Friday, 24 August 2012

TASK FOUR - The Brand

Hello all, thank you for being very patient with me and Kim (or rather Kim and I, as that's the right way to "word" the tense/whateveritscalled)!

At first I was stumped for ideas on what to use for tasks-- should it be a task using a fashion brand? Nah, that's already been a task idea. Should it be of a certain graphic that each contestant recreates? Nope, I'd much rather see different styles than just one. As hard as I thought, I just easily pushed the thoughts back.

Though, earlier, I was going through the pages of SNTGD, and came up with a unique competition idea, that would be just a fun mini-comp for those whom just wanted to enter. But, wouldn't this idea be better just as a task idea altogether?

That's why this week your task is to make a new logo for Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer! Not just any type of logo, but rather a season 2 logo (for SNTGD if you are lost). I've decided to take a new exciting tradition to the table, and each season a competition will be held (or used in a task during that season) for the contestants to create a new logo for the competition specializing for that certain cycle.

Although, pay attention to these simple rules while creating a logo:
  • This time, there will be a certain dimension limitation for your graphic. Remember to keep the width and height constraints reasonable, though it does NOT have to be as small as the current logo. Having the width between 200 and 1000 pixels is reasonable. Feel free to have the height as tall or as short as you'd like. (Hopefully you understand my "pixely" talk)
  • I'd like to see either Kim's, maybe even Maria's or if you want, use my medoll in the logo. I'd like to see a medoll in it, and that shows some importance to the evolution of graphic design/SNTGD. Perhaps using graphic pioneer Lily Rose (Doinker_Chic), or current graphic artists such as Nika (Princess_Kiara1) would be interesting? Since it is a stardoll competition, I'm asking for NO self-created faces, just the generic stardoll face if you will.
  • Have fun with it! There is no specific theme, other than just having the "average" (although in your case amazing) logo. I ask that you add text that says "Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer" on it, and maybe in the corner, or somewhere else add "Season Two"

Thank you, and good luck!

The deadline for this task is Saturday, September 8th. Please send me your entry in a link through imgur or tinypic in dollmail or by email. You can email me your entry at:
The winner of this task will have his/her logo featured as the Season Two of SNTGD logo.

Have any questions regarding the task? Email, guestbook-ing, or just asking away in comments are best for getting a quick answer.


  1. Replies
    1. Basically, make a header for this blog using a graphic designer's face. Keep the size of it reasonable and realistic, as if making it for another blog. Be as creative as you want and have fun with it:)

    2. Thanks for helping with explaining the task Kasey ;)

  2. Ooh great task - although very challenging, can't wait to see the results!


  3. * 'Kim and me' or 'me and Kim' Sorry, please excuse the grammar nazi ;)

    This seems very interesting, Logos are usually non-graphic, so it'll be cool to see how they can incorporate a graphic with a logo :3

  4. i have plenty of ideas for this task, can't wait to start!

  5. Where is it? It's been a week... O.o