Monday, 17 September 2012

TASK FOUR - Results

Hello patient followers! After a rough 3-ish weeks, I'm happy to finally draw a close to a very stressful fourth task (and first task since I've taken co-ownership for SNTGD). Unfortunately, I had two lovely contestants resign during this short period of time, though, I'm proud to welcome back a familiar face to take place of one of the resignated artists... Please give a warm welcome back to Elle, also known as RockinEllee!

For Task Four, the contestants were deemed with the challenge of creating a logo/banner for season two of Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer. For more information regarding the task, click HERE to view instructions given to the contestants.

TOP PHOTO; Rralucaa1996
Lindsey: Marie, this is absolutely my favorite from the task! Especially considering you made this marvelous piece in only one day's length of time. I love the purple color scheme, and pretty much every aspect is spot on. While the left (or on Maria, it would be her "right") arm, the shoulder is a little bit in a strange position. Its hardly noticeable, but something to keep in mind. I'm so happy that you've found a new elegance in your graphic, but I want to let you know that you shouldn't be afraid to show your true style, others will appreciate it! Congrats on a first task win!, 9/10

Kasey: I LOVE this! Those hands are so well made and the bold blast of color on her lips was a smart idea. Though, the thing that troubles me is the anatomy of the upper body. She doesn't look like she has any breasts. And while models may have smaller ones, and the hair is supposed cover them, there would be some sort of shading there to signify the presence of well, ****ies. Well, I have to say, you did an amazing job, so I believe you deserve a very nice 8.5/10!

Kirsten: I'm a bit on the fence with this, there are parts I like and parts I don't. With the body/skin I love the arms, hands and neck, I think these are so close to perfect, but I don't really like the torso, it seems a bit off shape-wise to me. The skirt style is really cute and trendy, and the shading isn't too bad either. I just don't like the hair, the shape is fine for the graphic, but I don't like the shading - I know I'm not really one to speak as my hair skills are abysmal, but it looks a little ... flat maybe. Not too sure about the model choice - she just looks a little angry to me! The general theme is quite good though. 6/10

TOTAL SCORE; 92.5/130

Lindsey: Welcome back Elle! Huge improvement from last week! I love how you've decided to use multiple medolls in this graphic-- that's truly a creative touch! While the skin shading could definitely use some improvement, there are some really good things in this graphic too! If there is one thing that you could really work harder on, it'd be face shading. The face is a bit brighter shade of color from the rest of the body, and has hardly any shading, of course except for the nose, which is overly shadow-ed. As the finale draws closer, I want all the contestants to be aware of what their true style is, and I hope you have found yours! That is what shines above all, so embrace it. Great job, 7/10.

Kasey: Welcome back, Elle:D This is so simple, but so beautiful! I love the background (partially because I'm in it) but I love how you incorporated other graphic designers into the header. No one else did that, so be proud! The shading is something I'm worried about, though. I looks a little messy and could use some work, but when zoomed fully out, it works. The hair is my favorite part of this background! It's beautiful and you did very good on it! 7/10! 

Kirsten: I love the whole thing, I think it's fab! It shows so much improvement from your other entries. I love the concept, it's simple but has been executed well. The graphic looks great, the skin has been shaded well and there is good detailing on the hand. I praise your use of the colour black in both the skirt and the hair as it's hard to shade and highlight well, but I think you've managed really well! I also think the text choice was good, this may not matter to some people, but I think it can really pull a graphic one way or the other, and it pulls it into the "Great" category for me, well done =) 9/10

THIRD PLACE; Hollyoaksrocks*
Lindsey: Wow, look how fierce this is! I love, love, love how you took a risk in using your own medoll. I've always wanted to be an inspiration to others, so I applaud you for showing that in a graphic. Unfortunately, this isn't one of your best tasks. The dress looks rather poorly made, although I won't be afraid to admit I'd love to own a dress like that. Also, I love the purple hair, it adds even more of an "it" factor to the graphic. What really throws this all off is the background. It doesn't really fit with the color scheme of the medoll, or the overall general theme of your graphic. If you had used a different background, it might have moved you up a place or two. I think out of all graphic artists I know, you truly know what graphic designer you want to be. Your style seems to evolve on a daily basis, and I adore that you aren't afraid to speak your mind, whether its from your graphics, or your personality! Keep on the track you are going on! Great job, 6.5/10.

Kasey: Wow! You are getting so talented! This looks similar to something I did about a year ago and that make me very jealous because your getting very good, very fast! Of course the hair needs some work, but I'm sure you already know that:) The hand mildly bothers me, but that's just me.I wish you would've used someone other than yourself as a model because you seem to use yourself or a likeness to your medoll:) Not always bad, but not always good. Still, fabulous job! 6.5/10!

Kirsten: I think it's pretty, and it seems in a different style to other graphics you've made, it's good to see versatility! Your skin shading has improved a lot since your beginning in graphics, I really like it, but I think the hands could use a little work, maybe a few more details. I absolutely love the hair, the colour and the style are both perfect! I'm not too much of a fan of the dress, I think the shading looks a bit odd on the skirt section - though this could just be me! I like the text of SNTGD, but I don't think the "Season 2" fits with the whole style, so I think it lets the graphic down a little. 7/10


 Lindsey: Wow, look its me! I actually really like this entry. What I love most about you is how far you've came
this season-- first we saw the "average Jack" and now, we see Jack who can handle multiple tasks thrown at him, and yet can shine above many. The shading in this is gorgeous, I love how nice and smooth the pants shading is. I think now you need to work on face shading a bit more. While everything is good, I just want to let you know-- don't start to rely on a certain style. I realize in these past tasks, you've strayed away from your fierce graphic style, and more into a girly, or more feminine/simple style. Be sure this is the true you, not just something that pleases others. Never the less, it is wonderful, 7.5/10.
KaseyThis is a very good graphic! I love the layout and the pose. The outfit is very professional and shaded fairly well. You could use some work on the shirt and shoes, along with the hair, but they aren't bad. I just gotta say, this doesn't scream graphic designer. I'd love to see some of your style put into this. It's too calm and...well, I don't want to say boring, but it is. Props for using Lindsey as the model. She isn't used as a model by any of the other designers, so that's good:) 7/10!
Kirsten: I'm not really sure I like this =S It does show some improvement in your skills which is great, but there's just something about it that makes me unsure. I like the hands, they have good shading and detail, I also love the shoes! The skirt is pretty good, I can see you've thought about how to shade and highlight it. Not so sure on the top though. And I'm just not really a fan of the hair at all, sorry, I don't think it suits the style. 5/10


This week everyone has done extraordinary, and I'm so proud of how far each of you have came-- even just in the past month! Congrats to Marie for winning top photo, your logo will now be used on the home page, and as the season 2 banner and logo.

As you are wondering, where is Lige and Amanda's graphics? I have some upsetting news. Both wonderful graphic designers have resigned from the competition, resulting in an automatic elimination. You two will both be missed, I was looking forwards to what you would come up with.

With two people leaving, that means the remaining four contestants are safe this week. But that doesn't mean one of you four could be going home next week?

Task five will be posted soon.
ALSO, Season three signups will be open soon.


  1. I'm sorry, but I don't like the top photo. Like, at all. Sorry. :/

    1. I understand-- its definitely a certain style that not everyone likes and/or accustomed to.

    2. My favourite is the Purple-haired one :)

    3. The top photo is awful, I'm sorry.

  2. I lost top photo by .5 (dang it!) D:
    ...Anyways, it's great to be back :)

  3. i have to agree with flowerpin that i also dislike the top photo i think it makes whoever's doll that is look like a sarcastic androgynous bitch but that's just my opinion (i suppose)

    to be honest i don't like any of this weeks entries, not even my own, and i think that's because the task was very uninspirational and didnt really give us any motivation or set idea of what you wanted, it was kind of like
    -make a banner
    -put sntgd on it
    -have fun

    you know? instead of their being a theme or an aspect to focus on you gave us barely anything to work with, which is, again "in my opinion", why all this weeks entries are far less interesting than they could have been.

    i hope next weeks task has a more creative attitude to it and i hope it can give me and everyone else inspiration to design a unique and interesting graphic

    on the other hand, congrats to Rralucaa1996 :-)

    1. I think you'll have maybe difficulty/and/or/ fun with my next task I plan :) *evil grins*

  4. I don't know what to say. Thank you very much. I realy can't believe it! On the other hand I am sad that Lige and Amanda are no longer in the competition but welcome back to Elle.

    Some of you/many of you may not like my graphic. I took a risk with it and I like it.I agree about the fact that the hair is a bit flat and I know this should be no excuse but I did my graphic in one day.

    I esepecially love Elle's banner.

    Thank you again

    1. Time is never an excuse. You had roughly 3 weeks.
      Don't bring time into things.

    2. Actually I didn't have 3 weeks. It took 3 weeks for judging. We had 2 weeks. And I sent my entry just one day after that. You also don't know my personal resons for not being able to do it.

  5. Although I loves rralucaa1996's previous entries and said it's a shame she didn't get a better place, I don't like this one that won top photo! Strange...

    I'm glad Elle's back cause I believe she has a lot of talent and creativity.

    Rooting for: Jack
    I think he makes wonderful graphics for fun (the ones I've seen on his blog) and I wish he did that amazing for sntgd entries :P

  6. I was disappointed when I didn't saw Lige's graphic.
    I really wanted to see what he will have for this task :L

    Personally I like Elle's most.
    Anyway congrats to all.

  7. I do graphic designs, add me on stardoll, my username is binniethemint, I would love to do te graphic design your doll needs....xx