Wednesday, 24 October 2012

TASK SIX - Results

After much deliberation I have finally chosen the two finalists of Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer Season 2. The poll did help (I'll keep it open just to see who you think deserves to win) but I want to give a special thanks to Lana/ForeverGorgeous for making my decision so much easier with a comment she wrote.

And for that, top photo goes to Elle!
& here's the reason why...
Everyone should be told to be happy with who they are, whether they're skinny or fat, short or tall, blonde or ginger - but it's easy to spout almost-positive buzzwords about being confident and unique and happy in your own skin, and the more we hear it, the emptier the sentiment becomes. People are told constantly that they should be happy with who they are, and are yet bombarded by images of what they should be.

My favourite is Elle's. The reasons why are simple and few, but I feel have an important message:

Firstly, Elle's model is wearing clothing. It did not reduce an overweight girl to being naked just to prove how body-confident she is in the face of SOCIETY!!!, it's an image of an overweight girl rocking the hell out of a nice dress. That's what I wanted to see - plus size models, wearing fashionable clothing and looking damn fierce because of it. The other two entries, though decent, are next-to-naked. The task called for fashion, and only one entry is clothed.

Secondly, Elle's is in COLOUR. It's a bright, pretty pink, instead of the grey both Khol and Jack have chosen. The underwear on Jack's graphic is yellow, but the background is grey, and there's a lot of negative space. The eye is drawn to the text, rather than the woman. Today, so much of the clothing offered to overweight people is neutral in color, so to see an entry making full use of color is great.

Thirdly, I couldn't help but notice Elle's cheeky little double chin. That's detail, that's not shying away from being fat, and that makes it very honest.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to detract from the Khol or Jack - Jack's skin shading is so good(!), but to me, hides behind Lady Gaga's positive image. Elle's stands out for it's color, originality, but it's my favourite because I think it shows the most effort, the most heart, and best of all, it doesn't make excuses. The graphic's not perfect and it's a shame about the awkward hand, but deserves no less applause because of this. Well done, Elle!


So who goes?
Although your graphic this week was the weakest, you have proved to be strong overall throughout the course of the competition. What worries me though, is that with this task, you would have put in more to get to the final. I know how much this means to you, and although I understand your real life problems, I was still slightly disappointed when I know you could have done so much more.

Your execution of the graphic this week was great, a massive improvement, but what worries me is that quite a few of your previous tasks were quite weak comparing. Was this a one off? Was this an amazing graphic that you are only able to create one time?

This decision is so hard for me.
I've hard to look through every entry from you both to decide which of you is stronger.
In the past Khol, you have been stronger but have stayed at roughly the same level.  Is Jack improving? Was this graphic a breakthrough?

The person leaving is.... Jack.
Although your task this weak was strong, I feel like overall Khol has really dedicated herself to the competition and is so determined. Be proud of yourself, your graphics have improved tremendously throughout the course of the competition and you've come 3rd place! Well done.

*This by the way, was probably the toughest decision I've ever made on SNTGD, as you can see I took two days to decide, my mind was going back and forth continually, it was very hard.*

Khol, you've made it to the final with Elle, congratulations.
The final task will be up soon.


  1. Congrats ladies! I personally think this was a good decision. My personal favorite this week was Jack's, but from Lana's perspective, I think she really did have a new and exciting way to look at graphics! Well done to Khol and Elle.
    As for Jack, don't give up, I believe in your hard work, and it already has paid off. Give yourself a pat on the back, you've 100% earned third place in this competition!

  2. *faints* Thank you so much Kim for believing in me, I want this SO bad.
    It's sad to see Jack go, but someone has to.
    Well done Jack you've been amazing and dont forget that everyone who reaches the final 3 is a winner!

    Well done Elle, loved your task, may the best person win!

  3. I also think this was a great decision - with a really nice explanation (i really enjoyed reading it!). And i love Elle's photo. I am sorry for Jack, but in the overall entries Khol was better and as Khol said everyone in the top 3 is a winner! I am looking forward to the next task :)

  4. i can honestly say i am DEVESTATED to have been eliminated but i can't but help think how far i've come. like i've said before i never saw myself making it past task 1! i've learned so much from being here and i can't thank you enough for helping me grow as a graphic designer, it's honestly been a pleasure.

    i'm routing all the way for my bitch khol, i know she can win this! if khol wins, i win too, because since the start of this we've been somewhat of a team routing for each other and equally inspiring each others progress throughout.

    thank you again for this wonderful opportunity and i can't wait to see who takes the title!

    1. btw if you want to keep updated with my graphics and see more dont hesitate to follow my graphics blog ( ;) just letting y'all know

    2. glad you're gone.

      xoxo patrick

    3. here's an idea patrick why don't you apply for cycle 3 and see if you can make it to 3rd place? i'm sure we'd all LOVE to see you try

      good one. haven't heard that before.... but no i don't think i will because well i don't spend hours on art that wont go anywhere in the real world because honestly who gives two shits in the real world about stardoll graphics? but anywhos who am I to know right? because jack is god and knows all!! :)

      ps; apply to parson's with a portfolio of all stardoll graphics, and then tell me if you get accepted! curious to know! :)


    5. i dont want my "art" to go anywhere in the real world i make graphics for fun and because i enjoy doing them and who even said i wanted to go to parsons lol stop trying to start fights patrick because you always end up face down in the dirt and its just embarrassing watching your pathetic attempts to get noticed

    6. oh yeah i just start fights for the fun of it actually. but i started one with you because i hate your pathetic ass. why dont do us all a favor and gtfo, because you're NOT in this competition anymore because well... you sucked.

      ps; before you say something about being in third place remember; "if you're not first, you're last".

      xoxo :-)
      luv ya'

    7. if you hate me as much as you say you do why would you take the time of your day to start an argument with me? just because i'm not in ntgd doesnt mean i'm forbidden to comment. i don't care if you think i sucked, i don't care if anyone i think sucked. stop making a fool of yourself

    8. im not making a fool of myself :) end even if i was i wouldnt give two shits because stardoll means nothing lol.

      oh and because i have no life apparently!! oh well who cares! :)
      if you dont care jack then why are you commenting back? just a thought!

      still luv ya'

  5. ???? no offence but jacks graphic was like 1000 times better than the other girls

  6. My personal opinion is that Jack should have stayed. Her graphic was my favourite this week!! And I think she could have won this, defenitivly. But I like both of Elle and Khol's graphics, well done girls!
    ~Mary Ann

    1. Ohh, Im sorry. And you are welcome, you were defenitively the best on this competition, no offense elle and khol, but you deserved to win this!

  7. Jack was the only designer I didn't want to leave from the first place... His graphics were always something to be excited about when you saw on your blogs' feed the newest post of SNTGD. He brought something different to the table with each task.

    I love both Khol and Elle, as persons and as designers. So I can't think of who could win this.

  8. I'm so honoured that you took on board what I had to say, so thank you! c: