Friday, 28 September 2012

TASK FIVE - Results

 So this week another person has unfortunately quit the competition which you'll find out later in this post. On top of that, we've finally built our top three. That means there are only two tasks left of the second season.

With that, lets get right into the task results.

TOP PHOTO; RockinEllee
 Lindsey: Congrats on your first task win! That is huge! I have mixed feelings about this. I really do like how you stuck to one theme, and the shading overall is pretty good. What I'm most concerned about is the text. Its kind of in a strange position (or area in the graphic). The hair could use some work too. Overall, I think you did a nice job! 7/10

Kirsten: I think this looks good, and it's got such a different atmosphere to your usual graphics. Although overall I think a few areas could use work on shading, I think the jacket just seems a bit chunky to me, but I don't think it's too much of a big deal. The whole piece flows nicely, and I think the combination of everything works well, well done =) 6.5/10

Kasey: When is this magazine coming out? this makes me excited! This is a great, simple spoiler and it really shows a theme. It's kinda dark, modern grunge with a fashionable twist and I admire how you made me automatically think of those words! I don't really think the hair suits this graphic and while it's okay, I really would of loved to seen something complex to balance out the simple jacket. I'd also like to mention that you should practice on hair strands. It's important to not only highlight where the light hits, but show where the shadows are and you can use high lights to demonstrate that:) The shadows are a little off, but still, fantastic job as always! I commend you for a great graphic:) 8/10!


SECOND PLACE; Hollyoaksrocks*
Lindsey: I actually quite like this, it all seems to flow pretty well. The skin shading is pretty good, but in my eyes, the hand seems to blend in with the model's chest. Gosh, I just love the sparkles though, it's very creative! Maybe its just me, but I'm not sure about the background though... I think I just don't like patterned backgrounds, and prefer stardoll backgrounds instead. Of course, we all have our own opinions. Overall, nice job! 7/10

Kirsten: This definitely looks really classy and quite like a real advertisement! With the graphic I like the glitter, but you should have used more, it would have looked great! I think there's something about the hair though, I just feel it doesn't really fit, like a longer flowing style would have suited better. I'm not sure if it's just me, but the face and body look slightly different colours, it's just something that's important to be careful of. I think the overall presentation is pretty good, but I think it would have been better with just "Sephora" across the top, the "Dream Young Foundation", the makeup at the side and the text at the bottom don't quite fit for me, it almost maybe seems a little cluttered. Good job overall though =) 6.5/10

Kasey: Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, what have we here? Well...I can say for a fact it's Khol's graphic. Because she IS THE MODEL! Now we've been over this many times and I'd like to point out that I know of at least 5 times this has been said. Stop Using You Face or a Likeness to It! You're costing yourself points of because it's showing us you can't go outside the box you made for yourself! I'd really love to see something extreme from you because you've been playing it safe for the whole competition and it's not something to be proud of. Okay, now onto the graphic. This is a very nice advertisement. It's different from the others because it isn't magazine based, but stardoll based. The model has very nice hair and I'm proud of you for it! Shading could use some work, like making it realistic? I don't want to say the image looks bad, but crowded. It has a bit too much going on, what with the sparkles, the body glitter, the etc....Just a bit too much for me. Even though this is a makeup advertisement, there is no foundation or blush on her face. I'm honestly not sure how I feel about that, but okay... Good job this week! 6.5/10

OVERALL SCORE: 114.5/160

Lindsey: Wow, this is really cool! I love the face, it looks really realistic. What I'm most concerned about is the text. I'm not sure exactly way it says. Always keep your text readable, otherwise it just lessens its quality. The shading is decent but could use some work. I think you are really improving quite well with your hair, expecially since black hair is definitely without a doubt the hardest color to work with. I'm most excited that this is an actual spoiler for a magazine that you have! Well done, 5.5/10

Kirsten: Hmmm, I'm not really a fan of this piece of work. It is pretty eyecatching with the bright colours so it would definitely draw people into it, but I think the graphic could use work. The hair is ok, you've clearly spent time on it, but to me it doesn't look like much time was spent on the skin or the clothing. 4/10

Kasey: I'm just gonna come out and say it...I have no idea what the large white "letters" say. I'm sorry but it's a bit too big and the font is super hard to read. I've also got to talk about your shading. When you have a model with dark hair or a dark background, you need to shade heavier. Black, I'd like to believe, takes the warmth and darkness and gathers it into the main source or a larger darker piece in the graphic. But if you have a larger amount of black, like the shading, you stop the black from contrasting the skin so much. Though I noticed on a comment you posted earlier this week, that shading darker is worse, I'd like to point out that some of the best graphics have been shaded dark. With that being said, the shading on the face is also lightened and doesn't look very nice. The hair, for being dark, is quite good, but needs work. I don't really like the background much due to the fact that Tie-Dye can look cheap sometimes, but here, it doesn't look bad, but also doesn't look good:P Sorry if it's harsh, but me being soft will get you no-where. 6.5/10

OVERALL SCORE: 104.5/160

This week no one is eliminated because Marie has left the competition due to personal reasons. Each contestant has their fair share of work set out for them to reach the final two!

Task six will be posted soon!


  1. I'm in love with Khol's graphic! It gives me such a classic vibe! And I also love the colors :)

    Congrats to everybody else. I love all of the graphics!

  2. thank you lindsey, i agree that the text is slightly odd but when you see the magazine you will see how it fits into the digital and computerised theme of the issue. it says "drug" btw

    kirsten i spent 9 hours on the skin shading in total, so i find it incredibly inconsiderate for you assume i spent little time on it. i also don't find it very helpful you suggest the graphic needs "more work" and then don't tell me what i could do to improve it?

    to be honest kasey, if you have THAT much difficulty reading the text maybe you need some sort of medical assistance, i'm not being funny, but use your common sense. i shade on opacity 0.5 with ALL my graphics, it's my technique and is one i have no intention of scrapping, considering i personally think it makes my graphics look of such a standard i am happy with.

    thanks anyway for your somewhat constructive comments, i'll try to take them on board and at least attempt to slightly please you next time.

    1. I didn't mean to insult or hurt you in any way, I was just pointing out, in agreement to the other judges, that it's difficult to read. And okay, I was also pointing out that using darker colors means you need to shade heavier. It didn't mean you have to scrap your technique. Your technique is very good but everyone could use room for improvement:) Nobody's Perfect:] And I was very pleased because it's very different from the rest! I enjoyed looking at it:)

    2. oh no im not insulted and i hope my response didnt sound too bitchy haha its just really hard to contain my opinions when im responding to negatively constructive feedback, i sometimes get carried away and dont realise how much of a total bitch i sound. i understand and appreciate that you want me to improve etc and im thankful for your honesty. thank you, that means a lot! :)))

  3. To me, Khol's was the best. But I guess Elle's one isn't that bad actually.

  4. Thanks everyone but im kind of annoyed with kaseys comments, the model is not me, everything is completely different except the eye shape, and to say im playing it safe is quite rude as i work my effing ass off with my entries just to be basically told theyre crap, i dont really feel comfortable anymore but i am not weak nor am i a quitter so i will be staying for as long as i can!

  5. Elle, I love your FCM Graphic! Stunning! :)

  6. Wow great job Elle & Nikhol Vasquez!

    btw, I love the new banner!