Monday, 17 September 2012

TASK FIVE - Advertisements

A certain someone *cough* Jack *cough* decided to call me out today. It made me realize that I'm trying to challenge you more than having fun... maybe that's just me, or that certain someone was just trying to lower my self esteem (not like I really have a high one anyways), so I decided to recoop myself, and thing of something that might be more enjoyable.

While stumped on trying to make a "fun" task, I realized something very important. Why think so hard, when the answer might as well be right in front of you? And so, with a new vision in mind, I started to think of what I found most enjoyable on stardoll.

That'd probably be seeing projects such as runway collections, magazines, and other stardoll activities come to life. Of course, since each task is only a week or so long, I can't have you make a magazine in 5 days-- and I understand, since I'm trying to whip up a half-done magazine in the next 4 days (Obviously not gonna happen).

Although, the second best thing is the advertisement of a project. Don't you just love seeing a spoiler for Forever Chic Magazine, or perhaps glowing over the spoiler for Victory & Klaus? Maybe that "Coming Soon" advertisement for the next Stardoll Fashion Week got you up and out of your seat (Does anyone still miss that project?). Its all the power of an endorsement.

Your new task is now to create an "advertisement" for a project. Whether its for a new magazine, or for an upcoming fashion line, its your decision to create a FABULOUS ad for your new project!
(Obviously this can be fake, or even if your feeling creative to make an ad for your new project you've just got the courage to create, go ahead, and do that!)

Here is some inspiration to help you with your task, if your still not feeling the "it" factor with this task:

The deadline for this task is Sunday, September 23rd. Good luck!

I hope this is a more interesting task for you, and I apologize for being boring in the previous task. Feel the urge to lash out at me for this task? Go ahead, I'm all ears.

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