Tuesday, 19 March 2013

TASK FOUR - Results

Wow Luisa! This looks scarily real! I can definitely tell this is Italy. I'm quarter Italian so i was very excited to see how you would portray my origins. The shading is fantastic, The angle is a little strange although the clothes and hair are gorgeous aswell as the beautiful background. netherless, buon lavoro! 

It does seem ‘Italy’, but I’m not sure I like the graphic, which I myself am surprised at as I’ve always been a fan of your work! Like Rafi’s, I don’t like the RL background, I just don’t think it fits with the good quality of your work. I feel like the head seems a little large, and I don’t feel the model works with the look, I just don’t think she was the right choice. My favourite part is the bag- just beautiful! However it doesn’t fit with the style of the clothing or other accessories used. I’m not sure on the top, I just think it’s not quite right – the shading is fine, but I think the print isn’t. The skirt confuses me a little as I don’t think it is portraying the shape that the model is I think just some little adjustments to the shading would be needed to correct that. The shoes are very nice though. You’re always good with the skin, but I’d just suggest to be careful at the neck with the angles of the collarbones and muscles and ligaments in relation to the angle of the head. Overall not bad.

This is a very good angle of not having to use complicated and excessive shading to make the graphic look good. In this case I really like the use of the background as it has been edited to fit the graphic with the brick wall and villa floor. I adore everything but the angle of the graphic makes some things look slightly awkward. I wasn't too sure of the print from the top when I first saw it but it is growing on me! I'd also make sure to study the angle properly as the collar bones do not fit with the head too well. I definitely see Italy so well done!

It’s a good graphic, there’s no denying that, but from a personal point of view I don’t really like it. I feel Japan had many aspects which could have been followed and you took the one which was obvious, if you get what I mean, it would have been great to see you do something more out of your comfort zone with it, there’s a heavy cute-sy vibe that comes from a lot of Japanese females, and I think that would have given it the wow factor as it would have been unexpected. I feel the face mask takes away from the I don’t think it fits the style well, it seems a bit too gansta! Otherwise not bad.

I love this graphic and that mask looks so fierce, extra points for doing some background research with the graphic! I do kind of agree with the comment above but at the same time I like the direction you went in. Most people when given Japan would go for that cutesy vibe that does come from the country but instead you went for another side of the fashion culture, similar to how you do for all your graphics. So I am on the fence, I like how you didn't go for what most people would but at the same time I wish you did because you never do. On a whole though and graphic wise I can honestly say nothing to improve on.

When are you gonna stop being so damn talented? like for real, this is just perfecto. My medoll looks hot and the graphic is hot hot hot. I knew you would smash this task, and you have. The shading is brilliant as always, the hair is amazing. The idea its self is the best, most of us probably predicted geishas and pretty birds and all that crap, or maybe gwen stefani/nicki minaj style "super kawaii!" as gwen would say. But you came out with this grungy yet kawaii style graphic which is literally just breathtaking. Honto ni suki desu!

3RD PHOTO: Kasey
To be honest, I don’t like this at all. I think the idea is fine, but for me, not in a contest. Each of the 4 graphics in their own right are quite nice and have been well done, especially the cobalt shoe, but I think what lets it down in the arrangement and presentation. I feel the font looks a bit ‘young’, if you want to portray fashion, a high fashion font is a must! I don’t feel there’s much more to say about it, but good attempt at something different.

I like how you took a different spin of it. Out of the two entries given this was the better one however I still agree it could have been presented slightly better. However I do like how it resembles a fashion scrapbook at "Spanish fashion world". Separately I love the graphics and overall together I do love the presentation. I also loved your creativity for this task, I've definitely never seen something like this before.

Well well well, we got the old Kasey back! This is Kholicious! I love the fact you didnt use a model. I love stuff like this, using your creativity to the full is the key to success. The shading on all of the graphics is perfect, the idea is amazing. theres not really much to say! Being half spanish myself, I love how sexy and fashionable you portray my culture to be! SUPERB.

I must admit, If this were in a magazine, I wouldn't stop to look. You could of done so much more with this! I am slightly disappointed but nevermind. It does seem quite rushed but I don't know the reason why so I wont judge you, The shading is well done, the hair is boring. I feel like you picked the easy way out. The dress is cute though. The background, hm it looks cheap. Posterising is great for backgrounds but this one is not so good. Overall though you did a good job, just not as good as you've done before.

Graphic wise you are very talented and you now how to construct a great graphic but this lacks any real wow factor or excitement that many of your other graphics bring. Starting with the positives, I love the shoes. The dress is shading nicely although in quite a mediocre fashion. This is the technique a lot of graphic artists used to use and I do like, but I'd love to see you experiment slightly with the skin. I'm not too fond of the face or hair and the posterisation on the background does not work for me. All in all this graphic doesn't click together. You've went for the obvious use of the Eiffel tower in the background with a clever usage of Dior but I would have loved to have seen you incorporate the lovely dress into more of an exciting pose rather than a runway walk. I also like your use of the shadow.

Hmmm, I’m a little on the fence. Firstly I don’t like the background, I think it detracts from the graphic, you could have at least used the SD Eiffel Tower scenery background. Without the background though I don’t see France at all really, which is a shame, as I think you have improved with this piece of work. The skin is pretty good, and the dress is a much needed step up in your work! And it’s good to see the inclusion of the shadow, I think without it, it would be rather odd! I’m impressed with your work this week, but just remember that background is included in the piece!

It’s ok, I don’t see any part that leaps out as a wow or anything though. Although I find the use of a RL pillar a bit … annoying/distracting, all I can see/ think about is how it doesn’t work with any of the rest of the graphic. It was a nice idea to show the two views, though I think if you’d spent more time on just one it could have been a better piece of work. I feel you need to work on all aspects of your graphics, the hair is ok, but you need to work on a more natural shape and shading technique. The skin is average, but be careful when you are trimming the edges, as you haven’t done this! And the sharp corners and parts where the colour is different to the background are quite obvious. You also need to work on the collarbones, you just haven’t understood their anatomy at all, I think you’ve looked at what others have done and replicated it without considering how your graphic is positioned, you need to spend time on something like this otherwise it won’t look right. The dress is ok, the shape and folds are quite nice, but more layers to provide depth would have made it nicer, again, it just needs more time. I think the belt and little shoulder décor needed more work too, they look pretty flat, and assuming they are flowers, they should be anything but – unless it’s a flat belt, it which case the details you have included shouldn’t be there. Not bad, but you need to think about upping your game.

I definitely think you should have stuck to one graphic or displayed both of them in a more pleasant way. Starting off with the left graphic, which I prefer; Firstly I like the shading of the dress, white is a hard colour to shade due to the fact you can't highlight so you have to really focus on where you put your shading.The skin shading is average however be careful not to chop it too short as the skin extends further than the shading itself in some parts of your graphic. The hair is alright but the pillar doesn't really merge with the rest of the graphic and I think you could have focused more on incorporating it better into your image. On the second graphic, the dress is once again very nice. The skin shading is a lot nicer on this graphic but it is still choppy around the edges. The neck is far too fat for the head and extends too far across making the heads positioning very weird. The hair is alright again and the background fits much better than the left graphic. My main concern are the collar bones. They are completely off and you clearly haven't understand the anatomy of them in this graphic at all. They really put me off this graphic as otherwise it would have been quite nice. Well done for making two graphics though!

This is pretty Cliche, netherless gorgeous! You could of experimented with the culture and tried something less popular as this sort of style. The dress is super gorgeous but i dont really like the hair. A nice long wavy brunette hairstyle would of completed the graphic. The background is cute aswell!

The first thing I noticed about this graphic is the hair. The styling is nice but it looks very noticeably choppy and rough. I hate this background, gradient backgrounds hardly ever work and I don't think this background at all shows South Africa. I like the text but the background takes away from that. Moving onto the doll, Kirsten looks fierce! You've used her face really well! I like the blazer but it once again looks slightly choppy, along with the lace top (?). I feel like the pants are your take on SA but I honestly do not see it. You say traditional but this pattern on the trousers just look like random effects found on a photo editing software? If you had a different background and focused more on creating a South African vibe from the trousers and graphic in general this would have been really nice. There was SO much you could have done with this and you could have included so many things like patterns and cultural accessories but it completely lacked them.

To be honest I see no resemblance to SA whatsoever, which is disappointing. As the model featured I also am disappointed, you have featured me wearing a lace bra and blazer with rather a lot of flesh showing, when I am asked to model or when I apply, I make it clear that I wouldn’t want to be seen in this situation, so I feel that you should have asked if this was appropriate – considering in the first task you complained that Marloes Horst photos were mainly in swimwear which you couldn’t do for your own reasons, to me it just is contradictory of you. The graphic is ok, nothing too spectacular. The jacket is the best part, though there are some areas which look like they have been rushed, as there is a mixture of levels of detail. The trousers just look weird to me, and not SA at all – I can see you were going for prints, but that’s not the right print, it’s important to do your background research well!

Damn girl, what happened? It's great that youve spent time on the graphic, but i couldn't even tell it was south africa! I don't know what you were trying to portray but i can't see it at all. Maybe it was the printed trousers? I would of gone with a nice african backround with an amazingly patterned outfit and some cultural accessories. I'm just really disappointed in this. It's still a good graphic in general though! I like the hair and shading, and kirsten looks hot!

Who goes?
... Afrin. Well done for making it this far! We see your beautiful graphics out of this competition and we just don't feel that the same goes into these ones. Joao, well done, you literally made it by the skin of your teeth as you were less than 5 points between each other. However good work Afrin, and we will continue to enjoy your wonderful graphics out of the competition.

More information on the task and rankings will be posted tonight.


  1. Well I wasn't to satisfied with my graphic myself too, but I just had no inspiration and Dior was the first thing that came up to my mind when I thought of Paris. Maybe I should have done a Chanel outfit. Oh well, I hope I can impress you guys next time. :3

  2. thank you for your comments, as a designer i still feel like i am growing and learning from experiences. although i just want to say, it's tough being in this competition, possessing the mind set i have. i always like to try and push the envelope, but then it gets a little too expected after weeks. i'm a very alternative person, so for me to stay on the path is kind of not me, if you know what i mean? i definitely think i need to change up the game if i want top photo next week, and believe me i do! i suppose i'll have to not expect you to expect the unexpected ;)

  3. Luisa's graphic was the best, she's my absolute favorite!!!! *_*
    Jack was again being himself which is getting boring, Kasey's photo was very interesting and pretty good, Rafi missed the theme (I don't see the Paris style in this, sorry), Joao was okay and Afrin's was just awkward, I'm glad she's out.

  4. Oh my god. Seriously? I mean... SERIOUSLY! Top photo, wow! Thank you so so much. Def didn't expect that. I was so sure that you would eat me alive, cause I had a real hard time creating this graphic and wasn't really satisfied with it - mainly due to a lack of (free)time. But I mean... wow. thank you! :3

  5. Little do you guys know they actually do wear face masks because of pollutants in the air.....

    1. also i feel like two weeks is too long for them to have to turn in a graphic. It takes at the most a few days to make a perfect graphic. the blogs a bit dead because of this.

    2. completely agree! i was slightly confused when the other judges were saying they didnt like the mask, everyone knows about polution!

    3. I agree about the mask. It's neccessary if you live in such a polluted enviroment and of course many choose to give their mask an alternative look like the mouth sketch.

    4. the mask gave it a different edge and you'd researched the Japanese culture which is why I loved it!

    5. Really? They wear masks due to pollution? That's rather sad that people pollute and pollute, and then we're forced to live in the declining environment.

    6. They wear the masks more now for if they have a virus or something out of sheer respect to others. It isn't as much about pollution anymore.

    7. It is only in china but the mask give it a anime adge.

  6. Thanks Kim, Khol , Lindsey and Kirsten for judging me so far. Well to be honest , I purposely made this graphic stupid to get eliminated out of the competition. its because right now I cant just handle many graphics. I am moving and all the chaos related to that is happening in my house. And above all if you know that graphic is'nt even made by me or and SD member. I directed one of rl frnds to do so. I just cdnt find time to complete the task. My actual task is waaaay different from that. And that wd have been better than this and I wont be standing as a bottom two .But I wanted to get eliminated. That's all I wanted. Thanks for keeping me this far. And Kirsten in MY graphic you were actually wearing a dress till the knee with patterns and khol beside you wearing another patterned dress. If I did that I wdnt even think of making you wear a lace bra!

    1. BTW the graphic's skeleton was the only thing she did. the rest was done by me. Dont get it wrong . All the other tasks were done by me itself!

    2. OMG! You let someone else do part of your graphic for you? WHAT THE HELL! And don't make excuses, if you wanted elimination, you could have requested it and left with a dignity, instead of making a graphic that doesn't match the theme and then getting removed. Oh, and I am sure if you had passed, you wouldn't have admitted the graphic is not completely your WORK. Unbelievable that someone would do that!

    3. And about Kirsten not wanting to be in this situation, you could have asked your back up graphic designer not to dress her in lacy bras.

    4. Its none of your business. I did ask Kim if she wanted to eliminate me out becuz of my tight schedule. I am not giving excuses. This is' whoever' is my bff. And moreover this was my task. I can make her wear an kind of stupid dress. I could have had her in a bikini. Nobody goes and consults the model the type of graphic they want to be in. I could have walked off. But I atleast managed to do a graphic even though its stupid. I challenge you to do the same graphic within an hour which. FYI she just gave me a skeleton which I could have done myself that too within minutes. If you wanna see it am ready to show it!! Just fuck off if you don't know what's happening in other people's life. Keep your nose on your face rather in other people's business!

  7. Why didn't Jack win top photo??? His work was screaming Tokyo!

    Of course Louisas graphic was amazing too! I liked Rafi's graphic a lot as well, it was so elegant. Though I think that Jao could have done something else with Greece apart from the usual ancient Athens resident like represent a godess they believed in or a popular myth. Kasey's idea was original and the graphics were very beautiful but I think it doesn't suit SNTGD. I also found Afrin's work nice but it didn't resemble to S.Africa.

    Congratulations to everyone :)

    1. i think they made luisa win top photo to shake things up

      they make it evident they love jacks do i dont think its a better thing i just think they wanted to change it out and mix it up

    2. Lets be honest, Luisa's was better and more detailed

  8. Whereas I agree that there's big problems with EllieCase's graphic (being pretty much everything from the neck up) I definitely do not agree that she came in 5th. Perhaps it's just me, but I love the overall feel of her graphic - it feels simple and elegant, not too stereotypical, and there's no denying how silky and beautiful the dress looks. If it were up to me, she'd be in third place: no disrespect to Kasey, whose entry was risky but failed to meet the mark; or Rafi, who's always improving and that's great, but his entry doesn't feel like Paris to me.

    Top two were as good as usual! Nice to see Luisa in top place; I'm unsold on the individual components of her graphic but as always, they come together nicely and portray the task well - I like the bracelets and I find the face quite striking.

    Jack's background is distorted to great effect and make the whole thing feel quite toxic, which makes the model seem all the more appropriate - it would be nice to see him step out of his 'alternative' comfort zone: in the same way the Lady Gaga looking demure is a shock to those who expect her to look crazy, it would be a shock to see Jack do something that wasn't necessarily 'his style'. Nevertheless, an excellent entry as usual.

    I do wish NTGD would be stricter with it's update times, but as always, I've written an essay about this 'weeks' task, haha. Oh well.

  9. For the most part, I agree with the ratings. I think Luisa's graphic was fabulous, the shading in most aspects was great, although for some reason I wasn't too fond of the skirt. The highlighted part was a bit... too shiny?

    Secondly, I think Jack's graphic definitely portrayed Tokyo. I especially loved the background--- did you make it? I also really like the hair!

    WOW! Kasey's entry is so creative, its certainly something I've never seen before. I love the individual photographs, especially the purse and shoe. I think it was smart to use Spanish designers for your entry as well :)

    I've always been rather fond of Rafi's graphics, even if the collarbones are a bit too defined, it still looks pretty good. I think Rafi should probably work on his hair more, it would make his graphics 10x better! I know you have the potential, so embrace it!

    I have to agree with Lana's opinion on Joao, its the one graphic I can definitely tell what country she's trying to portray. Also, you make my medoll look quite fierce in that fabulous dress--so thank you! The hair could use some work, but other than that, I don't think you did half as bad as the other judges made it out to be.

    And finally, Afrin. My oh my, this was just... a mess. I was looking forwards to seeing what she would do with South Africa. The culture there is so diverse, and if its short of anything, I've never seen a graphic to portray South Africa. The only thing I really liked about it was the hair, but that was about it.

    1. Oh am sorry to disappoint you Lindsey. My original idea for the task was different. Me and my tight schedule. I cant help it but school is more important ;)