Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A Change of Plans

So I bet you are all wondering "Why is Lindsey posting on SNTGD?" Well, I have some news, which may be good or bad news, depending on how you take it.

Anyhow, some of you might be aware that Kim is officially departing from stardoll, with a few exceptions here and there. With her departure, she's left behind all of her projects including Today's Top Trends, and of course, Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer. Unfortunately, TTT is just going to be left to collect dust (or at least I have been told), yet the ultra success story SNTGD is here to stay-- just one catch. Kim has asked me to manage the competition, where I (LoveGossip4life) am the head judge/co-owner of the competition.

I will continue to run the competition, but of course add a few changes here and there... relatively the contest will stay the same-- and of course continue to challenge those graphic artists. The elimination process will be the same, where the lowest score of the week is eliminated, but the season winner will be changed a bit.

While the highest scoring contestant did not apply to the previous season, I wanted to add a bit to the scoring aspect, since it only holds purpose for the basic elimination in ever task excluding the final task. I will ask multiple graphic artists to vote for whom they think should win out of the two final contestants, and that adds a single point to the person voted for. In the end, the person overall who recieves the most votes/points will win. I want to keep everything as fair as I can, and I don't want to create a favoritism-type of competition. 

Of course, if I add too much change to the competition, it will ruin its original purpose-- to challenge prominent graphic artists to their full potential, and scope out the best of the best. And also, getting to see a graphic or two from its owner is pretty thrilling too, if I may say.

Another topic I need to touch up on is the final prizes. Unfortunately, I cannot be as generous as Kim is in prize giving, but I'll definitely try my best. I've considered what I can provide, and here's so far what I can award the graphic artist who does manage to scope out first place in the competition.

PRIZES (these are not the final prizes, I will be asking for sponsors to provide a prize or two):
-250 stardollars
-A feature in Today's Top Trends (if I am still a "writer on a dead blog")
-A feature in HAUTE magazine (I'm not sure if I'm going to make a second issue yet)

And finally to conclude with this lengthy post, season two will still be continuing as planned, and I will contact the judges for their opinions on the task entries. Hopefully I can get the results posted as soon as tomorrow (Wednesday the 22nd).

I hope I can provide the same type of thrill-ment (is that even a word?) that Kim did. With that, have a wonderful rest of the day.



  1. kim will be missed but i'm sure handing over control of the contest to you was one of her many wise decisions. i can't wait for the competition to get back on track again and i hope you have some great tasks in store for us!

  2. wow i knew something was going to happen to this blog

  3. TTT won't be dead, it's just some people assume that.
    I will make posts on weekends, it's not just me anyway, there is other writers!

    Thank you Lindsey X