreciated.


  1. this is gonna be tough considering i REALLY have to step out of my comfort zone but i'm never one to turn down a challenge

    good luck everybody!

  2. Do we have to use our own medolls again?

  3. Love this task! The style of graphics for each graphic designer is definitely different from their usual style! I'm especially excited to see what Jack will do for this task-- his style is definitely different than girly ;P

    1. haha oh believe me i have a feeling i will surprise you all!

  4. Great task! Excited to see Jack's as well haha, good luck everyone!

  5. About the "girly" one: Girls don't have to like pink. Take me, for instance, my favourite colours are 1. Red, 2. Blue, 3. Purple, 4. Orange and 5. Yellow.
    But anyway, I can't wait to see all the entries. I love graphics and lots of different styles. :-)

  6. Jack? A girly graphic? Hehehe this will be interesting... ;)