Thursday, 25 October 2012

TASK SEVEN - Lookbook

Last season one of the final tasks was to create a graphic inspired by different fashion cities. One contestant, being Lindsey, decided to create a fashion lookbook inspired by the different sides of that cities fashion.

For your final task I want you to create a glitzy lookbook inspired by the glamour of winning this competition. I want three pages, one to be of yourself in a self designed gown (think very royal and glamorous colours like purples and Tiffany blues), one to be of yourself with me (xxlovexx) or Lindsey (lovegossip4life) also in the graphic. I'm looking for some sort of interaction possibly, rather than two dolls randomly slotted together in a graphic, make it look like we are both meant to be there. The final page can be whatever you want, it's your winning graphic so to say, so you have complete freedom over what to do... Express yourself!

If you have any queries do not be scared to ask: It's the final ask and I want it to be perfect!
DEADLINE: 16th November. I want to give you a long time to think about the graphic, and a longer time to make it as there will be multiple dolls.

Good luck girls!
-I also want to thank Lindsey for stepping in for the majority of this cycle, she's done an amazing job! I am currently thinking up some different twists for cycle 3, and I really want some returning designers to battle against new to the scene graphicistas.



  1. I'm glad you went through with this task, I'm so excited to see what Elle and Khol come up with! Either girl who wins-- heck, I'm totally happy with either one who wins ;) And Kim, if you need me to help with future tasks, and continue to help with tasks, results and more, don't hesitate to ask me!

  2. Hey, I think someone should start up a new stardoll fashion star season! Maybe you could make a seperate competition on this blog for that. I'd totally audition! I was really bummed when Elite-girl's comp didn't work out.

  3. So wait, only one dress is self designed?

    1. Well, one must be self designed. You can choose for the others.