Friday, 24 August 2012

TASK THREE - Results

Although this season has been very hectic, I'm thrilled to see that SNTGD is still continuing, and none the less thrilled that I again get to be apart of it!

This week's task the contestants were told they had to create an advertisement of sorts featuring a certain item that stands out beyond all other things in their graphic. If you want to read the original task, read HERE. Each contestant did exceptionally well, but like all other tasks, one must go home. Before we reach that point, though, lets look at what the judges had to say.

Lindsey: My oh my, you've done it again! Congrats on three consecutive task wins. Everything is pretty much flawless here, although I personally did not see the spark in this graphic. You were supposed to be advertising a jacket, although the way you portrayed it made me just quite honestly turn away. You are truly talented, but I think again you need to work on following task rules a bit more, and creating that spark. Good job though, 9.5/10

Linda: Lige graphic is fine. I often feel he uses his reference picture too much, but this week it fine. The Jacket it pretty good. I love the shading, but I don't know if I focus completely on the jacket. 9.5/10

 Kasey: Oh, Lige, how you never fail to dazzle me! You truly have a gift and I honestly love this graphic. I'm not a big fan of the color, but because I think you used a reference photo, you stuck with the theme in the photo. I believe that if you made a bolder/lighter color choice for the jacket, it would of really made my eye move directly there. Even something as simple a beige would look fabulous! But, you still did excellent! 9/10!



SECOND PLACE; rralucaa1996
Lindsey: Wow, at first glance, I love this graphic! Unfortunately, I was very upset with your entry this time. You have so much talent, and I love that you can bring something unique to the table, but this time your graphic just didn't do it for me. Maybe because I don't think it was the makeup you would have been advertising, but maybe the hair instead... or maybe even the nail polish? Anyways, I do really admire you making a face, which is perfectly executed! Wonderful, 8/10.

Linda: I really like Marie's graphic. I enjoy the shading, etc. Only thing is, I'd never guess this was a makeup campaign. 8/10.

Kasey: Who did this piece of art?! It looks nothing like the style from the artist of the past task! It's beautiful! The shading is amazing and the pose of well put together. I think you hit the mark here! my only concern, and it's just a minor one, is the makeup...I see some very luscious lipstick, but because of the pose, whatever makeup that would of been there, is not. Still, fantastic job!! 8.5/10 :)


THIRD PLACE; Hollyoaksrocks*
Lindsey: Another great graphic from Khol! You've portrayed this task very well, and I just love love love your skin shading. It may be a bit too heavy in some places, but it seems to work for you. For next time, I'd work on the hair, and the clothing needs a bit more shading too! Lovely face though! 7.5/10

Linda: darling we meet again. I THINK IT IS TERRIBLE. Joking, you did a great job. One of the best this week for sure. The shading is fine, but I do feel the face and shoes need work. 9/10.

Kasey: Something I really like about this graphic is the pose. I love that pose. It looks original, so that's good. When I first saw this graphic, I looked at the clutch...then the shoes. The clutch is absolutely adorable and I wan* ** *o badly. The shoes, in my opinion, don't catch the eye compared to the subtle clutch. (that may be a contradiction, but that's what I believe) Great job on shading, though! You've improved a massive amount! 6.5/10!:)


FOURTH PLACE; lip0 (Freeduck__)
Lindsey: Believe it or not, this may be one of my favorite out of the task! I think you executed this task very well, and your hair is really improving! I think you now need to work on face shading, since in this graphic, there is hardly any face shading. Also, the skin shading is a bit darker than the face, which makes it look a bit awkward. The blue hair is so fierce though, 8/10.

Linda: Duck you graphic is fine, lovely hair. But it is so boring like you. 6/10.

Kasey:  Okay, This hair is gorgeous! I really love the bold color and the gentle style. It makes a statement and I think you best achieved the goal set. Though, you should work on shading a little more. Use that style and apply it in a way that makes the hair more realistic! You've really improved and you should be proud of that fact:) 8/10!


BOTTOM TWO; LadyGagaMcQueen and RockinEllee
Lindsey: Wow, this is an amazing piece from Amanda! The concept is quite brilliant, and you seem to flourish each new task! I love every detail, though your shading is weak. It seems very messy, and just plain all over the place. I really love your work, however this week it could use some improvements. 6.5/10

Linda: I love the bag which is good as it is what i should be focusing on. It is a massive improvement, although in some areas shading is lacking. 7.5/10

Kasey: I really love this graphic, because it really does put the spotlight on the bag. The main concern I have for this image is the shading. It's a little week and blocky, but still, big improvement! Though the idea is very good, like your last one, the way you presented it lacked. Good job though! 6/10:]



Lindsey: Elle, you never fail to thrill me with your amazing artwork! This week I actually think you've done exceptionally well, but unfortunately, I don't think it was my favorite. I love the necklace, although, since it kind of blends in with the rest of the graphic, I'd think you were advertising makeup instead. I hope you can make it to the next task, but compared to a few other of the entries this week, yours is not the strongest. 6/10.

Linda: Elle's is lovely. The shading is a bit heavy in areas but you don't really notice. As for focusing on the necklace I think the necklace is great. A big improvement! 7.5/10.

Kasey: How Lovely:) The thing that really caught my eye here was the head shape. It doesn't really look correctly shaded, but this is stillf magnificent! Though I would of preferred a more bolder choice in jewelry, this really does focus on the string of pearls hanging on her neck. Well done! 6.5/10!


Unfortunately, there can only be one winner, and one person must be sacrificed each week. I adore both Elle and Amanda's graphics tremendously, and if I didn't have to eliminate either one, I wouldn't.  Sadly, that isn't an option (but of course besides if someone had dropped out of the competition).

Amanda has always been a girl who always appears very calm, cool, and collective when it comes to detailing graphics. Each graphic is a treat for all her viewers, and I personally love her graphics. This week Amanda was one of the weaker links. Though her eye to detail is spectacular, the overall performance and quality of the graphic is not at it's best. If Amanda works harder on the quality, she could easily reach the top of the chain.

Elle is rather newer to the graphic scene. I've always adored the content of her graphics, and its just a wonderful thing to see something evolve from a random sketch or picture to a complete stardoll graphic. This week Elle's graphic lacked in quality, and that "spark" that many graphics usually carry. I'm afraid if she doesn't step up her game, she'll be lost in the dust.

It was really hard for me to choose who will stay and who will go, especially considering that I have befriended both girls, and gotten to know whom they are as a person. This week I choose the person to stay who I think is a bit stronger, and has a buttload of potential. I'm sorry, but Elle, this week you are eliminated.

Elle is a wonderful girl, and I hope you will continue to evolve as a graphic artist! Thank you for being a contestant on Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer, it was spectacular to see you grow continuously each task.

Task four will be posted very soon, so stay tuned.


  1. Wow! thankyou all! I am jealous of Marie's graphic! Holy doolly! Its just flawless! This weeks work is just fabulous! Thanks again

  2. Thanks for the opportunity! :)
    Best of Luck to the Top 5!

    1. It was so hard to eliminate you, and your task was one of my favorite! D: Sadly I had to agree with the other judges opinions and ratings. Thanks for competing, though :) (and for the exceptionally great attitude!)

  3. The entrys are so amazing this week!
    Can't wait to see the Results of Task 4. ^^
    My Fave's this time are Lige's, Khol's, Jack's and Elle's. (:

    Great 3rd task!

  4. How is it that I always like the graphics that don't get top photo??? Lige's entry was amazing though I loved Elle's as well.

    Jack's graphic was my favorite out of the bunch! Although it was very plain the hair color made it look so amazing! I'm in love!

  5. Not all of these pulled off the task quite right, but I can't say I agree with the outcome - even though it needs some work, I really rather like Elle's! c:

    And honestly, Lige is just so damn good now omg.

  6. Wow, must have been such a tough challenge to pick between Amanda and Elle. They both -all of them- did so good. Congrats to Amanda for Staying.

    As for Elle, I cannot express how much I adore that graphic of yours :o I've been very partial to your shading. And wow! Marie! The graphic was so strong! I actually was directed to the 'makeup' (or the lip), there was amazing shading on that lip.

    This cycle seems so tough for eliminating people!

  7. Elle's out? :O
    Hers was actually my second favorite! All of these are amazing though :)

  8. Wow! All of the entries are really beautiful!

  9. thank you everyone and congrats to lige once again! it's sad to see elle go, i saw a lot of potential in her and i don't think she deserved to go this week to be honest.

    i can't believe it's down to the top 5 already, good luck everyone! can't wait for the next task!