Monday, 15 April 2013

TASK SIX - Elimination + Final Task

What I've done this week is included all the feedback but highlighted the most important bits. If you're a reader but don't want to read the entire feedback just skim over the highlighted parts! Please note that Luisa and Jack are tied first place. I'd also like to add that Luisa's banner can be seen at TTT now.


Lindsey: This is definitely, without a single doubt my favorite entry of the three. You incorporated the perfect amount of neon yellow and I can certainly tell you are starting to earn your own style back once again. I especially favor Kim's skirt and Khol's hairstyle. For some reason, you, along with the other two contestants have all seemed to create a trend--your faces are just extremely blurry. The text is fantastic as well, I love how you had Kim sitting on the TTT! Despite little mistakes, a perfect score won't be demolished!

Kimberly: The reason why I didn't put top photos on Jacks is because yours is equally as beautiful! You have the perfect amount of the neon yellow and I just love the style and originality of the graphic and your technique. First of all, I love how you have the doll sitting on the text! I love pretty much everything about my doll aside from the blurry face and hair, which pulled it down slightly. I think Khol looks fantastic too, although once again a blurred face. The neck looks slightly too large but I can't fault your technique at all. I'd also say the text looks slightly flat and could use some bevel of some sorts. Well done!

Khol: Wow Luisa! I couldn't wait to see your graphic as I anticipate your graphics every week! I LOVE everything about this, I like how you took a risk within using so much yellow, but it totally paid off! I don't really dislike anything about it and if I had to pick something it would probably be that the makeup wasn't really like how I'd want it to look like. But hey, great job Luisa!

Kirsten: I love this so much, for me it is the stand-out entry of this task! There is no fault in your graphic skill or technique at all, and your creativity shines with this task, I love the incorporation of dolls and logo, it works well and you’ve chosen a great arrangement of the whole thing. For some people it might be too much yellow – but I am so into neon right now, so I love all the brightness! You’ve made both Kim and Khol look great, and they stand out each on their own, but also look fab together – well done!

Ciara: I love your concept for the banner and how you kind of got the models involved with the font! I admire that you didn’t stray from the guidelines by keeping neon yellow the main colour focus for the graphic. Saying this, I do think your shading’s opacity is much too strong in some sections of the clothing – The skirt, shoes and Kim’s body. The darkness of the skirt is very distracting because of this and takes away from the entire banner. Your hair is great, love the neon ombre! I have to say Khol’s doll look’s amazing in this graphic, it has very few flaws! I do wish you would highlight the faces; you’d be surprised how much it will help brighten up your graphic! My least favourite thing is probably the font’s appearance. It’s missing something; maybe if you added an embossed or bevelled layer style it might have looked more appealing. It looks a bit too flat for Kim’s doll to be sitting on!

Lindsey: And you've done it again! I honestly can't seem to decipher any real problem besides it being a bit choppy at the ends, but I'm just assuming it's from the transparent layer in the background. The collarbones are superb--I especially like the simplicity of them. Your hair is no doubt improving. I think what I was most disappointed with was the extremely shiny quality you added to your clothing. Black is really hard to work with, I know, but here's a word of advice: Try making Khol's pants not as choppy with each new layer of shading, and lower the opacity a bit. Another thing I noticed was Kim's bag is exceptionally shiny--which in this case was not a good feat. This can be an easy fix as well. I think it was smart to not add any text, so either Kim or Khol can add it, but if the chance arises that neither of your clients had photoshop or gimp handy, they wouldn't be able to add it. Lastly, your faces were a little blurry, which if you add a new layer overlapping the blurry skin parts coloring it with your model's skin tones, it makes a world of difference. Overall, you've done a great job.

Khol: Yet again, you give us perfection. I dont like it - I LOVE it! I love the simplicity and beauty of this graphic but as per usual, I can't say anything negative at all. You executed the hair tremendously! The only thing I could probably point out would be my eyebrows as they're a little angry/sharp, but overall great job!

Kimberly: Wow! The first thing I notice with this graphic is how striking it is, although it's very simple and stylish your execution has managed to make it very arresting. I like the text as I think sometimes it can be over powering and spoil a graphic, but this works very well! Overall I noticed it was quite choppy around the edges, and even when working on a transparent background you have to make sure to put it on a black background and make sure there is no choppiness around the outside. On Khol, my two main problems are the white gap between her and the shadow and the rough shading on the shorts, which you could easily correct by going over and making sure that each piece of white shading fits into the last layer. Aside from that, Khol's doll looks astonishing and her hair is spectacular! On myself I immediately notice the OTT shine coming from the bag which is slightly distracting and unnecessary. I also notice the skirt doesn't have to much highlight which makes it look slightly flat, it's all about finding the right balance between flat and shiny! I also feel that the top is slightly flat, but a bit more shading around the creases would have fixed that. I must applaud you though on everything other than that. A huge well done, this is an almost perfect banner apart from minor (and I mean minor) flaws.

Kirsten: This is super great, it’s simple, but included complexity (if that makes any sense!) The colours work well, you’ve chosen a paler neon yellow than Luisa has, but for the rest of your graphic and your graphic style it really works. I love the Celine tee, I am a massive Celine girl, so this was a great inclusion for me to see =) I love the hairs too – so much improvement! Each style works well individually and together as the pair, and they each suit the face and style of which girl they’re on, so good choices made =) Great work this week =)

Ciara: I’m truly in awe of this graphic. I think it’s safe to say you’ve met all the requirements – Neon yellow, ombre hair, bold brows and eye liner, etc. I love the use of the gradient effect and how you kept the background and font pretty simple! It directs the focus towards the models. I can’t help but notice that Kim looks slightly pale in the graphic, almost like she’s ill. I’m sure this is just because of the small space below her eyes that are noticeably darker than the rest of her skin. Adding colour (blush) on a low opacity above the cheekbones will definitely boost the appearance of a pale complexion. And where are Kim’s nails?! Haha. Your shading technique is pretty much perfect! I’m also loving Khol’s hair, it’s very cute!

Khol: Ooh! I must admit, It didn't really stand out to me. I like the concept and style, But it just doesn't 'pop'. I like how you did something different though. I prefer the one without the bags, They look irrelevent and misplaced - especially the jewellery. Also, unfortunately the yellow is the wrong shade, it was in the brief that it had to be neon yellow and yours is just normal yellow. But aside from all that, you did a good job!

Kimberly: I like the idea, concept and the graphic itself but the text kind of throws me off. I definitely think you could have gone without the grey strips and just stuck with the TTT. Graphic wise, I can't really fault your technique. I'm not too keen on my top but I love Khol's jacket. Well done for asking us questions too. The skin, hair and doll all look great but it just doesn't stand out enough. Well done though, another great entry!

Kirsten: This is a nice graphic, and it’s a cute header – but I don’t feel like it stands out too much as a competition entry. Like last week, I can’t fault your graphic skill, but this is a competition, the entry should be like “Bam! Here I am!” and unfortunately it doesn’t do that for me. I like its simplicity, but I think at this stage it’s too simple – there’s no intricate or complicated posing other than with the hands, and the clothing has a simple shape. I’m not sure on the inclusion of the sunglasses as they cover the faces, I almost didn’t recognise Kim behind hers. The hair is almost identical on both Kim and Khol, this helps to tie the two together, but for me it’s a style that doesn’t suit them. Graphic skills – great, but wow factor? I’m not sure this entry had it, well done though!

Lindsey: My oh my, Kasey--what happened? This graphic seems to appear of a dropped quality--it reminds me of your earlier entries this season. The clothing is a mess--the shading doesn't have that normal fluency you normally have in your graphics. I can tell you used a very similar hairstyle for both models. If I'm completely honest here, the only thing I really liked was how you shaded Kim's nose and those neat shades. I think you've taken one step forward, and two steps back...

Ciara: You didn’t pass on the chance to make Kim’s brows bold haha, I really like her dolls face! The sides of her nose are quite dark though. If you added more highlight to the dolls faces (Bridge of nose, chin and slightly more on the forehead) it would look much better and wouldn’t appear as flat. You use very little highlighting throughout your graphics which I think you should use more of - I only really see it in the glasses and hair. The hair is a bit flat and choppy! However I like your shading technique with hair, it’s very like Stardoll’s. I personally think you should have chosen different poses, hair and glasses for each model. It’s not that it looks bad it just comes off a bit lazy and boring. You should be trying to ‘Wow’ a lot more since it’s so close to the final! There’s definitely something missing.

Who is eliminated? Kasey. Thank you for taking part, you've been fantastic!

Onto the final task...

PART 1: This is going to be your last 'fun' task of the competition. I really want you to be creative and experimental, do not be afraid to take risks! You will all be given a music video and you must take into a count the styling, set, theme and makeup to create a graphic based off this music video. You may use your own models, everything is up to you.

As chosen by Khol,
Jack: Rihanna - S&M
Luisa: Ke$ha - Die Young

Once again, any queries just ask me.

PART 2: To finish off this competition I want you to create a winning shoot from a magazine. The first graphic will be a cover shot (with magazine titles etc) of your magazine which you may name yourself. The second will be you in your winning outfit of your own design. I want this to be simple and stunning, remember this is your final task. The model must be yourself.

Well done to the final three for making it this far, I look forward to seeing your final graphics.
Deadline: 28th April but as always earlier is preferred.


  1. Phewf! I was worried for Kasey! Even though I'm not supposed to show favoritism, I still want Kasey to win hehe :D

    And I'm really sorry I had to give you a bad marking, I just felt as if this wasn't one of your best entries :/

  2. i agree with everything and btw everyone i said kasey used the wrong yellow but kim and i changed the hue of the yellow before posting it here so i apologize for any confusion. I hope everyone loves the music video task i came up with! X

  3. I like the new layout of the post it's a bit easier to read since you know exactly who is commenting

    The orange is really hard to read i am not going to lie. Maybe instead of putting it in color just make it bold?

    We all have problems with the 'blurry faces' you can't really do much about that besides sharpen it and that does the bare minimal

    It looks abit like everyone was a little afraid of adding color

    Love it! the strongest among the other entries
    I like how you didn't just have them standing there next to each other. keep going girrlll you're going to go far

    I really liked the hair you previously showed on that one graphic on the gv.

    glad to see you improving on your hair
    it reminds me a bit of liges earlier hair

  4. The three of you are amazingly talented! Well done with this task, and I can't 'til the next.


  5. Holy smokes all three of them are gorgeous :O

  6. Wow :O All three are damn talented and made a wonderful job. And i tried to name a favorite, but it's impossible at least for me :D Now i get really excited for the finale *.*

  7. y'all better watch your backs this is my task i'm tellin u

  8. To be honest, I think that Luisa should have won this task. Yes, Jack did incredibly amazing too but his banner wasn't as creative though it was well done. What Luisa managed to do was beyond anything I have ever seen any of the contestants do (including Jack's surprises in this cycle). The whole graphic had such a flare and would give TTT a more professional look.

    I love Jack's new hair technique and I wish that Luisa would have highlighted her graphics more.

    As for Kasey I have always admired her skills though our styles(in fashion etc.) are very different. I think that her entry was amazing but the repetitive 'today's top trends' was kinda off to me. I also liked how Kim has blonde hair with dark ends while Khol has an ombre style.

    1. If you read the comments on Luisa's you would have seen me say "The reason why I didn't put top photos on Jacks is because yours is equally as beautiful!". They came tied top photo!

  9. Jees, you are talking about being experimental but Jack was assigned with S&M... What a joke! still not a big surprise since his beloved Khol was in charge of this task.
    Just take this kid out of his comfort zone once. It's the great finale and it seems as if you are offering him the crown for free.

    1. i don't think it's always necessary to "challenge" the competitors. you'll find that if a designer is more interested and personally involved in a graphic, they will execute it better. every task is still a challenge considering i don't know what kasey and luisa are going to deliver, every week i have to hope that i deliver something better. throughout the contest, each designer will face tasks that are good for them, and tasks that they will struggle with; just because this is a task that is looking good for me doesn't mean im going to win it. offering me the crown for free? that's a fucking joke. i've worked through 2 seasons of this contest, bringing my a game in EVERY task. i've worked harder than ever to get to where i am now, and believe me i will not let this be the second time i leave this competition uncrowned.

    2. If I was trying to fix it for him to win, I would give him Lana del rey or Gaga. Stop being such an old fart and enjoy the competition!

    3. I see someone who is hating on Jack when they can't even be brave to come out with their name lol No point wasting time but anyway I loved all of them to be honest they are all so great and Good Luck for the Next task *cross fingers for jack*

    4. sorry for offending any one and i dont like this language but, What a pussy. sorry bout that guys. (you can take this down if you want)

    5. alright don't take it down. he or she deserve it! ;D

  10. I don't want to say who deserves what, but in my opinion, Luisa should have been the outright winner. Jack's is nice (Khol's hair is particularly lovely wow) but, that's kind of just it. It's nice but we know Jack's capable of much more, which means that the entry does not have the same overall effect that Luisa's does. Her outfits are less basic, Kim's pose is more interesting and of all entries, is the most visually striking - though it's far from perfect: Kim from the neck up, patchy shading, flat hands, TIMES NEW ROMAN???? - it's clearly made with great effort and again, just gives a better overall impression.

    It'll definitely be interesting to see the next round, though. ( And props on the new layout/faster update time! c: )

  11. Oh come on, again TIED photo with Luisa and Jack?!?!? -.-
    This is nothing against Jack, he created a nice banner, but Luisa did sooooo much better!!
    GO LUISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN WIN THIS, GIRL!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  12. I'm sorry but i really think that on Luisa's graphic, khol and kim look ugly... Khol's pose is really stiff whereas on jack's graphic, the poses are a lot more natural

  13. Thr standard for all of the graphics are amazing!!! Well done!! I am also am also looking for a graphic designer for my blog to make a header. My limit is ...450 stardollars maybe I might say 500. For my blog:
    User:Donty123 ( If ur intrested please) :)
    Just to say the Neon idea was an awesome idea. So creative. I am very much looking forward to the next task. Good luck Guys!!:) Sorry but some of you 'Anons' need to be a bit nicer. It is really hard to make amazing graphics.:)

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  15. i feel bad for Kasey. i heard her wrist is messed up and she cant finish the tasks. its sad because she is one of my favorite graphic designers on stardoll.

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