Thursday, 2 August 2012

TASK TWO - Results


Kimberly: This is absolutely flawless. I would have liked to seen a background or torso of some sort, however, the black does look fierce enough. You've really outdone yourself this week however I am slightly confused by the random line of shading down the model's forehead... 10/10.

Lindsey: Oh my... I'm in a loss for words. I cannot explain how amazed I am at your mind-blowing graphic, none the less the fierceness (hence the word "fierce") of your graphic. Everything is nearly flawless, and if I were to stumble across your graphic at an art fair, I would have thought a professional graphic artist had made it, and that's saying something. The skin is shaded to pefection, and the way you approached it added that mysterious affect to the graphic. I applaud you, this has to be your best graphic yet. Besides everything being amazing, I think you should work on the face shading a bit. There is a random shadow in the middle of the model's face, and the nose has an odd shape to it as well, but hey, noses are probably one of the hardest facial features to recreate. Well done, 10/10.

Maggie: 8/10 Again one of the great features of this graphic is that you designated a source of light and used that to build on the great shading technique you have. The thing is, the background was so plain, if I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought you went with a simple black background, but, the task asked for a more elaborate background, of course you didn’t go with something generic, but you didn’t wow us with hard-wood floor either. The other big concern is the shading of the left arm; I think the shadow cast by the gloves wouldn’t reach to the extent that it’s practically opaque black.  

Kasey: I found the Spark! It was missing in the first round, but it is here! I love how fierce and wild this graphic presents itself! This is fantastic. I foudn one flaw in your graphic though and it seems to be presented in all your graphics. While you do very good hair, your shading always seems so blocky. I think you use a polygonal lasso tool for that, but when you shade your hair, try to hand draw your lassos. It creates flow and helps with organization. Besides that, this is pretty mush flawless. 9/10!

2ND PLACE: Freeduck___

Kimberly: Ok, so you aren't ranked second because this is the second best graphic-wise, although it still is very good, but you are because you are known for darker graphics, well, everything dark in general, and this graphic really takes a risk for you. The concept is good, it's well though out, it's not show stopping but it's fun and playful and I really like it. I would work on the clothing shading slightly because it's a bit bare, but very nice.. 8/10.

Lindsey: I'm so happy to see that you've accomplished something this big! You've finally escaped that fiercesome aspect of your graphics, and changed it into something more feminine like-- I for sure had a smile on my face knowing that you can accomplish any style of graphic. The lighting also is really neat, it brings out the graphic even more, and the shopping bags and dog were some nice touches too. Even though the hair is simple, its fine since its easy and looks good (as long as its highlighted and shaded properly). Next time, I'd like to see you adding some patterns to your outfits, maybe a striped skirt, something simple, but it brings out the graphic even more since your outfit was a bit plain. Also, next time, work on making the faces not as blurry, this time the face was very pixely, and blurry. Never the less, fabulous job, 7.5/10

Maggie: 5/10 I see the femininity in the graphic, in the soft colors, in the serene background, in the shopping bags and in the cute little Chihuahua you incorporated into the graphic.  However you failed to read the task incorrectly. You went with an overly simple outfit, when we asked for details. I mean, you went with a simple pose, a simple concept and a seemingly simple background – which was asked of you. The reason behind asking for all this simplicity is so we can see your dexterity with the outfit’s details, which you didn’t display in this task. On another note, the shading looks great!

Kasey: Okay, wow! this is awesome! For someone who hasn't been doing graphics long, you should be very proud. PLUS you went out of your comfort zone and it paid off well! Those arms are pretty well shaded, but the hair could use some work. Details in hair are VERY important, otherwise, they look like big clumps of color. I also noticed a shopping bag without handles. It looks like part of the skirt, which makes the model look shorter, which could be good or bad. My advice, try slightly heavier shadows and highlights. It'd make a world of difference. But fantastic job! 8/10!

3RD PHOTO: RockinEllee

Kimberly:  Wow, what an improvement from your first task! Okay, first thing first, I love this dress! The gradient, filtered, rough effect looks great and I would totally buy this in real life if I got the chance; Fierce! I really like the skin shading on this one, you have the right idea!... Though the collar bone does slightly look like a random line on the body the background and hair are very nice. Moving on, I don't like the face. I think side faces are very hard to do because it's so easy to cram all the features together and make the face look somewhat dead and expressionless; which is something you have done...7/10.

Kasey: Oh lord, this reminds me of one of my graphics! We shade very similarly and I just got a big dose of DeJa Vu! This is very well created and shows you have immense talent, but it needs to be applied more. It seems you still stay in your safe zone when it comes to clothing. I would love to see you shine through and make something different other than skirts and dresses:) While their good, they're safe and sometimes that isn't always the best. The firece aspect of this graphic can be seen through the dress and amazing background, but not through the model. She seems -I don't know- windy? Probably soemthing you could work on would be facial features and making an expression in a graphic. But amazing job! 8/10..

Lindsey: I love this graphic, while shading could be improved throughout the graphic, you've got the right idea. The red lips are a great touch, it adds to the fierce aspect of the graphic. The dress is very neat, I love the pattern, and the shape of it is well sha*** *ut. The side-view was a good touch as well, even though you have lots to work on in the face. Next time, I want to see you work on the collarbones, they've always appeared strange, and just look as if they are "floating" randomly on the chest. The hair is pretty good, so props to that! I'd like to see more from you next time, I felt as it there was something missing from the graphic, and there isn't a ton of feedback I feel like I can give you. Good effort! 6.5/10

Maggie: 7.5/10 This graphic was a much better example of your talents than your last one, for starters, the dress/top is to die for, If this was an ad I would go and buy it instantly! However, the biggest problem here is the fact that your background looks so normal, I would’ve wished you experimented on a more lively background. The mouth looks very disoriented, by that I mean the top lip is almost a straight curve. On another note, I love the shading of the hair, but in my opinion it lacked volume.


4TH PHOTO: Hollyoaksrocks*

Lindsey: I quite liked your graphic, your shading has improved dramatically since the last task! I especially love your hand shading for some reason, and you should take that as a compliment-- hands are perhaps one of the hardest parts of any graphic, and this time you've succeeded. I love your outfit, I'm not sure if both the dress and cape are from stardoll (did you recreate the cape?), but they still have that eye-catching effect none the less. The hair is still weak, which you have yet to improve more on, but I'm sure with more practice, it'll come as easy as a spring breeze to you. You also need to work on theme, since the outfit doesn't exactly scream winter to me, it appears more as a fierce outfit, which was not your task. Good job, I loved this one! 8.5/10...

Maggie: 7/10 There are a couple of points I want to discuss here. First, the pose is too simple. When thinking about winter, the first thing we’d expect would be a background much like yours, and warm clothes like yours. One of the main factors that would give you an edge given your task was to construct a pose that is classy yet daring – unlike yours which is just having her hands on her hips. Second, the wrist and fingers look unrealistic because you didn’t shade them appropriately to show the carpal bones (wrist and knuckles).Other than that the shading of the arms and neck look fabulous. 

Kasey: My only question is, did you make that cape, because I notice the ribbon is exactly the same as it is on Stardoll. I honestly don't like it when graphic designers use Stardoll clothing, but that's just me. You were told to make a winter-y type graphic, but this doesn't seem like winter. The dress doesn't fit the bill here. Yeah, she's wearing a cape, and it's snowing outside, but this seems cold, restricted and empty.  This is a fashion editorial type graphic. It is merely to showcase the outfit, but that wasn't part of the directions. 5/10.

Kimberly: This may be Wintery but the only thing that shows it is the background. It's quite a cold winter graphic, doesn't really show the warmth, or wrapping up, or anything Wintery really. However the skin shading and hair are great, I love the model!  Not too keen on the Stardoll coat and dress, but if it made the quality of the graphic better in general so be it, 7/10.

5TH PLACE: LadyGaGaMcQueen


Kimberly: I really like this graphic and the whole concept behind it, but I just feel as though almost everything could be executed better. The furniture is very good and I admire you made it, but the doll lacks definition; it just doesn't stand out. I love the cloud idea but it looks messy. I love your concepts, but I think you need to spend more time getting it to the highest quality you can.. The details are nice though!... 7/10.

Kasey: While this is a fantastic idea, and I love the colors, the way it's presented falls short of any high expectations that were placed in your favor. I'm just going to come out and say it, the whole thing is poorly shaded. It reminds me of a child coloring out of the lines. I know it's harsh, but hey, you did amazing in some past graphics and I feel let down here. That cloud is messy and quite frankly- ugly. The model looks bored and you can barely make out the difference between her hand and her neck. You were asked for detail in the outfit and simple posing, so you failed to meet some of the criteria placed in your subject. 4/10.

Lindsey: Oh my, look at all these details! You seemed to be up for a couple of extra hours putting in those extra steps. I love that you really pay good attention to details, which most graphic designers fail to do, they just want to rush and finish the graphic, where I can tell you really take your time. Other than the amazing details, I was a bit disapointed from you. The shading in pretty much everything is very poorly done, but I'll admit, the limited shading in the thought bubble is unique, and I actually like it. It kind of gives your graphic that "cartoony" feeling you'd see in a comic strip. I'm sure that's not what you were going for, but that's how it appears to me. I think you need to work on shading in clothing, background, face and hair. Other than that, I'm so happy to see another custom background, its lovely! 6/10

Maggie: 5/10 My first concern here is that one of the key components of your task was to give details to the outfit your model wears in the graphic. Whereas your outfit has such a simple design, no pattern no details. Also, the graphic looks faded out, I mean I would’ve gone for a more bright color scheme for this particular task. Also, I would’ve chosen another model, especially since this one has such a depressed look on its face – but it worked with the contemplative look you were going for. A big problem – also – was with the shoes, but I think the reason why is pretty self-explanatory. Otherwise, great work on the shading.

BOTTOM TWO: The2glams & rralucaa1996

Kimberly: I like how your technique is different but I just don' tthink the background works. The clouds are too low and the water looks quite unrealistic. I love the bikini, hair, face in general. However skin is something you need to work on. It's like you've just used two layers of really dark opacity, whereas it should be more of a blend of lower opacities. The collar bone is quite realistic, and looks too defined for the body..5/10.

Kasey: Let's start with the background. The clouds are great, but those thick lines are unnecessary. The "ocean" looks like air expelling out of nowhere and simply looks like a dark blue sky. The thing with me and your graphics is that, although you have good ideas, those lines ruin it all for me. Your collarbones aren't good. They're deep and disproportional. Your lack of highlights are also a problem. You've got dark shading, but no light shading. It isn't balanced, which is a major problem in most graphic designers. Focus on balance. For every shadow, a highlight should accompany. 4/10.

Maggie: 5/10 The two biggest problems I had with the graphic were the collar bone and the background. The collar bone and its adjoining neck shading is out of place, in that they are too far down and to an extend the collar bones are smaller than I would’ve expected. The background was a disappointment because your attempt at waves failed, it just looks like curves on the sea; and the clouds look as if they were ground level; I would’ve preferred it to be more elevated and scattered rather than have those 4 huge ones. I also think you could’ve given more thought into the design of the swimsuit, rather than opting with a normal purple bikini. The more details you include the more of your creativity we see!

Lindsey: Again, I'm really disappointed. You are a strong graphic designer, with weak entries. The water on the beach looks fake, and pose all together looks awkward. The collarbone is my main concern, it looks still and unrealistic. Once again, your hair doesn't fail to disapoint, and your bathing suit is pretty good looking too, but that's about the only good feedback I feel like I can give you. I know you can do so much better than this, but if you don't step up your game soon, you may be competiting in your last SNTGD task very soon. Please show me that awesome spunk in your graphics once again, I know you can! 5/10.

Maggie: 4/10 The graphic looks very rushed, the shading is almost negligible, the girl looks like she has a flat-chest. The shoulders area is huge and makes the girl look very awkward, and the shading and shape of the necklaces were done poorly. If only you had made a pose where I can see the swimsuit you designed then maybe I could’ve seen the details but with this pose it’s hard to focus on the swimsuit. Also the collar bones are unrealistic. Props for the great head-piece, the ocean and water spatter  though. 

Lindsey: On first glance, I'm in love. Then that's when I start to notice flaws. While I'm in love with the head wrap, and the accessories, you need to work on skin shading, including the face! Its appearing to be more of a trend to not shade faces as much, but I am a bit paranoid with that. It makes faces look flat, when really, the face is one of the most 3D features on a human body. I really dislike the collarbone, it is in a very awkward position, which is not acceptable. Other than that, I know you have the strength to proove yourself. I would have placed you last, but what you have that a few other people in this competition have is the special eye for detailing, and patterning. If you know what I mean, you add complex designs in your bathing suit, and head wrap, and that what adds to the wow factor of your graphic! I really do hope you make it through this round! 6/10

Kimberly: As lazy as this sounds, I agree with everything Lindsey has pointed out. The face needs shading, it is what draws you to a graphic. I think you chose the wrong face and skintone for this graphic, it should be tanned and smiling. Your skin looks very flat and I am disappointed, I know you can do ALOT better.. 5/10.

Kasey: Okay, wow. I can totally see the summer theme going on here! The colors work well with Manny's skin tone and the pose is very well proportioned. The thing is, I don't think Manny was a suitable model here. Her medoll's known for the serious modeling face, but this looks like a fun graphic. Maybe if the model was smiling, it would of worked more. Skin shading is also a problem. You've got an excellent idea of where muscles and shadows go, but you don't back it up with the darker tones. Shadows and highlights should be increased slightly in order to have a better visual image. Great job though. I applaud you for the energy this graphic exudes!:) 8/10!

I've had quite a tough decision deciding who is going to go, both of you,
I KNOW can create wonderful graphics, but sadly both of you failed to
show it with this weeks entry. Who stays?

I feel as though you have more to give, maybe this week was a slip up
or last week was just sneakily good, I need to see much more in the 
next round of you want to stay another week! The2glams, I'm sad to
see you go, however, I don't think you were able to keep up with 
some of the other competitors. Thank you for being a part of this cycle!

Task 3 will be up soon.


  1. I will work more on my next graphic. Especially on my shading technique and I'll choose the model more carefully. Thank you for giving me another chance. I am also glad that you liked the headpiece and the accessories. I wasn't sure about them.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You've twisted Kasey's words here.

      She says the cloud is "Quite frankly- Ugly" not the entire graphic, and all other judges agreed that the cloud was messy.

      Please just get the critique, learn from it and leave it at that.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I'm sorry if I offended someone, but I was stating my honest opinion:]

  3. congrats to lige...again! second place is a great achievement for me and i'm glad i stepped up so much from last time. thank you for your comments and overall positivity, can't wait to see what you have in store for us for the next task!

  4. I agree with Khol, that in a way... you Kasey doesn't seem to get professional critics. But, it's her opinion and graphics are subjectives, so I have no advices to tell her... she's the critic and so she decides what to say, let's move on, it's not a big deal, congrats to Lige!

    1. Thank you for understanding. I have nothing personally against you or any other graphic designer. I was just told to critique what I saw. You are an amazing graphic designer and I really wish I would of seen better, because I know you can do so much more! :)

  5. WOW! Lige did it again! His graphics are beyond the Stardoll stereotypes. I think that he could study graphic designing some day!

    I don't get why rralucaa1996 is in the bottom two. Her graphic is plain perfection to me...

    Congrats to everyone for the effort!

  6. The bottom two shocked me. 0.o I just didn't understand. Amanda, I love your graphic!

    1. It is good, but once you look closely you see alot of flaws.

  7. I was totally shocked when they were in the bottom two

  8. Wait, what happened to Monika (LilyCrawford)?

  9. I have to say, Kohl has really improved! Kudos to her.

    Everyone has done a great job in this round compared to the previous one, and Jack's completely shocked me, it was very good and out of his comfort zone.

    I just adored the graphic Marie made (not just because she used my doll, but that too), The color schemes and whatnot were excellent.

    everyone did amazing.

    @RockinEllee, She left Stardoll. A pity :(

  10. Hey, omg, thankyou all! The random shading in the middle of the face is the shadow from the hair/fringe onto the face

    1. You know, I was just about to say that... Haha! And I LOVE your graphic. Best I've ever seen!

  11. Flat chest? You have a problem with that? Not everybody has breasts like a cow.